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To understand the leftwing Media’s suicidal obsession with destroying Donald Trump, an observation on the Washington Post’s “blockbuster” report about the serious security infraction by Donald Trump with the Russians is still more instructive than the New York Times-Comey memo story, which still needs to develop more legs in order to mean anything other than a rumor.

Maybe it was just a personal pique of Jeff Bezos, WAPO owner, who doesn’t like Donald Trump for all the monopolistic reasons many tech capitalists wouldn’t like any American president who could pull the Sherman Act on them, or,

Maybe the American media were angry when President Trump disinvited them to his meet-and-greet with Russian foreign minister Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak, including Russian media.

Maybe both.

But in the more serious discussion between Trump and the Russians that followed that photo-op, about security matters of mutual interest, particulary in Syria and ISIS, a source purportedly privy to what took place in that meeting reported, exclusively to the Washington Post, that Donald Trump had provided the Russians with highly classified information, which we’re advised, they should never have been told, or allowed to know. While legal for the president to do this, Trump was nevertheless damned because the shared information had been gained from foreign assets…turns out it was Israel, who have already said they didn’t mind…and also because Barack Obama, with full knowledge of congressional oversight committees and intelligence communities (people like James Clapper) only a year earlier had done exactly the same thing with the Russians, and it backfired. The Russians double-crossed him.

Without going into why the Russians would be more comfortable double-crossing Obama than Trump, the main takeaway is that the American media yawned when Obama did it.

If the GOP Congress are going to fire warning shots at Trump, it should be from this context. And if the People are going to fire warning shots at the cuckholded GOP Congress, it should also be from this context.

The real game is afoot. (Sherlock Holmes)

About the Source

This reported WAPO leak is quite a mouthful for a source who, it was reported, was never in the room.

Moreover, unlike earlier leaks about Trump’s behind-the-curtain antics; early-morning and nocturnal habits while tweeting, i.e, what he wears; bathrobe, pj’s, does he pace, mutter under his breath? this source risked 10-25 years for this snitch.

Assuming he’s American.

Interestingly, in the first day of reporting (late afternoon Monday), almost no one asked about th\e Source, even though a felon was afoot, probably hiding in plain sight. This is telling, for the story line across the media spectrum on Day One allowed the narrative to be indelibly engraved that the villainy in this report was the casual, dangerous, loose lips of Donald Trump. It was not until Tuesday, that the White House and McMaster could get a word in edgewise and draw the world’s attention to the fact that it was the American media, not Trump, not the Russians, that told the world, and our mutual enemies, just what information had been passed in that short meeting with the Russian.

So who is this source?

First, let’s rule out the kitchen help or the guy who carries out the trash in Trump’s office. National Security Advisor H R McMaster (who no one in the media has accused of being blackmailable by the Russians…yet) said only four Americans were in that meeting, along with the Russian side, all of whom spoke English.

So, 1) we have a choice of any of those four Americans in the meeting being the leaker, or

2) going back to the office perhaps they told a close aide, friend, lover, secretary, or intern. But none of this is likely to have occurred since the information as reported by WAPO was so specific it could not have been casually dropped in conversation even with Mata Hari.

3) The Russians could have leaked it themselves. It’s possible. For one, they fear Donald Trump more they ever could Hillary Clinton, or ever did Barack Obama. Their romance with the Democrats go back to 1930s. So don’t believe the current anti-Russian sentiment in Washington runs as deep as Democrats would like us to believe. They shared a kissing-on-the-mouth romance with the Russians going back to before Nixon (whose antipathy for the Soviets…including the Vietnam War…played deep in the Media’s own antipathy for Nixon…never forget the Pentagon Papers and the anti-Vietnam War foundations for Watergate) that was legion all the way through Reagan and into Clinton.. Before Bezos, WAPO was cozy with Putin all the way up to his invasion of Crimea. Call them sentimentalists.

4) The American intelligence community could have listened in then leaked it. No really.

5) (McMaster hinted this) WAPO could have just made it all up.

6) This fantastical media journey into Trump News is getting so rapid, surreal and brazen, it might even occur to you that Donald Trump himself is the source of this leak, laying a masterful trap of unknown dimensions at a later date.

At 10-25 years, don’t look for any Democrat congressman, several Republicans, and most of the intelligence and criminal investigation wings of the federal government to even look for this guy. But never count Jeff Sessions or a thousand volunteer private investigators out.

To what end?

In a general way, I guess you could just say, ‘To recreate Watergate”.

But it’s more than that.

The end game in the original Watergate design was not to force the resignation of Richard Nixon but to bring about his impeachment. Impeachment in 1974-1976 would have secured both the Democrat Party and national Media at least two years of front page stories that could have sunk the Republican Party for a generation.

I’m sure when Nixon announced his resignation up and down the front offices of WAPO, the New York Times, and all the major news organizations was a chorus of “Damn, damn, damns.” With First Prize, impeachment, dangling like a brass ring on a carousel, just within their fingertips, Nixon reached up and handed them Second Prize, a cheap teddy bear, then quietly walked away. (And then Gerald Ford pardoned him.)

Under conditions in many ways more favorable than today, of branding with fire on America’s soul not only the sins of Richard Nixon’s paranoia, including his Vietnam War, (as every college graduate under the age of 40 now knows to be that war’s true genesis), the Democrats could have accomplished by 1980 what Barack Obama almost accomplished by 2017.

(Thirty seven years, this is what Richard Nixon bought us, denying the Democrats their New Rome. Instead they got Jimmy Carter, who in turn gave America Ronald Reagan.)

Paranoia and Impeachment

While it would be nice to cause Donald Trump to drool at the mouth and crawl into a corner sucking his thumb, Richard Nixon denied the Left what they wanted most, his impeachment. Still they were able to effectively paint a picture of a man held hostage in his own corner of the White House and it’s a picture they most want to be able to recreate in America’s mind even if there is no chance of recreating in in reality.

As discussed only recently, as they were almost able to do in 1974, the Dems not only want to drive a president from office, assuming his replacement will be sufficiently gelded, but to cower the American people into finally accepting their fate.

It’s the uppity-ness of the American people that the Left most needs to destroy. For now they have elected one of their own, a man of the trades, a builder, who, for whatever reason, fell through the global billionaires’ seine net, and has sided with the minnows instead of the sharks.

Since 1973 the Democrat illusion of power has shifted, from the ancient Marxist notion of scientists in lab coats laying out the rules of how we must all behave in order to survive in a world where only the scientists really know what the hell is going, to the more hip, sexy image of global billionaire tech entrepreneurs in open collar shirts underneath $1000 Armani suits, but also with that same “really-know-what’s-going-on” stride. Fascist power is really much more sexy and user-friendly, as it always was. …at the high end to modern elites who like the trappings of their status.

At the low end of the stick it’s all the same. But of course, we’ve always known this.

That cover picture, above, was how the media in 1973 wanted to portray Richard Nixon. They can’t portray Donald Trump that way, and I think at their higher echelons, they know they never can. But it can also portray the Republicans, many of whom they’d had wrapped around their fingers since Nixon, maybe even because of Nixon. Republicans are always afraid of the media. And maybe even many of the American people these days, two-generations worth, post Nixon, who see the power of the Democrats, or just the government, as some unbreakable, unbreachable barrier that it would be much easier to submit to than resist. They too cringe.

However you look at it, it’s still a Winner-Take-All Game.

And the winner writes all the histories



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