Democrat PaRTY, Dona;ld Trump, Republican Party Establishment

Democrats Place Bounty on Trump Agenda, GOP Leadership Aims to Collect

If you stop to consider the profile of James Hodgkison there is more there there than first imagined. I’m sure when the media covered the various Occupy events in 2011-2012, no one noticed the few 50+ to 60+ year old men wedged in between all the snowflakes and sonnenkinder. He was not crazy, any more than an Islamic suicide bomber is crazy. But he did decide, as the Cheyenne would say, it was a “good day to die”, leaving himself open to returned fire, and no avenue of retreat. He used a 1950s era Soviet/Chinese mainline infantry assault weapon, designed to hit a target from 100-200 yards, yet tried to gun down men from around a hundred feet. From longer range, better concealment and some target training, he could have squeezed off one-two rounds in less than ten seconds, hit two targets, disposed of the gun, and walked to his van, and been back in a YMCA taking a shower before local police could have cordoned off the area. He could have, as the training manual reads, “lived to fight another day”.

Unless an autopsy shows he was dying of cancer, we may never know why he chose to die so stupidly. But we are all thankful that he was such a lousy shot.

Still, he sent a clear signal about who the Left has placed its bounty on. And maybe even more importantly, who it has not.

When it was revealed that Hodgkison carried a target list in his pocket listing only GOP Liberty Caucus members, it made Speaker Paul Ryan’s words about family morph into something less universal, since he and his leadership weren’t targets after all. In certain circles that’s a big deal. A sigh of relief, even.

Whatever invisible line of demarcation that separated Donald Trump, his voters, and the members of Congress who are in sympathy with the promises he made to the American people during the campaign, the majority of the GOP were assured they are on the other side of that line. A safe zone, so to speak.

Personally I’ve become cynical about any and everything the GOP establishment says it believes…about any and everything. including family. But on the narrow issue of political violence, I’ve concluded that all that really distinguishes the GOP and the Democrat Left is the level of cynicism about the role of leftwing hate speech which seems to incite this violence. The Dems decries it 100%, but also incites it 100%, denies it 100%, each, according to Ann  Coulter, predictable 100% of the time. Nothing new there. On the other hand, the GOP establishment also decries it, only finds it at least tolerable compared to losing that handshake across the aisle.

It does seem Hodgkison acted alone. And as long as the Left is the author of hate speech, and the GOP is not too forceful about planting the finger of blame on the noses of their “family” across the aisle for fomenting it, and only the politicians who say what they mean and mean what they say, are found in the cross hairs of that violence, it creates a situation that while regrettable, can still lead to that damned carbuncle on the political class’ collective ass being removed.

I have never believed that God hates any of His children. But He does hate things. And I do believe that high among those things are hypocrisy, especially when His name in invoked, as are all things moral. Such as “family”. Any mention of any commonly-held morality involves an invocation of God.

So then, I believe that God hates craven cowardice more than the thoughts and deeds spawned by pure Evil and done by men and women raised on a steady diet of hate, avarice and envy; i.e, dogs behaving according to their nature, as dogs.

How can the people convey to the GOP that we will not long tolerate this cowardice, and we will never tolerate their throwing down our president, as accessories before, during or after the fact?

How long can these cowards tread water?


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