The coming war will be on several fronts, and will appear uncoordinated. But at some level immigration activists will be talking to BLM activists, and they to campus radicals. And all will be speaking to their monied interests. As a rule almost every left-wing group will know what’s going on, and where, on any given day.

And these protests-cum-riots-in-the-making will only be made to appear spontaneous, but will largely be ignited, as one does a match to a fuse. Student protests are scripted so that every hot button on participants will be red hot by the first time a citizen with a MAGA cap walks by, or sometimes maybe just a white guy, or Anglo (gringo) or just some old geezer who looks like he can’t defend himself.

Once a lab rat has been trained, all you have to do is drop it into a zone where there are plenty of recognizable markers, and the rat will act in accordance with its training. Let nature take its course. Booze, maybe drugs, will help, and not a little of mating displays common to animals in rut may also be a part of the cocktail that makes for a rousing good spree and plenty of fodder for future tales (with embellishment) after several rounds of beer. If they are lucky enough to be arrested the tales will even grow more in stature, in part, because nothing will actually have been risked.

In other words these people will not react as a squad of infantryment would after a week, or just a night, out on patrol in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Even the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, like the Watts riots of 1965 or the Rodney King decision in 1992, were actually orchestrated to the extent that all a few people needed to do was tell a few other people that a horrible thing had been done to one of their own and then just let nature take its course. (For over 50 years the ghettos have always remained the ghettos because some group of people found it very profitable for them to remain ghettos.) If you’ve ever watched video of these events, you can see most people just standing around taking in the sights, while only the usual suspects are cleaning out the drug store, breaking car windows, or hauling away TV-sets from the store front. In the 1960s, they blamed this on the summer heat wave. In Baltimore and Ferguson they blamed the cops. Hereinafter they will likely blame Donald Trump.

But the street action is still vintage Watts ’65. Rarely do perps ever turn on the ABC cameraman who’s making them famous. I think it was an ABC street reporter, covering some riot, who is said to have asked a gang of felons carrying away loot from a store if they would do it all over again as the crew didn’t get a good take on the first shot.

And rarely are cops seen actually trying to stop it. In Baltimore they were told to stand down, and a couple of fine (we’re told) political careers have gone up in smoke because of that bad decision and its fallout. True, so far no one ever shot a 6-year old in Chicago and blamed Donald Trump, but look for this  kind of linkage in coming weeks, in all likelihood the concoction of local media, not the gang-bangers..

Today, police around the country know that Donald Trump has their back, which may change both police and residents’  attitudes, so look for more arrests, and more serious jail time. Even a few people off the streets in many major largely blue, cities can make a difference. But blue city governments may not be as helpful, from west coast (especially) sanctuary cities to old crime centers like Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, and Detroit, where the people vote Democrat 105% of the time. (And thankfully Detroit was there to prove it, giving Donald Trump the first rabbit to pull out of his hat.)

If rioters want to tear up blue states and blue cities simply because of friendly judges and downtown politicians, Trump really can’t stop them. But what Trump can do is shine the light on those cities without a media filter so that citizens can begin to demand that rioters get higher bonds, jail time, and even a bloody nose for resisting. If Trump then throws those good people there trapped there a lifeline, the politics of the entire city can change.

This Donald Trump can do.

Now, we haven’t seen any more Black Lives Matter demonstrations since the inauguration, just a month ago. Like campus protests such as the Berkeley denial of Milo Yiannopolous his day in front of the microphone a few days ago, BLM are  coordinated and choreographed, involving aging leftist hippies in tweeds, students, placard-carrying black people from all walks, but, spread throughout, what I call shock troops (an old union tactic) who can do just about anything they want should the police or on-lookers move too quickly to disperse them. One of their favorite tactics has been to block highways and tunnels, even denying ambulances. Breaking up the highway logjam and arrests were rare in the past, but look for the police to react much quicker in many areas. Then we will see the true purpose of the shock troops. And the media will be there to record the events, and probably reach into their 60s vault and dust off the old mantra, police brutality.

The good news is that the Left-Media strategy will largely be based on assumptions that were valid in 1970, but no longer are. And these invalid assumptions are about how the public will respond, i.e., recoil in horror. This time the police will have their advocates and the people will have their backs. This is what has changed in 40 years, people with long memories who remember how it went down the first time. De ja vu all over again.

And in certain areas, if Donald Trump has anything to say about it, many of those cute little actors hiding under those ski masks breaking windows, as if they were veteran Red Brigade operatives, will suddenly find out just how uncomfortable, and maybe even painful, their little playtime-stunts can be….for judges even in the 70s were able to impose much higher bonds for their felony acts, and hold them until they could make that bond, and even try them in absentia and send a bill of extradition to have them returned to the jurisdiction to serve their time. With the public on the other side, the judges may do just that now.

When we found Donald Trump we knew exactly (well almost) what the other side would do. So none of this is a surprise to us, but I think it may be to the hirelings on the other. They have few volunteers or true believers in the Bolshevik sense of the word. They are on the verge of finding out what a bloody nose feels like, and having to ask mummy and daddy to post a $100,000 bond.

Look for more of this, at least in many cities. And look for Trump and his officials to squeeze palms, and other bodily parts, to encourage states to get tougher, and look for city and state officials to comply on the single basis that their voters want them to. This is how crony politics, which has defined Democrats since the late 1800s, is replaced by the consensus power of the majority.

In the final analysis this will all occur due to the rousing approval of the people, which Richard Nixon, for a variety of reasons, never enjoyed.

How long this (old Playbook) phase of the war will go on I can’t say, but as I said in the Introduction and at the beginning here, we can’t lose as long as the people stay steadfast behind their instincts about right and wrong and truth and lie..

Just remember, the Left is in this for all the marbles. They (at least their core) won’t slink away and quit. They will simply find new ways to carry on the war…for they can never allow the people to actually regain control of our country.

They will come up with another rounds of plans.

Our job is to get out in front of them and stay there.

Next; the Bureaucracy and wrecking, the Academy and public education, beyond  putting students into the streets, and the  Courts, and what to do about the shadow government..

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