To understand the Great Election Heist of 2020 you need to reconsider the lesser-noticed House Heist of 2018. I commented on it briefly on election day then, as an “attempted heist’ (which proved out), and about the Arizona race days later. The similarities to 2020 are remarkable, but also so alike as you can draw out a pattern, which I began trying to do then.

This wouldn’t be the last time and I was hoping the Trump people were paying attention.

My evidence theory going forward was that simply by comparing state precinct voting records over several years you could anecdotally (proof that only suggests, maybe even corroborates, hard evidence such as the testimony of a poll worker who got caught red handed…which seems to be an almost universal case now in 2020, but probably would not be admitted as stand-alone proof in a court today) infer that a given precinct or district had voter manipulation going on, and show investigators where banditry is likely to occur in the next election.

Arizona, Georgia, and of course, Virginia, were my select subjects, the former two, because of the headlines they made at the time and that I had practiced law in AZ and had family in Georgia…and Virginia because I was able to do watch close-up the state election apparatus go from Red to Blue under the nose of our last GOP governor, who was more Establishment Red than we knew, and with the help of George Will, allow it to be turned over to a true genius businessman of the Gordon Gekko school (in 2013), his party now owning the state’s election apparatus…even though the Red voter population and enthusiasm in VA has grown since 2013. VA is probably 55-45 Red.) Virginia’s  election apparatus is now run by people who our last Republican governor could have put in jail.

But I was busy elsewhere, 20 years in Virginia, a sole-practitioner consultant running back and forth to the old Soviet Bloc, and only picking up this keyboard to write in 2008, when I was already in my 60s but unable to connect with the hipper generation who believes their Cliffs Notes versions of the Constitution, American and World history, even Philosophy, is far superior to what I’d read because it can all be said inside 500 words, or better still, 280 characters.

So I’m a recluse, and being such, I don’t have a wide network of friends to send this to.

In any case, what follows is a suggestion of what might be done in the coming days, even weeks, if you’d care to share it with “action parties” you may know.

I’ve written several pieces at this site since 2018 about the Democrats ambition to steal elections, based again on the notion that Dems are still a generation away from having a real majority of voters who are so dumbed-down, especially college level, to actually swallow their ideological swill (which the Bolsheviks did masterfully, I might add, but also at a time, and place, where 5%-10% of well-armed educated True Believers could actually militarily take over a nation on 175m people, simply by seizing key offices of military, police and of course communications; radio and TV.) And they know it.

Since 2016 Donald Trump has made them do many things they hadn’t planned to do, and least at this time, and in this manner. You’ll have to admit, selecting a demented man as a candidate for president, maybe even because he is demented, and then, with the help of media, creating the illusion that 74 million Americans voted for a demented man, proves just how far the Democrats have had to reach, while trying to keep a straight face.

But the ‘working class’ American people are not illiterate peasants. Indeed, the American working classes, by the time they are 21, have more work experience, and family-budget experience, than the vast majority of Liberal Arts college graduates at 30. In a fair election we still outnumber this wannabe ruling class by a considerable margin, and if the Constitution can be allowed to live on, and actually taught in public schools again (with enthusiasm) that margin will grow.  And yes, we also have from 400m-600m guns.

So, the Democrats’ Job One is to render them powerless by disenfranchising them, and then, Job 2, rendering them armless.

Meat and Potatoes

A suggestion to Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Mark Meadows, et al, friends and advisers to DLT, even Steve Bannon:

Since Ronald Reagan 18 House members have switched parties from Democrat to Republican: Reagan 6, Bush I 2, Clinton 4, Bush II-4. Obama 1, and even Trump 1, a fellow named Jeff Van Drew, (NJ-2) because he disagreed with the Impeachment of Trump in 2019, and who has held his seat as a Republican this year IN NEW JERSEY, 51.7%-47.6%…which should tell you Dem election planners either didn’t need his seat or the relationship between Van Drew and his voters was such the Dems felt it would not redound to their benefit to try to steal his seat.

(Bill Clinton also caused 3 Democrat senators to change their party allegiance to Republican, also worth some reflection.)

