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Hate, not Guns, Commits Mass Murder

And the Left is the author of hate in America. This is why they use gun control to cover their crimes.

This can be easily proved.

It only makes sense that when hate begins to replace the life-lifting human attributes of human existence, that a few of the haters will act out on it, and begin killing people. The greater the hate, the greater the number who will step out to kill instead of just screeching hateful words. And in a shameless society the wordsmiths, the purveyors of hate can even feel guiltless while others act on their words, even cheering them on. It’s a process that feeds itself, as we now see when late-night television “comedians’ trip over one another trying to out-hate each other to millions of viewers, then fall back on that old straw man, guns, when one or more take their cue and go out and kill someone, and then someone stumbles and let’s the cat out of the bag that thousands of affluent, educated elites are cheering these killings on, as did a vice-president and senior counsel at CBS, Hayley Geftman-Gold, who gleefully identified the people she felt deserved being the victims of this sort carnage…but worst, for the Left, why they deserved it. This superior Columbia Law School critical analyst surmised that being the Las Vegas show was about country music, only illiterate, redneck, conservative Trump voters would have been the victims. And just desserts.

I’m obviously a better lawyer that young Ms Prissy-Pants, for she has provided the entire country with an insight into the justification and motive for mass murder in her world; hate. That cat is out of the bag, and there’s no way to put it back in.

She was fired by CBS. But she comes from wealth and didn’t need the job. Someone will hire her, for among the Left there is no such thing as damaged goods unless you flip sides. Still, just 3 days out and she’s complaining about anonymous threats to her safety threats on Facebook, for wishing 59 people dead! (A little irony there, but it does give us insights into the shallow thinking that passes as higher education these days. It’s not like she attended the Burbank School of Laffs. )

While we can look for less public crowing about political killing in America, sadly, you can look for more killings, although not on the scale of the Las Vegas massacre last weekend.

Indiscriminate killing-by-hate has been on an upward spiral for the past decade, simply because “wishing” other people dead has increased exponentially. In many respectable quarters of the United States, especially our universities, it’s not even considered a bad thing to wish mortal harm on an enemy. Quite the opposite. At Berkeley today they speak of Christians in terns, when I studied the Soviet Union in the 1960s, we didn’t even speak of the Commies.

What fuels all this, of course, is hate, which begins first as a hatred of things. Hating people or types of people comes later.

You need to understand hate and haters first.

In her important series of essays on the radicalism of the 1960s, The Return of the Primitive (1972), in one, “The Age of Envy” (remember she’s writing about people who are full professors now, at places like Berkeley) Ayn Rand sized up the description of the modern hater.

A culture, like an individual, has a sense of life, an emotional atmosphere created by its dominant philosophy. This emotional atmosphere represents  a culture’s dominant values. Thus Western civilization had the Age of Reason and its Age of Enlightenment. Today, we live in an Age of Envy.

But “Envy” is not the actual emotion I have in mind, but it is the clearest manifestation of an emotion that is nameless. Envy is regarded by most people as a petty, superficial emotion, but still covers so inhuman an emotion that those who feel it seldom dare admit it exists, even to themselves.

That emotion is: hatred of the good for being the good.

Since this new kind of hate seems to dominate our world today, from riots and beatings to mass killings, and has for close to a decade, I recommend you read this short piece , to get a sense of how vital “hate” is in the armory of the Left as it moves forward in its mission to end American constitutional democracy. (Irony No 2: If Lenin is any gauge, and the Left should someday triumph with this hate crusade, all the people you see today who teach in the schools and universities, as well as those screaming children they sent into the streets, will be unceremoniously taken out and shot, for in no way can the Left’s New World Order allow them to live beyond their usefulness. You can’t just turn hate off and on, and in that New World they will have no place for a million screaming brats.)

We have reached that point in America where hate has passed the invisible line of respectability. It is totally transparent.

