For those of you self-righteous prigs who sound remarkably similar to left-wingers trying to execute one of our guys, and delight in watching Joe Biden squirm, may I suggest one simple thing:

Keep it to yourselves until the Dems choose a candidate. Don’t do their work for them, for watching them squirm and twist in the wind trying to navigate phony moral conundrums they manufactured themselves is a three-legged dance I enjoy watching them have to try to extract themselves

So stow it.

This Joe Biden dance is both political and moral, and satisfying your need to showcase your sanctimony hurts our position in both cases.

Politically, if Joe Biden, a 500-to-1 shot, could actually win the Democratic nomination in another 13-14 months, you (we) should be on our knees thanking God for clearing his way for he will have to denounce some wing of the Party to get the nod.

But there is something frightfully wrong in our thinking, if, just for sport, or to be able to selfishly parade our sanctimony in front of our followers, we should help the Left wiggle out of this hypocritical moral jigsaw it has created for itself.

Then there is the moral equation.

If you’re old enough to recall, 8 years could be a long time to many of you, it was in 2011 that Herman Cain, the first private sector American to run for president, was slandered out of the campaign. At the time, we thought it was the Democrats, although there were rumors it was the Romney campaign, But Herman dropped out after a series of #MeToo type charges were leveled against him, not unlike what has been shown of Biden’s conduct over the years, only there were no children involved, and no video.

As has become de rigueur in #MeToo cases, there was a long lapse of time, the ladies themselves found through a kind of dragnet, where stringers were sent out to search through every event Herman participated in…surely he shared a limo with some hot babes, did a “Hubba-Hubba” glare at a plunging neckline, the sorts of things that will get you called in front of the Board of Governors at Berkeley if you ever leered at one of their snowflakes…

…all based on the basic proposition that a BLACK powerful business executive must have an eye for the ladies. That’s what power is all about right? And black men are so much more susceptible to the thrill that white Manhattanites who’ve learned to manage these urges through generations.

Herman’s charges were  capped off by one secretary  from his office coming forward, a friend of many years, and who he had helped financially from time to time, (a common trait of southern business executives, I can attest, and with no strings attached). Whoever “they” were, “they” paid her handsomely, and Herman decided to drop out of the race to protect his family and his place in his church.

A thing all naïve outsiders do, by the way. That’s how the political class keeps outsiders out.

Problem is, Herman was 95% innocent, simply because of his profile; a rigid, bended-knee Christian, and everyone who knew him knew that. No psychiatrist could draw up a profile of how a man such as Herman Cain could suddenly turn into an ass-grabber at 65, with no prior history.

Whoever concocted that poisonous brew, I still pray for his/her soul to burn in hell. Or confess.

Now Donald Trump has just submitted Herman Cain’s name to sit on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and the New York Times has launched the first of what many know will be many salvos against Herman Cain, bringing back those same old charges from 2011, along with, I’m sure, a list of newer ones. It’s what they do.

Only, because Donald Trump is on his side, this next fight will be fought out in a different venue, and I think Herman will win out and the New York Times will lose.


So, about the aforementioned #MeToo conservative women (who may well be plants): will they defend Herman while still condemning Biden, or will they just keep their mouths shut about Biden until a time that it matters, which is likely never?

Let him wiggle.

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  1. Herman Cain was not the first private sector presidential candidate. Morry Taylor, CEO of Titian International, ran for the Republican nomination in 1996. Michael Lewis covered his campaign for New Republic and later expanded the story of 1996 in his book Trail Fever.


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