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People v People of the United States, the Media’s Grand Jury Case Against America

District attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that “by and large” they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.” -Sol Wachtler, Chief Judge of New York State, 1985

The Grand Jury

A grand jury case is presented by a prosecutor representing “the People”, citing only the evidence that he believes he can use to gain a conviction in a court of law. That’s why grand jury indictments are considered almost automatic once sought…and why the refusal of St Louis County grand jury to indict Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson was so rare.

This grand jury offer will be too.

People v People of the United States

What we are seeing today is an attempt by the combined American media, Democrat Party, and (if you read The Guardian) the worldwide Left, to indict not only Donald Trump, but the People of the United States, who elected him.

And, if you haven’t already noticed, as in all grand jury proceedings, neither President Trump nor the People of the United States are represented.

The objective of the Democrat-Media alliance is to not only to obtain an indictment through public opinion in such a way they can gain an impeachment against President Donald Trump, but in such a convincing manner that the People of the United States will meekly accept the impeachment and will passively return to the place that was always reserved for them by the Left before their unfortunate meddling in the election in November.

In that way, the people of the United States will not be able to find the wherewithal to rise up and hang the whole goddam lot of them, which, if I were a Democrat, I would strongly take into consideration.

So, 1) They don’t want Trump’s impeachment to appear like a coup,  and

2) They don’t want to end up like Jake Spoon.

Of course, to create a safe distance of separation between itself and the people of the United States, the Democrat-Media Alliance will once again ask select members of the Republican Party to stand in the breach, if for no other reason than to get a sense of the strength of that first wave of public reaction.

Consider the math that confronts them:

A v0te of impeachment by the US House of Representatives is in effect the sought-after grand jury indictment. It requires only a majority vote, which means a minimum vote of 216-214 (with 4 current vacancies). This means that, today, 24 Republicans would have to vote to impeach Trump (assuming none of the Democrats are already seeing Jake Spoon nooses at their own district town halls, which by summer, 2018, they may well see).

Now, flipping 24 Republicans is an insurmountable ambition IF the GOP Members are responding to the voices of the majority of their voters. Even the arch-enemy Media admits that at least a third of the GOP voter base are stout, unbendable Trumpians. (I think more, but that’s for them to find out the hard way.)

The same goes for the Senate, where two-thirds (or 67) must then convict the president at trial in order to remove Trump from office. This means the Democrats must sway 19 Republican senators, also subject to change in 2018, where the Democrats appear vulnerable. Most of us can count only six or seven wobbly GOP senators. A tall order, indeed.

If, HOWEVER, House and Senate members are listening to their donors, and in some case their own demons and vanities (e.g. John McCain, who would likely convict a ham sandwich if its initials were DJT,), but also to the daily surreal machine-gun fire fake news, fake anonymous sources, fake tapes, such as associated with the recent firing of FBI director, James Comey, they may find cover for what they are already predisposed to want to do.

But 19? Who can say?

Especially in the Senate where establishment status can take on an almost hereditary glow of nobility, and some genuinely believe there is an entitlement associated with their seat, and one which is not accorded more ordinary men and women “in the trades”, you can understand why they may actually hate Donald Trump as both a pretender and a threat, a usurper to something that is exclusively theirs.

But lastly, unlike House members, they haven’t really feared the people of their states in a lifetime.

Many senators are not inclined to assist any president in reducing their size of their landed estates in government, UNLESS there is no other option offered, or they are reminded of that fateful picture of the good-natured Jake Spoon sitting on a horse alongside thieving, killing vermin, awaiting to be hanged simply because he couldn’t find an easy way to part company with them.


For instance, in the 1999 Clinton Senate impeachment vote, it was a 55-45 NOT GUILTY vote on the count of perjury, (5 GOP senators joining) and 50-50 NOT GUILTY on obstruction of justice. (4 GOP voting Not Guilty). The Democrats of course were in lock step. As Ann Coulter once hinted, Republicans have to tip-toe just to double-cross their voters 50% of the time, while Democrats can, and have, double-crossed theirs 100% of the time for at least 45 years without any fear.

The public opinion voter base did not seem to play a significant role in the Clinton Senate or House vote, although 5 Democrats did vote to impeach in the House.

