Why are some people saying the cops are targeting blacks?  Statistics prove otherwise, only no one, especially in the Jungle, reads statistics.

Pictures are much better. And they’re found in video, and boy, does America’s convenience store have warehouses full, showing at least 90% of all stick-ups just like this one.


7-11 cameras don’t lie. That person behind the counter calls the cops, the cops come and try to find this guy…with the gun…and sometimes they have to shoot him. And sometimes he dies. Period. And the vast majority of those guys are black. Just Google “Robbery at gun point at 7-11” and click the “Images” link at the top of the page, then scroll.

Either Google or those damned cameras in those stores are the real racists here, or those statistics don’t lie.

According to the Washington Post 136 black Americans have been killed by police so far in 2016. Killed by Police , who tracks all cop-related death in the US, reports that 709 people have ben killed by police making no distinction about the decedents’ race.

From this we know that less then 20% of all police line-of-duty killings are against blacks, while they are responsible for 38% of the violent crimes in US, (while making up only 13% of the population, the vast majority of those 15-34 years of age). That seems to be that Valley of the Shadow of Death my mother was always warning me about. In other words, if your mother can get you out of the Jungle before you are 12, or you can survive to 35, and move out on your own, you have a chance. But if you’re born there you’re chances are slim.

So, then, why is “there” there in the first place? Why is the Jungle? As reported in 2014, 324,000 blacks had died at the hands of other blacks over a 35 year period (1979-2014), or over 9000 per year, or 750 per month. Remember this number, for it in part explains not only why Black Lives Matter have to claim that cops are targeting blacks, but why there is a Black Lives Matter movement at all.

BLM exists to hide a crime of genocidal proportions, all aimed at preserving the Jungle. And the Jungle itself is built on the most racist of notions, going back to the original Margaret Sanger creed that blacks are virtually subhuman (she wasn’t the only Liberal to believe this) and if you can’t breed them out of existence (back in Harry Byrd’s Virginia of the 1930s, they had a cruder way to describe this which I won’t print) you can at least wall them up on a reservation.

It was never in the Democrat Party’s scheme that black Americans should ever be assimilated fully into America, neither in 1896, 1966 and certainly not now…even though it was the thing blacks most wanted from the time of emancipation, and became the core of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement; to be full and complete Americans. (Once upon a time Republicans even believed this to be case as well.) Instead, today, blacks from the Jungle are as alien to America as a Chechnyan just getting of the plane at JFK.

By design.

But it wasn’t just genetics. It was the fact that the Democrat Party’s principle constituency since 1896, when they ditched Grover Cleveland, the last conservative Democrat, was Big Labor…more or less along the lines that Karl Marx defined it, although they clung to the term “progressive”. Now this was the Democrats second lurch away from constitutional democracy, the first being in 1828, and Andrew Jackson, when they dropped any notion of pursuing the concepts of the Founders and chasing after “politics for the sake politics”, even removing slavery from the table as a moral issue (The Republican Party was formed to reinsert it.)

1896 found the Democrats needing to consolidate their urban political power among the labor force, which was made up almost entirely of European immigrants, which then no one would ever have thought would have mattered, had never seen a black person.

This wasn’t racism, or even a kind of racism, just an ignorance, which our history has proved goes away in 2-3 generations just in the process of living and working alongside one another. But as the political controllers of most of America’s industrial cities, through a ward system based almost entirely on ethnic groups, the Democrats cynically found it more valuable to protect their ethnic political base, by turning that racial ignorance into genuine racism by simply fanning the flames of apartness.

Since black Americans were the last to come to the northern industrial cities, as recent as the 1940s, they never knew that the reception they received from all those first-second generation Europeans would be frozen into law. When Dick Gregory escorted Dr King through Chicago in the mid-60s he said MLK cried, for he had never, ever seen that sort of racism in the South.

The Jungle

Just see where crime is located:

crime - Copy

What most Americans don’t understand is that the urban jungles were created 1-2 generations before blacks even migrated north.

