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Politics and National Survival

I think it was Konrad Lorenz, the Nobel winning natural scientist, who told of a team of animal behaviorists observing baboons in the South African savannah when a much smaller monkey was spied by a much larger baboon.

The vervet turned and scampered back toward the forest cover, the baboon in hot pursuit. After only a hundred yards or so the small monkey slowed down but continued his retreat. At about the same point, the baboon slowed, then stopped.

He’d run into a scent post, indicating the vervet was now on his own territory, and not, as we call it in the city, the “common area”. This was the vervet’s neighborhood, not downtown, not the mall.

Invisibly the rules of engagement just changed, all according to certain unbendable laws of Nature. And indeed the baboon, still five times the size of his prey, called off his attack altogether and turned and ambled back into the more familiar common ground, as if was the bodega at the corner of 145th and Douglas Avenue, where he spent his time with his mates, looking for a mark to walk by.

This phenomenon in animal behavior was first noted in the 1940s or 50s, and Robert Ardrey, a natural history writer of the 1960s, wrote about it in 1966,”The Territorial Imperative”. (I recommend this book.)

“Territory” is an instinct in animals. Everyone accepts that. You see dogs and cats mark their territory all the time. But Ardrey (persuasively) argued that it is also an instinct in Man, and this made him a target of the Marxist Left. You see, Marxists have to believe that every human impulse can be conditioned out of Man, or Marxism won’t work. Trying to prove this, the Soviet Union took 75 years and millions of deaths before it would throw up its hands and collapse.

Since the 1930s Marxists have been campaigning in universities to drive out scientists who believe this, or that Darwin’s Theory is in fact, just a theory. Today, they do the same thing with climate science.

Now people who plant and dig their own potatoes don’t pay much attention to this climate science bilge, but for the same reason Marx’s theories about labor attracted 19th Century academicians without ever having actually met or talked with a laborer, this thinking still sells in universities, and accounts for much of the duuled senses your children come home with from sophomore year on..

Why Marxists “science” targets this small group of animal behaviorists is instincts are pointed toward one thing, the survival of their species, and if Man shares any of these, the Marxists can never have the total dominion they say they must have…to, you know, save us from ourselves.

Of note about the baboon-vervet chase, mentioned above, is that there were two elements of the changes both animals underwent when the territorial scent post was breached.

First, the smaller animal became more brave, for now he would be defending property that was exclusively his, his family, and his “tribe”. He would be defending his home. So, while he would not actually grow in size and strength, in ferocity and all those things that count in a fight, he would multiply.

(Modern law even recognizes this for it punishes thieves with weapons, or home invasions at night, more severely than thefts on common ground or without weapons. And it allows home owners the right to use lethal force to defend themselves. See our 2nd Amendment, which recognizes this very instinct.

The right of home defense is a Natural Right. Only long before there was a Karl Marx and his petty arguments about capitalism, more ancient despots knew they could not control their minions if they were armed, at least a thousand years ago, so America is about the only nation on earth where this instinct is legally protected and culturally engrained.

Second, and many miss this, at the same time, and for the same reason, the baboon would instinctively “shrink” in size, strength and self-assurance. In fact, military tacticians, as a rule of thumb, use a 5-to-1 advantage that attacking forces must have in order to successfully overrun a defensive position, even more if it is their home. (In his novel “Red Storm Rising” (1986) about a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, Tom Clancy wrote that the Soviets completely underestimated the resolve of German homeland forces (even in their hairnets) in defending German soil. Clancy tossed in other barbs about Soviet military planning, some just to tweak them, but others which sent them back to the drawing board, asking “How could Clancy know?”)

So, in our baboon chase, a 5:1 advantage was reduced to a 2:1, or thereabouts. And after sizing the situation up, the baboon felt it was no longer worth the risk.

*   *   *

This natural science lesson has been a prelude to a thesis and theme we need to stop and consider; that Natural Law trumps Politics, just as Tom Jefferson said.

And as then, the People, not the political class determine when this occurs.

We have been in several wars, but only clearly won three; The American Revolution, which gained our freedom, the Civil War, which preserved our nation and gained the freedom of all the rest of American-born individuals, and World War II, which secured our actual survival, for there was never any doubt that had any of the belligerent nations in that war prevailed, they would not have stopped until they had conquered the world.

None of these wars were political. They were existential. And the people of the United States are already in the process of declaring this to be another existential moment in our history.

Don’t let the 50-50 poll numbers fool you, On survival issues it’s more like 80-20. Killing breathing babies is not even close either, with a very loud clock ticking to see how far people in those states will let their state governments go. Likewise, going “socialist” is not close. People now know what that means, and will no longer wait til they lose their doctor or see their insurance premiums double before they take a backhand to the mouth to perpetrators, middlemen, and even bratty idiot-savants from New York if they get too rambunctious.

Nor is taking away our means of self-defense. And to see celebrity adult and national newspapers lie and beat up on high school kids for the cardinal sin of being religious. Citizens have already fired the first volley in stopping that nonsense. Private citizens are no longer potted plants.

Even if the pundit class doesn’t, we know it’s Game On, and what we are now watching and waiting to see is how elected representatives respond to the turning of the worm, and how media…media who is supposed to be their sources of information, Fox, not CNN or MSNBC, deal with the fact that this no longer is politics.

It is survival.

The war-drums are beating and this is where the people believe the political class is no longer listening, but rather, playing politics.

If you are a member of the pundit-satellites, or media class, who orbit the political class like tiny moons, take heed.

The end game of the Left has always been toward total control, and now they have revealed themselves. Still, the media, for many silly reasons, such as self-identification as a separate class, sees this as a back-and-forth game that will keep them in cash for many years to come.

Before you go ahead, consider what would have happened to the isolationists in Congress on Dec 8th had they vote “No”.

That ship has sailed.

Even Fox News is 70% political in its thinking, while the rest of the Media, closer to 90%. (A couple have gone over completely to the other side, thinking, like so many useful idiots have, that they will mesh well with the new regime if/when it comes to town.)

Our political class doesn’t want to allow itself to see what is developing here as an existential event in American history. Still all the markers are there, and the American people, as they did in the three wars named above, seem to already be shouldering up. What I don’t want stragglers in Congress to do is muck up the works. At best, they’ll soon be out of a job. But if they bring real harm to Americans……

The worm has turned, but the political class is so out of touch only the pundit class can tell them this.

2020 will likely the last time we will be able to know if you got this messages, pundits, and the politicians got yours. But it had better be a knock down-drag out, take no prisoners campaign, for the other side will play to win even if they have to have the entire occupant-lists in every national cemetery vote Democrat. They will dare us to dare them.

For the people, their survival is joined at the hip with the survival of our system of government and all liberties we have because of it. They can’t be used as trade bait. On this, we won’t give a goddam inch.

More later.










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