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A Few Words About Mitt Romney to Young MAGA-Trumpsters

Mitt is what he is, and his Friday night vote for calling witnesses is “what he is”.

I have disliked Mitt Romney for over seven years because he lied to us in 2012.

I don’t have to gain a special new dislike for him now just because he cast a meaningless vote at the impeachment trial.

A word to the wise: There is no profit in getting angry at dogs for being dogs.

Many of you may not have been paying much attention in 2012, but Mitt Romney lied. He ran as a conservative, running against a very vulnerable leftist who had tipped his true statist hand in 2020 with Obamacare. Mitt talked a great game, but then buckled when he had Obama on the ropes in the debate.

Mitt probably knew there were things he could not do in that election, possibly due to some powerful worldwide forces behind the scenes that had long term economic plans for most of the first world economies already in place. We’re only just now learning about those.

In any case, in a pinch Mitt threw the same softballs at Obama that McCain had. And Mitt never laid a glove on Obama. Nor did he intend to, in my opinion.

Nor did he seem too embarrassed about the way he lost.

Knowing some of this now, in hindsight it was no surprise that he would continue to toe the company line today for the same people who had lied about him being an honest taxpayer, or his indifference to a woman dying because his company, Baine, had closed her husband’s factory (another lie) and had even mistreated the family dog by carrying him in a dog-carrier on the top of the family wagon; animal cruelty under Massachusetts law.

We had simply misjudged Mitt Romney.

But in Mitt’s own way he helped spur on a still young Tea Party movement which still sits at the heart of the MAGA movement today. They (we) took back the House for the GOP in 2010, and then, when “our” House alone couldn’t stem the Obama tide after Mitt’s flop in 2012, they (we) took the Senate in 2014.

When that too failed to blight the path of the Obama end game, we found Donald Trump, just as he poured millions of his own money into finding us.

Personally, I think God had a hand in it, for it was just in the nick of time, since America was teetering on a cliff, and had Hillary won we would not be here today to even complain about Mitt Romney.

Close you eyes and try to imagine how things might have been.

What Mitt Romeny did not do on Friday was cast the deciding vote allowing the Democrats to carry their witness motion, as John McCain flamboyantly did on saving Obamacare, as vulgar an “in yer face” act as I’ve ever witnessed.

I’m old school, so I don’t waste my time getting angry at people for making meaningless gestures as I see too often in blogs and on Twitter. And please stop invoking clairvoyance as to what might be in their heart when they do it.

Since both Mitt and Susan Collins did not announce their votes until after the Republicans had met in caucus and that big cheer emerged from the meeting, it’s possible they both knew their vote wouldn’t matter. (It’s long been common practice for both party’s leadership to “allow” a vote (of conscience or patronage) that veered from the party line when the outcome was certain.

Would they have voted the other way had it mattered? I can’t say.

Nor do I need to know. I disliked Mitt Romney anyway because he’d lied to us in 2012.

And Susan Collins is from Maine, which speaks for itself. She has never pretended to be anything other than what she’s always been…from Maine. She was never a conservative nor ever pretended to be. Maine is not my circus, not my monkeys.

So a little reminder to you people who signed on when Donald Trump came on board in 2015, especially those who seem to base their anger at RINO’s (a really outdated term) because you think you know is in their hearts. You don’t. When you claim you know what you can’t possibly know you sound like you know who. Adam Schiff. And a chorus of millions behind him.

Please stop it.

Donald Trump represents a chance for America no conservative could have imagined 70 years ago. He’s already proved he can blaze a trail and pave the road at the same time.

What he can’t do is finish it. So when he leaves office, and like me, dies, (we’re the same age, with a lot of mileage) it will take another, and another, maybe two-three more anothers, to finish paving that road. But they won’t be Donald Trumps, and I’m afraid you’ll get bored and find a new hobby.

We can’t let the Left back into power ever. EVER! For if they do, they will not blunder away the opportunity that Obama did by stupidly waking the American people up in 2010.

By 2030 it will be your mission to keep the Trump pledge alive and our final objective in sight.

So save the teat-fittery for AOC’s army. This requires a steadier hand.


2 thoughts on “A Few Words About Mitt Romney to Young MAGA-Trumpsters

  1. Daaaamn!

    In the midst
    Or a view from afar or above


    How they hypnotize!!

    Was all too curious how Willard folded.

    And then expected us to have sympathy
    So he could at least get a job at the gas station.

    This time he folded on purpose
    For all to see.

    How unimportant this nation is to those types.

    I’m sure the boss upstairs has a new troop in prep school
    This faith I have.

    Thank you very much!


    The Satanic Mills grinding

    If the Donald were to go home today

    He still earned all honors in my book

  2. If your favorite war-game is to take set pieces with known characteristics and place them into a situation, Mitt would be the prefect choice as a stooge for a hidden emperor, much like the presidents of the “democratic Republiks” of east Europe under Stalin after WWII. The perfect quisling for a masked regime.

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