My attention now is focused now the House Members, many who may have been embarrassed by Nancy’s shenanigans the past two years especially, but down deep in their hearts, also want no part in what the Party as a whole has in store for America once it can regain total power.

Some may even love America. (It could happen.) Maybe even God. The point is, only GOP House members can know this side of these members across the aisle, and their networks of friends.

The Map of the outstanding House seat races, (today, Nov 8, 0700 AM) is that 25 House seats remain undecided, with Dems up 214-196 in “called” race with 25 still outstanding, leading in 7 and trailing 18. So, the Dems need to “get” 3 of now-leaning red. But since two of those “leans blue” are in VA, and were clear steals with the same midnight Oct 4 capers of Detroit and Philadelphia, where GOP leads went from 5-up to 5-down in a few short hours after midnight, I’m certain that dozens more exist across the map… if just some team in the House could begin close examinations and begin plans for countering those heists with challenges…nationwide. Don’t leave it up to poor old Nick Freitas  (VA-7) to fend for himself.

Remember, should Pelosi and her next-in-line retain control of the House, only if Donald Trump retains the White House will there ever be a reckoning for this thievery. The voters will never get a second chance. I get the sense that the Dems think our attention is focused elsewhere, especially the Electoral chase for President. I have no idea how successful court challenges for Donald Trump will effect down-ticket races, but fairness (and historical evidence) would indicate that if (for example) 100K votes for Biden were declared illegal, that the same number of votes would be lost to the straight-line down-ticket. (The Pew Research looked into 2012, reporting that only 6% who voted for Obama voted Republican down-ticket, and that that percentage has been declining for decades.) Using Pew’s approximates, if courts toss 100K votes for Biden, 96K votes will be lost to Democrat Senate and House candidates!

This is may not necessarily be a good thing, if by handing the presidency back to its rightful winner, Donald Trump, it also throws a handful of Senate races (VA an GA X2, e.g.) and several dozen House races back into the hopper, causing such mass confusion as to insure mass violence. (This threat of violence likely sets heavy on some justices, i.e., traditionalists like Roberts, who may think that Richard Nixon was a “decent guy” for not disputing Mayor Daley’s Chicago-machine-theft of Illinois and the Presidency for JFK in 1960. Roberts may not even consider what a disaster that nice-guy deed meant for America; giving us LBJ, the Vietnam War, and a 95% guaranteed black vote, all ghettoed in the projects for what, 50 years now? Care to tally that up?

One of the benefits of being old is that I remember 1960. And the justices already know that it is Republican voters who take to the streets and burns thing.

Nancy has tipped her hand by announcing her intentions to run for Speaker again. A bit premature, but by announcing, Nancy has also shown her intention to finish what she and others had started, only, at least 40 members of her caucus already know that what she started in 2019-2020, is unpopular with their voters, and some, Jeff Van Drew as an example, is thinking less with the Party’s interests as keeping faith with their voters.

I know that sounds old-fashioned, but yes, there are some Democrats who are maybe wrestling with their consciences as to how they want the next two years to play out.

One scenario is that some Democrats who have been declared winners can be persuaded to announce they are switching parties. Van Drew did and look how his flip panned out. How would these actions impact the justices’ thinking when Trump’s case fall into their hands?

Scenario Two: Even Democrats in House races that have not yet been called, and lean Blue (there are only 7) and a couple of those candidates flip? They’re all incumbent D’s. Can the Democrats sue? Get an injunction? Can the voters of that district who actually voted for the Dem sue? Virginia has three in this category, and maybe they can make a deal with Mark Meadows and at least save face.

The GOP leadership needs to be very affirmative in reaching out and network.

As I said, I’m a recluse, and will be in my “late 70’s” in less than 30 days. I was already old when all this began. But I’ve seen a thing of two, and can tell a horse from a mule. And one of the things I’ve seen is how long it takes for a society of genuinely decent people to actually regain what they’d lost, and in the old Soviet part of the world, gained only as a bequest of the United States and Ronald Reagan.

How long will it take for anyone, anywhere else, to find those same lost core values when there is no longer a United States out there lighting the way?

Think of it this way; Should Donald Trump’s efforts with the courts fail, for whatever reason, if we retain control of both chambers of Congress, Democrats will be powerless to do what they had planned to accomplish.

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