The Hanging of Jake Spoon, A Cautionary Tale for Red Governors and Bureaucrats, Thus Closing the Circle


I first wrote the Jake Spoon cautionary tale in 2010, as a notice to Democrats in general, that they were running with outlaws, and certain laws apply when they get caught. Then in May 2016, I extended the lynching party to Trump Haters; then earlier this year, May 2020, to Blue Governors and Bureaucrats, as a kind of heads-up to voter integrity groups that the same old fix would be in again in 2020. From the looks of the ease with which the heists (plural) took place, it appears no one was paying close attention to how Da Mob really works and how this election might play out.

Then I thought, well maybe a well-coordinated trap might be set, featuring federal troops and state police storming several crime scenes nationwide simultaneously…”the stuff dreams are made of”…only nothing like that appeared to have even been a glint in anyone’s eye. We would all liked to have seen that

Well, the Democrats have all acknowleged, even bragged, that they know they’re running with criminals, and now several “blue” Democratic governors have even shown they have acquired a taste for the way of life “across the line”. Nothing new there. And actually, neither is the participation of certain “types” of Republican public officials. I just talked with my son in Georgia, Marietta. A big, big supporter of Donald Trump, he thinks I’m all wrong about Brian Kemp. I told him time will tell, but don’t be surprised to see Kemp and Raffensberger end up in hotel in Caracas, where they will be immune from extradition,. In fact, Maduro may well give high-value American ex-pats their own condo complex at Bahia de Cata. Marxists pay well for even “attempted”-services rendered if the cards are all played out to the end as seems to be the case with Kemp and Ducey.

As a reminder, here’s the original The Hanging of Jake Spoon story.

I’ve written before about the symbolism of the hanging scene in Larry McMurtry’s “Lonesome Dove”, which first appeared on television  in 1989.

Since it’s 30+ years old, it dawned on there’s a whole generation, probably two, under 50, who never saw this classic. Many members on the Democrat side may never have seen this film, or read the book, and maybe never even have heard of it.

There a sense of justice, long sense buried, but now arisen, and being honed as we speak by the blue governors of Democrat states (and at least one or two Republicans) coarsing through the veins of free American everywhere.

So, let me set this up.

Jake Spoon was one of the founding fathers of the Texas Rangers, having ridden with Captains Gus McCrea and Woodrow Call since before the Civil War. A good lawman and cowboy, personable as all get-out, Jake was, well, a cad, always looking for the easy fix, shirking hard work, and peeping up every skirt he could. In other words, Jake was a lot like Bill Clinton, with a “screw ’em where you find ’em, leave ’em where they lay” sort of attitude about women, a “Taker” (from the Kris Kristofferson’s song).

Jake reunited with Gus and Woodrow in time to be a part of a cattle drive north, stranded a girlfriend to be carried off into Indian slavery along the way, then joined up with a band of killers “just to get across the territory” who proceeded to kill three drovers, steal their horses, then hang and burn two sodbusters just for the thrill of it.

Jake didn’t like this one bit, mind you. Nor did he participate. But you see, neither did he ever do anything about it. Weighing his options of maybe having to shoot his way out of this gang’s sight, then have to wander across part of the prairie alone, he decided to wait it out. At every crossroad where he could’ve chosen a different path, he didn’t.

Sound familiar, governors?

It’s not that we’re in a hanging mood as much as a very keen sense of Justice now running through our veins.

There were several symbolic aspects in that hanging, but I want to raise only one here. The operative clause of the dialogue, you see, was Jake, sitting on a horse, a noose around his neck, along with the others, pleading his case of innocence. Captain Gus McCrea answered,

“You ride with outlaws, you die with outlaws. You crossed the line.”

Let that sink in. Many of you are riding with outlaws and many of you have decided to become outlaws.

Yes, I know, many of you media-types will say, “Well, yeah, so prove it.” My answer to you is, “We can. Easy. Even your role in it.”  So look for it.

That may be the part you don’t understand here.

Did you see a judge, a jury in this scene? Jake Spoon’s only defense was “I didn’t see no line, Gus…” Then his face gave away his knowledge he couldn’t talk his way out of what was about to happen. The others didn’t even get that much of an appeal. In the end, Jake chose to die with dignity, which made everyone tear up, but his attempt at last-minute nobility belied the far far greater lesson here, and that is the absolute inevitability of his fate, and the unbending duty of his friends to carry it out.

Most of you think that that sort of thing is a quaint remembrance of a time past. You can act as if you don’t know anything about the criminals you’re running with. You can parse the language all you want to show there was no crime, much less criminals. You can lean back and snooze, relying on the system, and your pals, to make sure no guilt attaches to you if it ever does come out.

“Well, a man ought to do what he thinks best.” (Davey Crockett)

What you need to know is that once you cross the line, everything else becomes a crap shoot. There are no certainties.  When you commit or abet a crime you can never be sure it’s just going to be a smooth march to the courthouse; arraignment, bail, lawyer, trial, community service, etc.

You have a duty to yourself 1) to find out if in fact you have fallen in with bandits and 2) take appropriate action to protect your own hide. You can fish, cut bait, or take Door #3 and run to Caracas.

I doubt what you see in this film will occur again, but you must understand, a native justice is about to rear its head again in America that hasn’t been seen since frontier days, and you will have no say about it if you do get caught in the sweet loving arms of frontier justice.

It will have no sympathy for the process you hide behind and only for the justice you no longer believe exists.

We will win. The only question is which side of the line will you be on?

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