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The Fascists Among Us, Chapter: George Floyd

A funny thing happened on my way to bringing this series to a close; the Fascists Among Us effectively declared the 2nd American Civil War. The new Fort Sumter is in Minneapolis Minnesota but no shots were fired this time around. Instead, shit was set on fire, businesses were looted and destroyed, innocent bystanders were, in many cases, savagely attacked, and angry mobs wreaked havoc and chaos wherever they went. And the Corporate media, along with their useful Progressive Liberal SocialistFascist idiots in Congress, cheered them on. A week later, the Insurrection continues as does its support from the left.

All of this is being justified by the outrage over a black man dying while being arrested by a white cop.

In the name of posterity, I offer a basic summation of what got us here:

A Minneapolis man, George Floyd, attempted to make a purchase in a store using a forged check (allegedly). [update: Newer news suggests it was a counterfeit bill, not a forged check.] The police were called, words were exchanged between Floyd and the arresting officer (Derek Chauvin), and Floyd was eventually put on the ground with a knee to his throat which ultimately led to his death.

On its face, this is just another story, in an endless litany of stories, where bad guys break laws and bad cops use excessive force (illegally) to bring a criminal to justice that wrongly takes a human life.

The only thing that makes this event worthy of a 2nd American Civil War is that George Floyd was black and Derek Chauvin is white.

In the wake of Floyd’s death and Chauvin’s subsequent termination from the Minneapolis police department and ultimate arrest on murder charges, there has been a week (and counting) of both peaceful protests and episodes of violent insurrection across the country that has included riots and looting and destruction of both public and private property along with countless acts of violence against innocent bystanders, shopkeepers, journalists, and on-looking private citizens as well as attacks on, and executions of, police officers trying to restore order.

Calling this the 2nd American Civil War is not an overstatement. It might be more accurate to suggest this is an outright coup and attempt to overthrow the country.

To be sure, America is no stranger to protests and riots and looting and violence, but what is uniquely different about the Floyd episode is just how quickly the Bill of Rights was abandoned and how easily public and elected officials turned their backs on their sworn Oaths of office.

“Fuck The Police”

This expression has been around a very long time and it was used extensively throughout all of the protests and the riots and the looting and the vicious attacks on shopkeepers and innocent bystanders that have occurred since Floyd’s death. While this may sound catchy and make people feel empowered when they are chanting it repeatedly in a large group of angry people, I have always been of the opinion that the only people who really feel this way are the ones who commit crimes and resent law enforcement for bringing them to justice and holding them accountable for their actions. The Floyd riots only served to reinforce the strength of my opinion on this matter.

Remember, the stated objective of essentially every law enforcement officer in America is to “Serve and Protect” and clearly, in the matter of George Floyd, this oath was betrayed by Derek Chauvin and the national reaction appears to have determined that our system of law enforcement needs to be abolished and replaced with something else. Imagine, for a moment, what your life would be like without police. It won’t be hard because we have all witnessed it in recent days on Fascist TV and in every corner of Fascist social media.

It ain’t pretty in real life, is it?

And shockingly, yet unsurprisingly, politicians and celebrities and Alt-Left rights groups are fomenting for precisely this new reality while asking us to believe we will all be better off without law enforcement.

Hitler’s 5 Principles

With ulterior motives, I present to you the results of just one internet search looking for information regarding the use of propaganda as a weapon tool to destroy a nation and rebuild it, to make it better – allegedly – than it was before. I was, admittedly, selective enough in my search criteria to make sure I got the intended result. I’ve committed no crime here… it’s what all the cool kids have been doing in this country for quite some time now.

According to this website, Adolf Hitler had five basic principles upon which Joseph Goebbels would base his entire (and wildly successful) propaganda machine. If you absorb nothing else from this entry, make sure every bit of what follows sinks in:

    Avoid abstract ideas – appeal to the emotions.
    Constantly repeat just a few ideas. Use stereotyped phrases.
    Give only one side of the argument.
    Continuously criticize your opponents.
    Pick out one special “enemy” for special vilification.

Goebbels expanded on these principles in much greater, sickeningly painful detail, and his own principles are listed farther down in the link shared above. What is instructive here, if you can separate wartime Nazi Germany’s Hitler and overlay the growing fascist Civil War movement in America’s 2020 today, there can be no arguing over what is at play in the fight over America’s future stability or security and prosperity of the future generations.

Our founding fathers put together a constitution and Bill of Rights and gave clear instructions on how to modify the Constitution through a very clear amendment process in anticipation of future Generations having to tweak things now and again to keep up with an ever-changing world. And they made it very clear that our system of government was not to be tinkered with lightly or in haste, without the benefit of sufficient time for reflection and rigorous debate.

Whatever can be fairly said about our sitting president, however true or false any of it might be, our 1776 America is doing a balance beam act barefoot on the sharp edge of a machete. If the Fascists Among Us force a transition of power before this country can pull its Collective head out of its collective ass, and pull itself back from the cliff’s edge, that America will be lost forever.

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