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How Likely is the Impeachment of Donald Trump? Really.

Pat Buchanan is a little more dark, and less optimistic than I am about America’s chances if an impeachment process is begun.

Pat and I and separated by 7 years. We are also divided by perspective, he spending most of his professional life looking at American life and the world from the top down, while I’ve spent my life looking at the world from the bottom up. My view of the Constitution is also from the bottom-up, “life, liberty and happiness”, as being written for the common man and woman. In Pat’s rarefied air those sorts of thoughts may only rarely cross a man’s mind, but which, even for a man of his age and experience, seems to be a common disability among conservatives.

More surprisingly, for a staunch Roman Catholic, Pat never says publicly whether God has a stake in America. I’m not sure Pat thinks about this very much, either. After all, the link between God, Jesus and the common folk was how it all got started, and the case can be made, in Darwin terms even, that God caused America to happen, and as a result, chose sides in the 2016 election. Franklin Graham believes so, and Pat will have to go back to the heady days of Reagan to note the many happy Christians walking around these days, shaking hands and slapping backs with millions of people they don’t know.

Of course, I believe God has a yuuge stake in America and its restoration, and just as He selected the most unlikely band of English religious wingnuts to first settle America in 1607, he picked the most unlikely character to begin its Reformation in 2016.

But Pat is right, there is a coup attempt in progress. Only what do we do about it? Or even think about it?.

Again, because of the God-factor, I’m optimistic.

Andy McCarthy, one of the surviving good guys at “National Review” since WFB passed away, penned an article a few days ago asking the question whether the Mueller investigation in a first step in the impeachment of Donald Trump?

That begs the question that if the Mueller assignment was planned with that in mind, who planned it? Rosenstein? Sessions? Or, as would be more likely, that Mueller has simply gotten his direction based on secret orders from, you know, the usual suspects? Of finally, as would be most likely, would any report Mueller publish, short of compete and total exoneration of Trump and his administration, serve as a legal justification for Congress to impeach Trump?

Regardless  of the “high crimes and misdemeanor” clause in the Constitution, it’s generally believed Congress can impeach for any reason, taking the legal view, “Who could stop them?”  Arguably Trump could take the House to court before it could vote, then expeditiously run it up to SCOTUS.

Nor am I confident, one way or the other, how the Court would rule, being a case of first instance.

But Trump has other cards, highest among them, the people.

The people are not potted plants. They were expected to be potted plants, causing several in the DNC and (apparently) GOP congressional leadership to assume that Hillary would win, as planned and on schedule. It was the people who screwed the pooch on this expectation.

In November, 2016 the unthinkable occurred, and it was the American people, by a 60-40 margin in electoral college math, who caused it to happen. Millions of people appeared from out of nowhere…as opposed to illegals who appeared from out of thin air…forgotten and overlooked as inconsequential in the larger scheme of voting. As we watched Trump campaign events unfold, noting the professionally-dressed standing in queue to get tickets alongside mom and pops, bikers, laid-off mill workers, Christians without their signboards, and blacks, all smiling, dapping, and yucking it up,  as if James Brown were about to come on stage. I called these “the lost army”, from Tolkien, and they showed up en masse.

You can’t understand Trump’s win unless you can understand why these people even existed, much less were there. They each had different reasons but all were created by a blindly ignorant and indifferent ruling class, who considered them inconsequential to government. Law: There is both an historical and scientifically predictable outcome for any governmental system that has reached the point of growing itself through political incest.

America had clearly reached that point.

Now in history for all the rest of the world, when that point is reached, revolution or conquest occurs, the old regime is thrown down, usually by violence, and a new one is put in its place to start the process all over again, to be repeated every  50-to- 300 years, depending on whether it is Venezuela or France. There are fixed laws of Nature here.

What is unknown is how America after 200+ plus years of constitutional freedom would react when its governmental institutions likewise reach the same perigee the rest of the world has over and over again.

