Donald Trump

Most of the things said about Donald Trump are not really about Donald Trump, but about something else.

I can list a hundred negative things to say about Trump, only to find many of them not to be substantiated by fact, and the misstatements of fact I’m finding are often sourced back to the Left. Ironic isn’t it that much of conservatism’s attack-facts on Trump are scripted from the Left?


Erick Erickson seems to have found it profitable to make his peace with Hillary. I wonder if he’s cut the same deal with God?

Doctrine of Liberty

The Doctrine of Liberty is the original Republican banner. Some one needs to preserve it.

Democrat Convention, 2016

Day 1: This must have been sheer misery for the media to have to report this at least half-honestly. Left vs Way Left. Bandits vs totalitarians. A-students vs B-students bickering about what to do about the C-students. A reminder to those 872 genuine Democrats in the country, who actually love the Party and the D, that 99% is made of up of alliances who largely hate one another. By weeks end I expect to see trannies dragging lezzies around the floor by their butch hair. Whatta sight!

A Day of Infamy and Shame. A felon is nominated for president of the United States. Oh, by the way, she’s a woman, too.

Mitt Romney only found out this week (July 30, 2016) just how detestable Hillary is to the voters. I don’t think he’d recognize true Evil if it bit him on the ass, a moral weakness which he obviously conveyed to voters in 2012.

L’Etat c’est Moi, the Rise of a Genuine Royal Class in America

Race and the Democrat Plantation

Mommas, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow up to be Hoodies

Nullification and the Convention of States

The Last word on Nullification is that there is Never a Last Word

Neil Stevens, at, back in the day when readers were still allowed to comment negatively on the received wisdom of its editors, used to arrogate the notion that the issue of secession had been settled with Lincoln v Davis, 1865, forgetting, or perhaps never really understanding the real meaning of Jefferson’s “declaration of secession” in 1776, one founded on very clear and unambiguous human rights, none of which can ever be taken away by any human agency.

So until a new one comes along, Continental Congress v George III still trumps Davis v Lincoln.

To say that nullification doesn’t exist is like saying robbery doesn’t exist because there is a law against it. No law can prevent me from robbing a liquor store, it can only try to catch me and punish me. But only if they can catch me.

United Nations

I believe that entire institution should either be torn down to the ground, or at least moved to Zimbabwe where delegates’ double-parking tickets and towing charges will be the least of their worries. I can no long find any redeeming quality in the United Nations (Before we Show the United Nations the Door…)

UN contract scientist- “The point is, we can study a problem, and the pay is good, but if we ever fix that problem, dozens of other scientists and researchers will lose their chance at a grant. They won’t allow that” (From a UN scientist who had solved the cooking fuel problem in sub-Saharan Africa in 1988, but not allowed to market it.)

Fighting the Left

A man without a horse is afoot…and the objective for the Left is that it remain riding the horses (2011) (Violent Revolution?, 2011) (Edit date, 2017: We won, and are now up on that horse. Now let’s see if we know how to ride.)

Since I go the church on Sunday I can’t go to all the other churches to see what their preachers are saying, or note the size or enthusiasm of their congregations. But the Left’s church is easy to watch and to even compare the relative size and maturity of its congregation to the size of its choir. It has seemed for a few years now, that as their congregation gets smaller younger and more fractious, the loudness of their choir seems to rise to becomes almost deafening, in the shared belief, I think, that the passers-by outside their will still think they are a vibrant and strong church, when in fact the pews are nearly empty.


In Germany, by 1900, doctors and professors were gods. To be called “Herr Doktor” was a sign of respect that not even royalty could hope to match. After all, the nobility were born to their station. Doctors earned every letter of the title. But in 1933, along came this little Austrian corporal, and behind him a cult following of voodoo artists, preaching eugenics and racial superiority. To move toward a final solution, as they saw it, they needed to enlist the services of the revered and respected in Germany. They needed respectability’s final stamp of approval. And by the simplest of measures, peer pressure, the good doctors and jurists came over, not as individuals, mind you, but as a club. They all took one for the team, but have never recovered.

On Global Warming: What we do know is that once that new state of affairs begins to settle into the hearts and minds of men, the scientific community’s stature will revert back to the days before the plague swept Europe. It will be long road back…and under circumstances far less conducive to success than the first trek. (When Science calls SCIENCE a liar. 2011)

Science and Conservatism

Ramon Llull’s lesson for us today is that it really is of no purpose to thump the Bible to people who either have another book, or no book at all, and are proud of it…if your purpose is to bring them around to your way of thinking.

There’s Darwin-the-theory as science, and Darwin-the-theory as religion and Darwin-the-theory as politics. I only say this for amusement

Marxist science is the mad dog I want to shoot down in the street, and if shaking hands with a bunch of honest Darwinists will help me in this endeavor, I’m all for it. (Darwin Agrees With God About Man’s Thirst for Liberty)

Middle East, ISIS, Radical Islam

How do the French come up w/100% info on shooter the day-after, but knew nothing, NOTHING, the day before? Priest killer was wearing an ankle-bracelet!!

If you can walk, lead or cajole a man to that point of understanding where the interests of his House are in everything he sees, you have permanently planted the seed of “democracy.”

As an Eastern Orthodox priest in Bulgaria told me shortly after the fall of communism, “I would rather get up every day and arm myself to do battle with the Devil than to have another man forbid him to come near me.”

“Quss ummak” – Yo’ momma’s vulva, (Arab men doing the dozens)

(Memo to General Petraeus, a Long View about Afghanistan, 2011)


If an immigrant can kneel down and kiss the ground and bless the name of America, the Constitution and the Founders, I want him or her here, no matter how they got here. That has to be the first objective of any immigration policy, “to be American”, Ser Americano.

Republicans and Democrats had been vying with one another for years as to whose feet those immigrants should kiss instead of the Flag until the corporate mercantilists finally brought them together under a single banner; globalism.


Just know, if you define conservatism in terms of “me” however you perceive “me’ to be, it’s not conservatism. Conservatism is all about your neighbor. (Missionizing Millenials, Saving Ben Shapiro)

Most of the finer scholars and intellectuals at National Review and other places are sadly still a slice or two short of a loaf of being “true” conservatives. Why? Because they seem to have lost sight of why the Constitution was written in the first place; the ordinary citizen. Somehow they have become boring, possibly even superfluous to conservative thinking.

It seems, then, the rule has been established that the super-educated hireling such as found roaming the internet these days (mostly one dimensional lawyers, Gad) is lesser in quality that the low-born, mature, experienced, self-educated Mom and Pops who drove Donald Trump to victory.

James Madison, meet your children


The original love affair with Marx was psychological, not philosophically, and has gone forward in that order ever since. If you don’t understand this you know nothing of Marxism or the modern Left, or of the other-world unreality of the world in which they have always existed. Me-Me-Me


Obama has returned Space to its rightful owner; Jules Verne

When Good stands up to Evil, Evil blinks

Killing bad peoples’ rose bushes

So the plan is simple: Find him, kill his rose bush, then send him a letter telling him why. Leave no fingerprints, don’t get caught. Make him look over his shoulder in fear.




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