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Has Schiff Shifted? Have the Democrats Shifted on Russia?

And did the 20 June, 2017 kerplunking of the Democrat’s latest Great White Hope in Georgia have anything to do with it?

The House Permanent Select Committee has as its principal mission to look into Russian influence into the 2016 election. You may recall that the committee’s chairman, Devin Nunes (R-CA), recused himself from this investigation April 6, (over 2 months ago, which seems like a lifetime now) because he uncovered and then disclosed information about allegedly illegal wiretaps of candidate Trump, this information still officially undisclosed information today because of Nunes’  disclosure that it exists. Because of ethics complaints made against Nunes for this sin, his recusal made Ranking Member of the Committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA), who could play a funeral director in just about any Vincent Price film, had become one of the most powerful Democrats in the House. He’s about the only Democrat in the House who has much of a say about anything.

In that role, with the help of the media, Schiff had been able to keep that Russian investigation from moving forward to its inevitable end, while being able to keep it, like Damocles Sword, dangling over the entire manufactured Russia-Trump connection, simply by bottling up factual evidence that could bury the story forever, ending the fraud.

Only two days ago the Democrats announced, according to the Washington Free Beacon, that the Democrats (Schiff) would block the testimony of up to a dozen witnesses schedule to testify to the House Permanent Select Committee in closed session, “because they needed more time to prepare.” Schiff had asserted in the past that evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign is “more than circumstantial”, (i.e, close to indictment) contrary to other intelligence oversight members who have said there is no evidence at all. He’s hinted at evidence existing that might be proffered that probably can never be proffered….because it never existed. It’s believed the Dems were especially pimping testimony of Carter Page, who they have painted as a blockbuster witness against Trump, while hard evidence seems to question whether Page was ever even a member of the Trump team.

Schiff would prefer not to have to put up if his bluff were called

The Democrat’s original plan seemed to be to drag the investigation out, delay, delay, delay, until something hard could be discovered that might either connect the dots, or make them unnecessary, (a common Democrat gambit), all the while  keeping the air pregnant with questions about Russian involvement going into the 2018 elections.

But the GA-06 set all their assumptions back into potential meaninglessness. Insiders had seen that Handel win coming for at least 2-3 days, so expectations were suddenly toned down, although no one told the crew at CNN to tone down their expectations.

So now the Democrat base is losing interest in the whole Russia-Trump narrative, so that the Dem’s last pitch of 2017 has turned out to be another walk-off game-winner for the Republicans.

This decision by Schiff was made in advance of, but likely in anticipation of, the Georgia 06 election. Democrat strategists have likely been in make-over design mode for at least two-three days, and the notion that the entire Russian connection may be shelved, as polls, not only from the Georgia vote, but also from general public/voter disinterest and the whole anti-Trump narrative. Simple math can tell anyone who the firm, anti-Trump voters are, and also who the people who think they benefit from Trump-as-president are.

Even Democrat pragmatists realize the strategy they’ve employed has not made the anti-Trump camp swell.

In fact Ossoff received a lesser percentage of the votes this second time around than in the first run-off, even though $53M had been added to find more voters. Such things are not lost on the few Democrat strategists still on our side of sanity. And they can also see this in the amount of negative feedback from normally steady liberal analysts who are saying that whatever the Democrats are doing, they’re doing it wrong.

Despite wanting to, first get them down, then kick them, everyone on our side should want for the Democrats’ base to deep-six, like it was a cheap bottle of rotgut whiskey, Leftwing ideas about dismantling the Constitutional playing field, which was never more than a mutual suicide pact anyway. Then encourage them to come back to the original game plan, where everyone is playing according to the same end of life, liberty and happiness…and that, yes, men and women not of the professional political class can be a part of the kinds of people we can choose to lead us.

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