Now, this is not out first True Test, just the next True Test, but in each case survival is on the line, and will be again in a century or so if we survive this. The forces that created the Swamp, or the Temple of the Ruling Class, as I like to call it, are actually pretty predictable. in fact, all the popular digital board games are based on these time-proven rules, from ages 10-to-30.

Back to reality, the people have so far done their job. Above all expectations, I might add.

The Establishment, the Ruling Class, call it what you…I think Oligarchy will soon work its way into popular use…all clearly defined now as fascist-in-orientation by any name…were soundly rebuffed by the ordinary people of the United States, which I shouldn’t have to remind Pat Buchanan or Andy McCarthy, the Constitution was written to protect, as they pursue life, liberty and property, “without the goddamned permission of the state”, at least according to some Soviet law professors I met in 1991. (Great story).

This fact alone puts the saga of Donald Trump into the proper context, as a fight to the finish, which we settled more or less during his presidency. Trump is the catalyst, and the Leader, but make no bones about it, the people are already the operative moving part.

I could talk until I’m blue in the face and the Left would never understand this reality. Only Republicans can. The Left, quoting Henry V, are “marked to die” for the simple reason they will accept nothing short of total victory, which means we have to die, or fall under tyranny. The people have spoken.

For the benefit of Republicans, the Left and Democrat Party leadership gave up all pretense of fealty to constitutional government in the late 70s. (They didn’t tell everyone.) That all ended during the reign of Barack Obama, when they more or less came out of the closet, full throated, only to be fair, many guileless Republicans may totally have missed it. (At this poit it’s not for me to judge, or to care.)

But thanks to Obama and the Clintons, both of whom had acquired a taste for the royal accoutrements of power and unearned wealth, no one has to be piously modest and dress up in Mao jackets but can now deck out in the finest Bedouin princess attire, this one I’m told taking up a caravan tent meant for a family of six.

(h/t Carol Greenberg)

Right on cue, they bumped into a new generation of capitalists who have disdain for the ordinary competitiveness of the free market (i.e., fascism) so have breathed new life into an old authoritarian oligarchical model. By any other name, this collaboration is called “fascism” and is what Volodya Putin has molded in Russia. Goggle has invented more ways for China to put dissidents into prison for unclean thoughts than had all the inquisitors of the Church during the Reformation.

Politically, the Left’s problem is, as always, the people. For the past 7 years the people have replaced Democrats at an alarming rate, not only in Congress but in state and local government. Republicans, who always seem to play small-ball, even when given control of a major league ball park, either don’t see (stupidity) or can’t let themselves see (cognitive dissonance) the real Big League-ball being played in the park they think they control.

Again, I’ve stopped caring why this condition exists among so many Republicans. Whether complicity or cupidity, the election of November 2016 signaled they had to choose sides, the people or the Left, and no, there is no middle way they can navigate that will redound to their benefit, or even to their political survival.

For years I have warned Democrats and Republicans alike about the risks they are running when they get into a wired crap game with criminals. “Ride with criminals, hang with criminals“. Today the Left needs not only the assistance, but the overt alliance of Republicans, a lot of them, to move their agenda forward, just as John McCain happily was willing to provide in ending the Obamacare repeal. In the end, it won’t matter whether the GOP are in full complicity with Democrats or still the useful idiots they were when they just stood around waiting for the phone to ring, hoping Tip O’Neil would invite them to fill out a foursome.

Right now the Dems can’t do a thing about Trump, while the GOP can do everything. And the people are fully aware of this situation.

So, moves toward impeaching Donald Trump will be met with resistance by both the White House and the people in every district and state with extreme sanction, as will move toward impeding Donald Trump’s legislative initiatives he promised the people.

Just as we know John McCain protected several Republicans in the Senate and House, saving them from having to make a vote that could protect them from the voters back home, we know that likely won’t work. Once again the people are being under-estimated. From where the sun now stands, every member of Congress, save only a handful, are now presumed guilty of trying to derail this president, but far importantly,

…invalidate their very right to choose our leaders.

The people will not allow the election of Donald Trump to have been the last free election in America.

How likely is the impeachment of Donald Trump, then? Not if Republicans know what’s good for them, and can learn how to tread water.




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