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Will Mrs Clinton Accept Election Results if Trump Wins?

Chris Wallace hounded Donald Trump on his assertion “election is rigged’ but failed to ask Mrs Clinton would she and the Democrats also accept the election results without challenge?

Why? When the history is clearly on the side that “of course she will.”

In 2000 Gore challenged Bush’s win, and in light of the number of recent court challenges in swing states to allow late voter registration (Virginia among them), it seems a guarantee that any Donald Trump victory, unless large and decisive, will be met with challenges.

Can we agree,  at least Chris Wallace will come away thoroughly diminished as a “journalist”?

Richard Nixon was the Democrat’s first rigged election patsy..

In 1960 John Kennedy, with the help of Mayor John Daley of Chicago, stole the presidential election from Richard Nixon. (You can look it up. This is history, not speculation , not wild accusation.)

What Richard Nixon did next set a course for both parties election histories ever since. As a matter of grace, sense of history and national unity, Nixon said “Let it go”. He and JFK were friends.

Notwithstanding Nixon’s charitable gift,  14 years later Richard Nixon became a by-word for political corruption and had become the face of a congenitally corrupt Republican Party ever since. He even started the Vietnam War according to 30 years of college graduates since 1976. (Yes, I know, the media helped.) During the entire Watergate debacle I never once heard a single mention of how Richard Nixon graciously let the Democrats off the hook in 1960.

Call it a fait accompli, for by the 1992 election, the willingness of the GOP to accept Democrat cheating in advance of an election, as a state of the general nature of the election process, to the point of self-delusion, has become manifest, for now they are willing to accept the outcome of an election,  in which they know cheating occurs, even before the votes are counted. That has been the state of affairs, and GOP backbone since Bill Clinton.

It’s as if the GOP, in the spirit of Stockholm, doesn’t want to know the truth, for then they may have to do something about it.

Donald Trump has said “Screw that.”

He’s right to do so. This must end.


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