In the industrial east and Midwest, every city, from Hartford to Chicago to Omaha, along every major waterway, Susquehanna, Ohio, Allegheny, Mississippi, Great Lakes, had its own industrial base, steel, coal, later automobiles and manufacturing, and the city’s principal purpose was to provide labor for these mills.

In the 19th Century blacks were but a very small part of the great migrations that built all those cities shown on that map. ALL those cities were segregated by ethnicity long before blacks ever moved in to take work in the mills. There were Irish, Italian, Polish, Jewish, German, Scandinavian and Slovak neighborhoods, alongside the still dominant Anglo-Saxon working class, each city with its own unique character. Each of those neighborhoods had their own church, eateries, theatres, and entertainments. They also had distinctive boundaries, largely patrolled by roving gangs of youth, the children of these working class families. Not necessarily criminal, still, they marked their territory, so that if Hunkie kids (Hungarians) strayed into Pollack (Polish) territory they would be quickly reminded of the trespass.

Those neighborhoods were largely built just for the factory workers, large duplex, two story houses that could house at least ten people, most of the workers being Catholic. About a third of the coal town of 1000 I was raised in was built in this manner, to house miners with large families.

What people forget is that almost no one lived in the same neighborhood more than a generation, the children better educated than Pop, moving on after school. Few followed Dad’s footsteps in the steel mill. The process of assimilation began in that next generation, and in better neighborhoods. I don’t think there was ever a Slovak suburb in America.

In the immigration years,1880-1930 it was a kind of law that when a first generation labor force moved away, almost always upward in America, (another social mobility the Left hates), the workers who would come in behind them would be just like them, first generation, just off the boat, though not necessarily the same ethnicity. That stopped in the 1950s and many of those areas turned in slums.

How the Jungle turned Racial

So, for at least two generations race (color) was not even a marker in America’s northern cities. African-Americans were always drifting north since the Civil War, finding refuge in small towns, depending on their skills. There was a large black wave, aimed largely toward Chicago stockyards and steel mills in he 1890s and another right after World War II, covering all the east.

And when they arrived, they settled into the same patterns as had their European predecessors, settling among people from their own areas in the South; Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, often from the same county. In the early 90s I taught black kids in a college in Cincinnati and had them do family histories and learned that almost all of them were second generation children from northern Alabama. And they all wanted a degree so they could move out.

My grandfather (mother’s side) worked the assembly line for Chrysler in Detroit and lived in a place called Highland Park which everyone there still knows today. It was several blocks long and wide, with those big two-story duplex houses, and had large stone monument marking the entry way. I visited there regularly until I was about 7. I trick-or-treated there once, went to the old Detroit Zoo, and walked with my aunt down to the stone pillars where a broad boulevard opened up, and we could get on the trolley that carried people downtown. Down to the left, toward the city, you could see (which I didn’t know at the time) the famous River Rouge plant Henry Ford had built, at one time the largest factory in the world.  I’m told white people hadn’t been seen there since the 1960s.

Although my mother’s family was northern, we were all raised in the south under the strict code of Jim Crow segregation. But the North was just as segregated, in some cases, much more so, but attitudes were very, very different..

About a year and a half ago I penned a Famous Common People I Have Known story about a black kid named Lester Motley who I shared sleepovers with as a kid during those Jim Crow days. The article was aimed at what I considered to be the fake sanctimony of Bob Beckel, then a Fox News panelist. In it I quoted Dick Gregory, a friend of Dr MLK and noted civil rights activist in the 60s-70s, who said

In the South they don’t care how close you get, just so long as you don’t get too big, while

in the North they don’t care how big you get just so long as don’t get too close

My argument was to prove Beckel wrong about southern racism, which has largely died off, and to remind people that racism in America today is the kind born in northern cities.

It is institutional, government created, and very, very profitable.

My purpose here today is to prove the second half of Gregory’s Equation, namely that the Great Society of LBJ’s was based on the big city ethnic political demand that blacks never be allowed to get too close…which fit in perfectly with the Sangerite genetic ideal of keeping them from interbreeding.

By castigating the South, Northern  liberals have been able to create a guilt-free slavery system, keeping blacks and the white population perpetually apart, except under strictly-controlled conditions. Those big circles on the maps are indicative of their handiwork.

