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The Abortion Gulag and the Law

Thanks to the legislatures and governors of New York and Virginia, we can start the election season early.

From a political fad in 2016, to a trend after the 2018 mid-terms, Infanticide has become a full blown rallying cry for Democrats around blue state America. Our Lady Penguin laid this development bare just a few days ago in her “a murder by any other name is still murder” expose of the new Infanticide law in New York, and the effort by other states, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Virginia to get on the Execution train even before it’s left the station.

No one can say in  prose what every moral human in America must feel about this outrage better than Lady Penguin. So read it.

I’ll only speak to the speed with this band-wagon effect has developed, meaning that the Left has taken full leave of its moral senses (killing babies) without any forthought about what killing babies really means.

If you want a 3-minute mind-picture of just what killing babies is like, I offer this testimony of a now-reformed New York abortion doctor, Dr Lavatino, who describes a second tri-mester abortion in detail. (I know, it’s not how you had it pictured. “Hey, there’s a real person in there, a real breathing baby”…and a doctor has to take that child out piece-by-piece and stack its parts up like cordwood to make sure they got everything. Probably not even most of the foot-stomping “absolute right to do whatever I want with my body” shriekers know that’s how it’s done, or that some clinics now have on-staff nurses whose sole purpose is to muffle the crying sounds of the victim, just so everyone in the room can walk out guilt-free. How medieval.

It’s not just the lies the abortion industry has to tell its victims just to get them into the surgery, but worse, the extraordinary lengths they will go to disguise to themselves, actually self-hypnotize, the barbarism they are committing, even as they commit it.

I’ll guarantee no young pregnant about-to-abort mother has ever pictured her fully-formed 22-week old baby dying this way…for she wouldn’t be there if she did.

Still this reflects an intentional kind of self-delusion that begins with someone else, somewhere else. People behind the curtain. Both the Nazis and Soviets went to great length to pass “those who were about to die’ through several levels of paper-pushing and hand-stamping so that only a handful of men and women would actually come away with blood on their hands. Everyone else had some level of deniability  and conscience assuaging available to them.

Still, that hypnotic condition is a reality. Mostly a political reality, which joins them at the hip with their genocidal forebears in Germany and Russia.

This condition we should talk about.

When self-delusion reaches this level of mendacity, shocking the conscience, I don’t care if the perpetrators may also be victims of some cynical puppet master that helps them attach a false nobility to their killing.

When people sneak to do evil that reflects one type of mental state. We generally have a grip on how to handle this sort of crime. But when large numbers of people plot and plan to commit that same evil by having it deemed moral, as a right, and declared legal, that is entirely another thing.

Society is at risk.

When this occurs, as a matter of cultural survival, a society cannot afford to try to counsel them out of their madness with therapies. A sane, moral society can’t dilly-dally with the niceties of  “There, there, now’s”.

As with foot-stomping kids in the toy aisle at Walmart, it’s only a matter of degree in decorum whether we swat them there on the spot, or wait til we get them home. Again, as a matter of survival we must move to slap the taste for that kind of power right out of their mouths with dispatch, wherever found.

I just cited two socialist proofs; 1) Germany in 1934 and because the people didn’t resist (they didn’t have guns), over 5 million died in just 10 short years. 2) More telling, the Soviet Union lost probably as many as Germany for similar “socialist transgressions” in their own Gulag, but their legal torture lasted almost 75 years, the line between right and wrong and legal and illegal totally obliterated. Today, they have been free of communism for over 25 years, still most of the fixed stars that guide any moral society are absent in Russian society. In many ways they are dead souls.

This is the door we’re about to step through here if we don’t move out smartly and elevate the sense of urgency.

Alexasandr Solzhenitsyn in his Gulag Archipelago mentioned Article 58 of the Penal Code in the 50s. It was a list of “traitorous” crimes, such as free thinking, and speaking those thoughts out loud, and of the crime (Art 58-1r) which made it a crime for others to hear it but not to report it.

Solzhenitsyn commented that while the West believed Soviet (and German) rule was arbitrarily capricious, no, it wasn’t. The Soviet government did nothing without a written law to authorize it. In detail. Article 58 proved his point. (The German Reich was the same.)

Solzhenitsyn was not a fan of our Democrats while he lived in the US, and he left when the Clintons came to power. He implored America not to “lose sight of its own values, its historically unique stability of civic life under the rule of law—a hard-won stability which grants independence and space to every private citizen.”

Modern Democrats are hard-wired to believe that their variance with ancient laws of morality are absolved if they can only codify it into law. The law, by itself, makes an act “moral”, whether infanticide meets some political purpose, or merely for profit. Since abortion was already profitable even before this “new infanticide” wave, albeit illegal, imagine the greater profitability of legalizing what are essentially pure, new born children, and being able to legally treat them as prime veal on an opem market?

Never ignore the money trail. The arbitrary power of the state to take the life of a citizen, as it was in both Germany and Russia, is still a reality, and dressing it up as enhanced medical research doesn’t change this.

This is where we stand today in America. If we allow infanticide to proceed to become “normative” law anywhere in the United States, it will take generations for American society to recover that single lynchpin of its morality. Again, dead souls.

Maybe the Tea Parties need to start having meetings again.

More later, for Virginia has less than 10 months, and America 22.

This takes a plan, actually several.

Just remember that most Democrat politicians, as Ralph Northem proved when he at first conceded then denied, that was him in a 35 year-old photo in a year book, are moral cowards at heart.

He is governor and no power, short of impeachment, could take him out of that job. He just couldn’t bring himself to admit guilt of a youthful indiscretion that would have been forgotten within weeks. Now he is forever a coward.

The next 18 months will not be for couch potatoes.

With their new infanticide legislation, the Democrats have caused a fireastorm.

Let’s make sure they go home burned.

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