(And Nancy Pelosi took care of that disloyalty by expelling the Yellow Dogs very quickly, as the Democrats lurched toward its final resting place as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the worldwide Left. That chicken may finally have come home to roost showing, as the 2016 election map proves, that the Democrat Party has become a regional party, it’s only anchors in a few cities, the Academy and teachers unions around the country…and those are now only tenuously held because, yes, you guessed it, Donald Trump has an indirect hand on much of the public education purse strings.

(Moreover, since Trump won states Hillary paid no attention to, in part because the unions verified they were secure, those states, and others, depending on how well Trump can perform in matters that matter to them; employment, immigration, the door is now open for either 1) voters switching parties…especially without telling their local registrars…that drives pollsters crazy…or 2) a resurgence of the yellow dog Democrat, moving back into Democrat districts who will abide by the voters priorities instead of the Dem leadership, which has proved over 20 years, it has no intention of doing anything for the citizenry.)

Staring at this state of affairs the Media must now try to dampen GOP confidence in both chambers, by making leftwing public opinion seem to be cacophonous and overwhelmingly popular, while muting the Trump voters, especially since they don’t traditionally throw teat-fits in the street, burn cars and break windows…with or without a $100 bill in their pocket.

Going forward, Media campaigns will no longer be targeting the Dem-Left voter base, to try and project that they are the majority, even the street models rarely seem old enough to vote. But no one ever went broke underestimating the gullibility of Republicans in Congress if the project is designed to take them to a place they’d actually rather go anyway, in this case dumping Trump, and returning to those halcyon days of pink ladies around the Washington Post’s members-only swimming pool.

To this end, they’ve already brought many of the #NeverTrumpsters back into the fold, not for Hillary’s sake any longer (so sit down, Ben Howe), but rah-rah-rah’s for good old me-me-me (so stand back up, Ben Shapiro and Erick Erickson). With them, the Trump honeymoon is over. There’s only so much hugging up to men and women with unwashed hands they can stand.

Through these few, the Media hopes they can change the conservative mood in their direction; only out of spite, not reason.

The Trump voters road ahead

I know Trumpsters can show up again in 2018 and wipe the floor with the Dems, again, but I sense the Media and Left need this dismantling of Trump to more or less be in the can before the 2018 elections, in part because they know that’s exactly what the Trump voters will do if he’s still leading the Party. They need a Nixon-like lame duck by next summer, at least.

Again, I’m sure Donald Trump will not retreat to a Nixon-cave, but if the people can be encouraged to stand down, he will know he can’t win. They have to continue to operate as one.

I can only paint the Jake Spoon metaphor so vividly, for the Left is inching towards higher threats of violence and mayhem, and even some talk about leaving their secure fortresses in Berkeley and other places, to try to scare hell out of citizens who can actually shoot without holding a pistol sideways.

Our target has never been those people, unless, as mentioned, they invade our neighborhoods. There are a dozens reasons why they won’t try it, first, as I just said, a high degree of marksmanship. Besides, most are just kids.

Our targets need to be our elected members in Congress. We need to find effective ways to give them heads-up after heads-up, relentless heads-ups, about what awaits them should they violate their pact and abandon the commission the people of their state and district gave them when they put them in office in the first place.

If political activist 501(c)4’s and 3’s want to spend money, particularly those carrying Tea Party brands (you listening, Jenny Beth?), to insure the GOP stays in line with the defendant People-of-the-United-State’s wishes, this is where your money will be best targeted. The liberal use of Jake Spoon’s name in the risk-reward part of your message will serve the people well.

I know we’ve persevered for eight years, first giving the GOP  the House, then the Senate and now the Presidency, but the hard work may only be beginning, for we need to now, sooner than later, begin by letting our congress men and women that we meant business all those years.

When choosing between the donors, the Establishment, the approval of the Media and other strangers, the celebrity of a microphone stuck under their noses, even their personal reservations about Donald Trump, and the People who elected them, don’t even let that that choice be close.

Start now.

The People of the United States are actually co-defendants in this case against Trump in the first place, and are as much the object of this attempted coup as Donald Trump. They (we) are important to not just Donald Trump’s survival, but our own.

And the Republic’s.

For that is still, as it always has been, the Left’s end game here.




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