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I’ve been working on a project off and on for over 10 years now, entitled “The Devil’s History of the United States.” I still haven’t gotten up to the Civil War, so will likely never finish it. I’m 75.

But the tale doesn’t start at Jamestown in 1607 but rather with Abraham, for indeed the Devil had been the political and spiritual head of the whole world until that Event in Jerusalem around 33 AD. After that he started losing ground in his spiritual empire, because that thin red line that started with Abraham been slowly growing, then accelerating, so that by around 1600 he was spiritual head of only half the world. But that process of taking spiritual ground was slow going for God since Satan had remained the political head of the whole world, from the beginning of history, with kings everywhere, witness Satan’s offering Christ all his kingdoms in the Wilderness if only He’d bow down and worship him. Remember?

The day Satan lost his title as Political Head of the World was when Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown in 1782 and the United States was born five years later, in 1786. And he hadn’t been paying attention to a bunch of farmers. Things were more interesting in the more populous parts of the world.

Satan was stung! And as soon as that document was written he knew exactly what America meant to his political leadership.

Clootie needed a long-range plan, so it took him almost forty years, 1824, when he launched the Democratic Party, under the notion that America’s hayseed free men could be duped, and American politicians could be bought, so if only the states could be made to bicker with one another, he could bring this whole democracy down on the neck of hypocrisy. Satan chose slavery to be his vehicle, inspiring the cynical formula that slave and free states should move apace with one another so that neither side had greater power than the other, and that great profit could come from that arrangement. The Democrat Party was founded with this profit in mind, only, just as the cancer of slavery grew a third party sneaked into the debate, the Republican Party, and an unhandsome, unsophisticated Abraham Lincoln promptly caused the Civil War which ended slavery.

Well sort of. For the Democratic Party is with us still after two or three more restarts as Satan’s front man, mainly operating under the banner of several variations of an Overture first composed by Karl Marx. The Democrats fired their last true Constitution-lover, Grover Cleveland, when his second term as president expired in 1897.

What I want to point our here is how long it takes Satan to step back and take stock, before launching a major new offensive after a major defeat…because this is all the time you’ll have, about 40 years, to tear down all the obstructions, not just in law, but in the culture, in society, to return to being a nation of freedom an reciprocity among citizens.

After Yorktown, it took Satan 42 years to find the right buttons to push for the new Democratic Party, which means most of you won’t be around to see the finished product this time.

Like Johnny Appleseed, you have to plant trees you’ll never see bear fruit…just as Washington, Jefferson and all the others did in 1786, that so confounded Satan.



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