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The Natural Law of Vigilanteism

For several years now I have been beating the drum for citizens around the country to form small clandestine groups to move stealthily through back alleys in the dark, then (euphemistically) kill the rose bushes of various members of local governments, from City Hall and the state capital, to the public school and university system; where Beta-men without honor and Alpha-women without any grace and charm, have used the power of their offices to bully citizens without any fear whatsoever that some invisible foot will reach out in the night and jerk a knot In their tails.

There are several reasons why this kind of movement is needed.

For one, ordinary flag-loving citizens have been made to believe their only avenue for redress against government is the ballot box….which only comes around every two-to-four years.

Originally it was not drawn up that way.

What hasn’t changed are the backbones of the political class since FDR moved the power of the states to Washington in the 1930s. Before then politicians were genuinely afraid of “the people”, in the town, in the schools, in the district. But by the 1960s local governments were reliant on Washington and fear of the people evaporated.

What has really changed has been the meek response by citizens to what began as government paternalism, but is now out-and-out high-handed, bossy schoolmarm-ism, i.e., strict adherence to arbitrary rules.

Where were the Republicans? Only in the past decade have citizens begun to realize that there is more Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum than met the eye between the two national parties. Neither side, with a few exceptions, have had any vision of a United States in which the people would still be in charge of their homes, their children and their educations, or how much they would be allowed to keep of their money, as they were (pick a date) in say, 1900.

Other, higher gods were involved, and we only now beginning to make lists.

As you may know, I’m a critic of social media, but I visit Twitter about an hour a day. I spend much of that time chastising couch-potato conservatives who spend an inordinate amount of time screeching against the Left or their own party leaders for inaction, not enough action, or the wrong action, as if those leaders will change because of what they have said.

To be succinct, the leaders of both parties like us this way, sitting on the couch, screaming our guts out, but feeling very proud of ourselves while staying out of their hair.

They no longer fear the people…not Congress, nor the school board, the university, nor any number of federal and state agencies that have us running hither and thither to dot some “i” or cross some “t” required by one of their millions of forms, which is their rice bowl, paid for by you, and their sole purpose for living. Easily two-thirds of them are redundant and unnecessary, and forcing them out of government service and into the private sector should be a mission local citizens should be willing to undertake.

There are obviously good-better-best ways to accomplish this “restructuring” of government, as well as bad-worse-worst ways. The best organizational way is for citizens to collectively, not one by one, like sinners wandering into a revival meeting, but en masse, storm the Republican Party and take over the Party from the bottom up. The Precinct Project, which has been around for over a decade, and endorsed by leaders such as Herman Cain and Steve Bannon, is the best route to become involved. @PrecinctCovfefe on Twitter. Bookmark their site. (The PrecinctProjectBlog) I was in the room when Dan Schultz briefed Mr Cain on the project’s purposes.

But for the solo citizen, there are many things people in groups of three-four can do to stir things up in such a way that will “trickle-up” to the political class in Washington and their states capital and State U’s.

These tactics involve small misdemeanors involving property damage (only) with the single purpose of letting the political and bureaucracy class know that they no longer can do certain things with their positions in government without paying a price.

It lets them know that there are still things that go bump in the night out there watching and listening, things that can kill their prize rose bushes, or foul a perfectly good Gucci purse or Armani suit. Wouldn’t we all have liked to have known the names of the five or six individuals on the 7th Floor Group who were conspiring to undo Donald Trump’s election? Imagine James Comey huddled in a corner, sucking his thumb, afraid to go to the bathroom by himself, for fear a pan of fresh bird droppings would fall on his head?

I doubt that a single dead rose bush would have sufficed to derail them, but there is the natural law that says when a single conspirator is uncovered and he/she knows they have been discovered, a trickle-up chain reaction occurs of unknown consequences, and all the plans can suddenly go off-script.

About vigilantes.

What I have described her is not “vigilanteeism” but it is close enough to merit distinguishing.

Vigilante’s were known to be men along the American frontier who took it upon themselves to impose the laws of civil society when there was no formal system of law enforcement to protect the people of a town. In some men the urge to right wrongs they saw perpetrated on others, without the benefit of law, is irresistible. I think that urge still exists, only means no longer easily apparent.

If you’ve paid attention to America’s move westward since 1700, you’ll know that people arrive, plant their stakes, build their houses and laying in crops months before there is any “talk of building a church” (Mark Twain in Virginia City), or any formal law enforcement. Men without honor often get there first.

Vigilance committees were formed in several areas of the American frontier west, especially where gold or other minerals drew thousands of miners, dozens of saloons. San Francisco after the Gold Rush and Montana after their gold rush (1860s) were the most prominent. After doing their “jobs” those committees hung up their gun belts and went back to being ordinary citizens.

But if you scour western history the half century after the California Gold Rush, you’ll find many examples of where vigilantes did not hang up their guns, their new-found power going to their heads. It’s a common affliction where a few natural laws about power come into play.

A few had to be hung themselves…usually for settling old scores having nothing to do with criminality or law. This is one of the greatest risks of our Dead Rosebushes strategy.

This is why we decided to keep the powers of our patriot teams very small and invisible. (They would sound better in legend anyway.)

Want to be a real out-front revolutionary? Become a precinct chairman. But many of you can get the ball rolling outside the political realm by sneaking around in the dark. Read the cited articles, above. Then make the political class afraid.


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