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Handbook of Dark Alley Counter-Revolution

2019 and the Democrats have given clear evidence where they want to take America and how they intend to get us there. Sadly, a large number of sitting Republicans have allowed themselves to be steamrolled by donors to be part of this same one-world alliance.

Both sides are becoming more easily defined.

So, regular people out here, the eventual victims should they succeed, but still a strong majority, need to be able to do things other than just screech on Twitter and Facebook.

Citizens need to develop a ground game at least until we can see established a Congress that more clearly reflects what “the people”, as defined in the Constitution, want to be done about the current state of our government class.

That could take a few years.

We have a plan and a book, in the making for over ten years.

With three other friends around the country, I began a low-grade counter-insurgency-site in 2007 aimed at local government, leaving national politics out of the picture. I don’t know how many “cells” we help create around the country, or how many are still active, at least 40, since the idea then was that only the “target” would know what we had done, or why, No one else would ever know.

All we wanted to do was tell a crooked bureaucrat “we know what you did, and where you live” and suggest he stop.

Our purpose then, as it is now, is to use low-grade “inconvenience-misdemeanors” to property, from Gucci purses to rosebushes next to the house, to let the target know we meant business, then let his own imagination fill in the blanks. After all, he/she already knew they were guilty. They just didn’t know they’d been caught. Or how.

As in most criminal offenses of this nature, once caught then given a chance to stop and go straight, I think most do.

True to our private agreement, we didn’t take credit for making them stop. The secret of our continued success was that no one ever knew we were there.

You’ll see the wisdom in this as we go along.

But in late 2008, I took this Great American Zeroes site down after Obama was elected, to see if his regime would launch a reign of terror of any kind. Interestingly, they didn’t, which told me they wanted to hold onto the appearance of constitutionality until a few more items could be checked off their list. Instead, and I noticed this during the Clinton years, was that once government people realized they had a bandit in the White House, they could take off on their own rogue course as well.

As we’re learning now about the deep state, it’s not always easy to know whether Obama’s fingerprints were on all the operations that came out of government since 2009. That for the historians and courts to decide.

What ordinary citizens knew is that there was a widening and deepening of rogue behavior in government and the broader state infrastructure, and it had less to do with puny profit or corruption motives.

Citizens sensed they were targets.

Obamacare told us a lot about both parties, but what caught both parties unawares were the Tea Parties in 2010, taking away the Democrats ability to storm-troop legislation through with the appearance of constitutional regularity. Tea Parties were the major event in American history of that period, not Obamacare.

The American people gave the Government a clear signal they understood what the political class thought about them. The taking of the Senate in 2014, then the White House in 2016 showed they (we) meant business, making both Democrats and Republicans play cards they never intended to play, at least so soon,, which has brought us to this place.

Seeing some kind of head-on collision ahead, I felt the thing the people could do at the grassroots was to be take some of the puffery out of their local political class, deflating that supreme air of immunity.

It really isn’t that hard to humble a civil servant if he’s done wrong and someone else let’s him know he knows too.

I hope that’s still going on in several areas of the country, but the national game seems to smothered new interest. I address that in the book.

I began posting little essays about the “coming wahr” as early as 2008, suggesting that maybe we should give fear a chance to tone down these political outlaws.

By 2013, the ranks of the Left had grown, at first in street crime, Occupy, Antifa, Black Lives Matter) and the open campus defiance, extending down to public schools.

Since 2013 I wrote several posts about ways to study them, track them, then kills their rose bushes, depending on where they fit into the pecking order. Different type of crime, different type of criinals, different approaches.

As we learned with Antifa in Oregon and in Charlottesville, their choreography changes from place to place. And much of it is choreographed. But our net keeps getting wider. We learned that the thug who beat up that Campus Reform activist passing out fliers at Berkeley was a (secret) employee of the university, a tech analyst, telling us more about the people behind the front lines, orchestrating these events.

So instead of just one or two thugs who beat up an old vet in a wheel chair, we know there are at least three more behind the scenes. We need to look for them too and find out what kind of sand they’re made of. Renting thugs is easy. The Left’s been doing it since the 60s, where free beer, sex and drugs paid the way.

Now, because of illegal voting in several states, we need to expand our intelligence gathering since 2018 proved that most state voter integrity groups were less interested in finding the movers behind the illegal voting than simply raising public awareness.

Enough of this.

From 2013-2018 I wrote several essays about creating small cells in communities that could help wipe that grin off their faces. I listed most of those articles here last April, which you can read and print out.

With a lot of redundancies, those articles discuss most of the “crime categories” I raise in my book, which will be a sort of “Owner’s Manual” for citizens everywhere in to learn how to identify bad people doing bad things in virtually every walk of government life….

…then put a bottle of Scope in their mailbox, along with a letter telling them why they got that bottle of Scope in the first place.

Uncertain of the page lengths, 100-150, I’d like to publish in a print version so the reader can dog-ear, tag and underline, as well as make margin notes. And have no fingerprints on the computer.

It will cover virtually every area of government from the city clerk to congressional staffers, the deep state in general, what conduct should be punishable, and what should be left to the courts. “Deep state” includes university departments, public and private, profs, political correctness bureaus, and as we now know about Berkeley, their paid goon squads, and all the people who may be paying them. And we don’t want to forget local public schools, especially since we see so many outrageous acts against Christian children especially in some very red states, which tells us a lot about some local counter-currents. Teaching false history, about America, even in 4th Grade, is a crime in my book.

