Been up since 4 today, and noticed a single county, Antrim, in northern Michigan suddenly went back and threw out all the bad votes and gave the county to Donald Trump. 6000 votes were miscounted because of a “glitch”. How many hundreds or thousands of votes remain?

Was that also 600o votes for John James in the senate race? Come on Newsmax, OAN. Big deal here.

Look for more, if what Antrim County did was a kind of CYA, maybe, tp keep a few of its people out of jail. If county officials are getting nervous, or cold feet, and believe that an early retreat may save their necks, they’ll do it.

What’s already known is that we can actually attach names and photograph to some of the criminal behavior, and even the name of a few supervisors and members of voting management on up the line. Most know they may be arrested and charged as early as today. And hopefully by federal agents. Some of those handlers and supervisors may already have left the state. Maybe even the country. (Canada no that far away.) But who can’t flee are those county officials who may be left holding the bag.

Antrim County proves how quickly county officials can save “dey own behinds” once the dam starts to break.

Just watch and pray this Monday, November the 9th.

Exciting day!

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