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How Things Work: Building the Wall in Arizona

A Great little film that was filmed by a drone controlled by a man sitting in a lawn chair. He would move his location to different sections where wall construction was taking place. Music and title work were then added to the film and . . VOILA! .  Done in January 2020.

This is actually how things work, near Douglas, Cochise County, Arizona, just across the border from Agua Prieta, Mexico. I tried cases for the Army at the county seat in Bisbee, about 15 miles north of here, and Ft Huachuca, and 40 miles away, where I spent my last year in the Army, 1975-76 and my friend, @Dan Schultz2, PrecinctCovfefe, the founder of the Precinct Project attended Military Intelligence school after he graduated from West Point a few years later.

This is actually fun to watch. Over and over again.

This is how America was made. Building things.


Oh, yeah, our How Things Work babe thinks she could either have done it better, or wouldn’t have allowed it.

Kiss her good night, folks, until next time.

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