This has been going on a long time, slowly at first, in the 60s-and-70s, but full bore by the Clinton era, 25 years ago. That’s an awful lot of children, millions of them, some into their third generation now, from fatherless households that beget more fatherless households, and where divorce more often begets more divorce. Both are contagious. These children enter the adult world without any moral foundation of right and wrong, except the new ones they are taught in public schools, where they get their first taste of what to like and what to hate. In the “what not to like” category, they are not taught any duty to love their neighbor, much less pay homage to our nation that provided us these blessings, by our flag.  You can see what I mean.

The first seeds of undifferentiated hate is planted in those schools.

So then,  radicalism does not spawn hate. It is the other way around.

Radicalism is simply a post-pubescent manifestation of something instilled in a child at an early age, that when they want something, they should be entitled to it, and they can break things, until their wants are realized. There is no part of “no” they have to endure.

Curing teatfittery is like removing one’s tonsils. As a child it’s a minor procedure. As an adult it can be major surgery. The Left has always known how to profit from this condition, and have, by controlling the way our children are taught.

Build an ideology, particularly a simple-minded one, that even a fool can grasp, give that fool a certificate that states he is smart, and he will follow you anywhere.

But leftwing hate is supposed to have an end game that does not necessarily involve killing. Hate is designed to be a tool, not a weapon, But always, always, a few will go rogue and leave the reservation. And some will kill. And that is because hate has a mind of its own, especially in the singular mind of a human. And they always have. Envy is hate, avarice is hate, jealousy, lust wrath, even sloth, all carry components of hate, once denied.

The anti-gun straw man was supposed to be way the Left covers its tracks when a rogue shooter goes on a killing spree, but the unfortunate comments by Ms Hayley Geftman-Gold, formerly a CBS executive, has exposed a generation or more of high-end educated people who celebrate mass deaths, if they can in any way hurt Donald Trump, or the bumpkins who support him.

In linking Left-wing Hate-Training and Murder, Rioting and Mayhem, consider:

It’s not certain where a 64-year old wealthy accountant fits into this model for political or religious hate. He would have entered the school system in the 1950s, before the Left was in charge of those schools. Stephen Paddock, may have been mentally ill, psychopathic, but we can’t be sure. At least not yet. So religious or political radicalization, even conspiratorial intent, are all still on the table for consideration. But he killed out of some unidentified hate.

What is not really on the table, but as always claiming center-stage in times like these, are those loud cries for new gun-control laws. This is a simple deflection by the American Left to steer thinking away from any complicity they and their own brand of radicalization may have had in any shooting spree.

You see, the Left can never be sure.

The Virginia Tech shooter (2007) was Korean, and was certifiably mentally ill. He should have been locked up, but was running free because of some critical, but absolutely predictable, mistakes made by bureaucracies charged with keeping him under wraps. The demand for gun control was an important deflection from having to admit to inefficiencies in government health care management, which is still a hallmark of how the Left thinks society should be organized.

In 2011, Jared Lee Loughner of Tucson was also mentally ill. He shot and killed 6, including a federal judge, and wounded 13, including an Arizona congresswoman, but his known condition was covered up and protected by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, a key Democrat constituency, because his mother worked in the Sheriff’s office. In other words, his freedom on the streets was due to both bureaucratic and political neglect. But, considering the political targeting of the shooting, we do know that his mental condition was exacerbated by hate-speech he’d picked up elsewhere. Again, gun control overrode mental sickness awareness by the Left.

In 2012 Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 school children and 6 school staffers at Sandy Hook, Connecticut, after killing his mother and stealing her gun. He also had acute mental illness, but his access to guns was considered by the political establishment to be the principal culprit. His mental illness was officially “excused” even as no other motive has been put forward. Only that more gun control was needed. As to motive, this case was prematurely closed (to my mind). Undifferentiated hate had to have played a role.