A huge task if you want to actually win, but if your mission is to blight their path, make them afraid of the dark, and buy time for the people to carry out their Constitutional duty of providing better public servants, I’m figuring a 20-year program.

Just never give up the vigilance and become complacent again.

Depending on how you count, you could have as many “cells” as you have school districts, at least 14,000, plus about 100 universities. Most liberal arts universities would rate 2-3 cells.

Think big.

This “program” does involve some discipline, with the ability to plan in advance, engage in various kinds of intelligence gathering, plus the arts of stealth, and to be able to walk 100 feet with the hood down, then race the last 20 yards with the hood up, through the dead zone of the yard cameras, pour a half bottle of plant poison on some rose bushes, and race back, all in less than two minutes, and without tripping over the yard sprinkler. Or yelling “Damn”.

Your mission will have been completed when, within a day or two, the perp will open a letter in his/her office, or perhaps from the mailbox, along with that bottle of Scope or something else equally aggravating, finding a note informing their why their rosebushes are dying…plus a stern wagging finger, “Don’t do it again”.

Now, depending on who this perp is, an administrative assistant of the local high school who refused to sanction a teacher who swiped a MAGA hat off a kid’s head, a university professor who wanted a student to stomp on a picture of Jesus, or a staffer for a congress person who is aiding in any number of various crimes and treasons, (all of these real events in the recent past) this person may stop, particularly if local, or may well continue, knowing this cat-and-mouse game will continue, but never knowing how much the ante will be raised.

Again, give fear a chance. You and only you are in the catbird seat; unknown, unseen, unfindable.

So you have to constantly mix up the cures. As the scalp treatment label reads, “Apply as needed until the itch is gone.”

Like any book, there is an Introduction as to why this sort of activity is necessary, especially now. This is not sport. While the Left is clearly amping up its on-the-streets and behind-the-curtains tactics, the loudest and most articulate voices on our side are merely amping up their outrage, especially in places like Facebook and Twitter, where instead of fighting back, they daily convey to their followers that just being loud and angry as hell will win in the end.

We have to change this. Trust me, the options are limitless and it is a target rich environment, even in a sleepy city of 200,000.

You can organize any way you want, but the book will focus on several matters you will need to address:

  1. You will be committing real crimes, albeit misdemeanors. You have to be okay with that.
  2. Your first priority will be personal security, which means not being identified (car tags, street cameras, and especially loose lips in email, FB and Twitter.) If you are active anywhere, you will be one of the first they will scrutinize. And trust me, they do know how to create dossiers once they know a threat exists. So, no bragging. No loose lips. Not even to the wife or significant other. These are impulses you must resist, or do so at your peril. There are several rules of conduct, especially if you talk in your sleep.
  3. Do not place your partners in peril. To this end, we’re recommending setting up cells of four or five for active operations, using the tactics employed by the Algerian terrorist-rebels against the French in the 1950s. As I’ll explain.
  4. Since you will want, in a city of any size, to collaborate with other cells, we will list rules for communication, and how to avoid compromising the cell.
  5. Intelligence gathering means both scoping out a target, his/her routines as well as residence, places most often visited, as well as creating dossiers in your city and in government that can be shared with other cells in your area. Also, after-action intel which requires a higher level of technical expertise.
  6. Use of snitches, hirelings, even available “hit” people. You can create an outer circle of contacts, particularly for key-scratchers and skunk-slingers for hire, but only under the same strict operational rules of self-protection.
  7. Communication: Start with burner phones, $15/mo plan will do it. Use only for Dark Alley work, nothing else.
  8. Rules of Engagement: In 2007 we had a hard and fast rule that the perp had to have been guilty of a real crime and simply gotten away with it. That has changed, but there does have to a line which you can’t cross and you let police handle it.

I’d love to put this book into a paperback where it can be sold in bookstores, but can’t find a publisher who’d be interested. I can’t afford to self-publish, and intentionally don’t have a large Twitter following to hawk such a project.

I did seminars in the past, low-scale, without advertising, and I am for hire (VassarB@gmail.com) but the book is best for a large audience.

This is a real “how-to” book, and I wish several thousand around the country would put it to use.

I want to see how many people on Twitter and the various action groups around the country, much younger and more able than I am anymore, actually want to start putting a dent in the fenders of these peoples’ cars. Screeching won’t get it done.

Let them know that people they can’t see and don’t know are dogging their every move, and are willing to make them pay a price. Wipe that smirk from their face.

We have to do this.

And time is getting short. They plan to steal millions of votes in 2020, so we need to be the first line of defense.


A Strategy Down a Dark Alley  (2013)

Light and Dark Targeting of the Academy (2013)

Give Fear a Chance (2013)

Articles from 2014-and 2015 have been erased by Google, FYI, no longer found or linked.

In Defense of the Justified Bloody Nose (2016)

Got a Grudge With Black Lives Matter? (2016)

War Gaming the Left, How Citizens Can Fight Back (2017)

Citizens Guide to Education Reform (2017)

The Natural Law case for Violence Against ANTIFA (2017)

Facilitators (2017)


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