Bottom line, there has never been a concerted national effort to genuinely assimilate blacks into the American society, and yet it has proved amazingly successful for those who stayed in the South or escaped the Jungle in the North.

I know. I live in the capital of the old Confederacy in Virginia, a factory town, with thousands of jobs held by black and white men. Outside of the inner city of Richmond, our only Jungle, there are no racially segregated neighborhood. The Sanger prejudices have been disproved, as have the ethnic fears the Democrat Party first formulated in the early 1900s, that Slovaks couldn’t live alongside blacks. Hell, I know a black woman named Szymanowicz (pronounced She-mano-veech). Guess who came to that wedding?

Today, I can afford to be cynical about LBJ’s Great Society plan of the 1960s, which purported to provide blacks all those opportunities, education, upward mobility. Years later it was revealed that LBJ remarked (after getting the Great Society legislation passed) that “this secured the black vote for Democrats forever”, which turned out t be his party’s principal purpose, and for the last 30 thirty years, its only purpose. Black peoples’ pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, without permission of the state, was never part of the Democrats’ thinking.

To that end the Democrats, through legislation, (under the guileless noses of the GOP) have developed a extensive tapping-out passport system, determining who gets out, who gets educated, and how, and who gets to be in charge of them. It’s the old southern plantation trustee system gone mad.

No matter, it was never intended by the Democrats that blacks should ever be allowed to walk around freely in America without a stamped, sealed passport signed by any of a number of authorized Democrat agencies and billions of our welfare tax dollars go toward perpetuating this system.


Why Black Lives Matter had to Happen

Knowing fully integrated blacks, like every other American in the private economy, will lean more and more away from dependency and begin to vote against the Left once they get out from under the thumb of the plantation, The Democrats’ Job One has been to keep the Jungle system intact.

By the 1980s they could no longer ask the American people for more money, since it was clear that more money wasn’t going for improving life, or education and job opportunities to get away from the Jungle. Into the second generation inside the Jungle, they began siphoning off money to create a separate culture there, with no interest, let alone hope, in becoming full-fledged Americans. And as with any bureaucracy, more and more money was dedicated to taking their keepers from Fords to Toyotas to Volvos then Lexus in those 50 years.

Today that money has been aimed at psy-ops, to make not only Jungle inhabitants angry, but create a sense of entitlement, as if something had been stolen from them (which it had). So they needed to train (indoctrinate) small armies of activists in the university and government system to make up what is now the core cadres of several black activist organizations, which in all likelihood formed Black Lives Matter. BLM is not the result of spontaneous combustion, but from people who knew that Michael Brown was not killed in cold blood or any of that other gibberish about his sainthood. BLM is the result of a corporate decision.


Making fun of black gang bangers aside, I feel sorry for the kid in the photo (above), in fact all those kids in all those 7-11 photos. I feel sorry for Tayvon, Michael, Freddie, or the dozens more who will likely follow. You see, they weren’t just thrown into the Jungle. They were born in the Jungle, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the Jungle. It’s the only world they and their family have ever known for three generations.

So in the end, I can’t get angry at feral dogs for being feral dogs, even as I still agree, mad dogs should be shot, and it’s the cops who have to do this.

But I can indict and hate the sonsabitches who created them….and wish someday they could share the same fate as their victims.

At 9,000 kids a year, black-on-black murder, over half a million since the Jungle was created exclusively for blacks, this is genocide. Worse, as Stalin once said, cynically, it’s a mere statistic, acceptable collateral damage to Obama and Hillary, because it keeps our gated communities safe.

I accuse the whole goddam lot of them; every Democrat who sat in Congress since 1965 who cynically believed he was doing what was best for those people, and every Republican who was too afraid to speak up in disapproval.

What was simple to solve in 1966 is no longer simple because now we have to find a way to erase three generations of a culture bent on suicide, and I can think of no easy way for that to happen in less than 60  years. Still, it has to, for…

…this crime, not slavery, is America’s greatest sin, and we all stand in the well of history and God’s judgment unless we end it.






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