In June 2015, Dylan Roof, a 21-year old white kid from Charleston, South Carolina walked into a church and executed 9 parishioners, including the minister. Finally, a killing the Left could crow about, since Roof was a professed white supremacist, with videos, photos and manifesto, but all of very recent origin before the shooting. I disagreed with the racist verdict then, in part because hefore he changed into a race monster he had several black friends, and no history of any kind of around-the-dinner table racial atmosphere, or other venues where he might have learned to single out blacks for hatred. It was almost as if someone had showed him a Queen of Diamonds. In my view he was (is) mentally ill, but fought vigorously to deny his defense attorneys the ability to argue an insanity defense in court. So he sits on death row, awaiting federal execution. I believe he was mentally ill but still did kill out of hate, only an amorphous hate taught to him at an earlier age. But that’s just me.

Then in June, 2016, while Barack Obama was still president, Omar Mateen entered Pulse gay night club in Orlando, on Latin Night, and executed 49 gay men, wounding another 58, before he was killed by police after a 3-hour stand off. Tearing the American Left’s Muslim-LGBT- Latino alliance apart, he swore allegiance to ISIS, shattering a leftwing alliance between LGBT and Muslim political groups, could only have stayed bound by a mutual hate.

Finally, there’s the lone gunman, James Hodgkinson, of Belleville. IL, just across the river from Ferguson, who in June 2017 tried to kill the entire Republican congressional baseball team, but only managed to cripple one, and wound two capital police officers, before being gunned down. The media couldn’t disguise Hodgkinson’s hatred for Trump or the Republicans, and his strong pro-BLM- leftwing attitudes. He had a much clearer history of radicalized political hate than Dylan Roof

Going beyond purely Islamist mass shootings, San Bernadino in 2015, and going back as early as the Ft Hood killings in 2009, which were called “workplace violence” by the Obama Administration, hate is the common thread, more so than mental illness in defining these killings. Only at Virginia Tech and maybe Tucson did the victims seems randomly selected.

Never underestimate the power of hate to single out things it wants targeted.

ISIS hates what it can’t control. The Left is no different. ISIS hates sin according to the Q’uran, but also claims the authority to decides what the Q’uran means. They are not the first of their kind to claim this authority. The Modern Left claims a similar authority. They are not unalike in this regard.

What I personally don’t know about modern Arabs is their capacity for teat-fittery, wanting something so bad they will kills for if denied.. But Rahael Patai, who wrote The Arab Mind  (a book I heartily recommend) portrayed the way Arab boys are raised, and from that religious jihadism is entirely within the realm of thinkable if they can be taught to hate the sin of being an infidel with deep conviction. Jihads have been a part of Arab history for centuries, but in the past 30 years or so, madrassas have sprung up worldwide to assist in bringing this hatred to a boil. Many mullahs in mosques are now preaching this, but the baseline hate had been instilled since childhood.

The point is, the key to hatred is in the teaching.

Most Americans will not go beyond the wishful thinking stage of wanting their enemies dead. Nor are Americans predisposed to take on a suicide mission to vent their hatred. Still, the last two mass shootings (Hodgkinson and Paddock) were just that, suicides, mass shootings with no hope of retreat. And maybe social media applause boosts this thinking.

They wanted Bush dead. There were movies depicting GW’s demise. And were celebrated. But for reaching deep inside the soul and bringing raw hate to the surface no one in history can match Donald Trump. See Kathy Griffin. See the wonder-woman lawyer at CBS. See CNN, all of them, see Hollywood, all of them. See a third of all the public university faculties, Just by being president he is denying them something they must have. He is an existential threat simply because he entered an office without their approval and at the behest of that half of the country they believe are not fit to…well, live.

So, would any of them taker a shot if you gave them one/ Not likely. But, as we now know, they sure would celebrate like hell if someone else, someone like Stephen Paddock, or AntiFa or Black Lives Matter, did the job for them.

This is Leftwing hate on parade.




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