Nothing Less Than a Reformation Will Do

The Invisible Hand

If you believe that America was created by an Invisible Hand, then logic requires you to also believe that America was also created for a purpose. Nowadays few of us really pause to think about what this purpose might be. While we may still bow our heads and thank God for the food on our dinner tables, we seem to have lost sight of the far greater miracle of the master-design that allowed us to put food on our tables in the first place.

My belief that America was created for a particular reason colors every analysis I write.

Still today, we’re conflicted about this Invisible Hand..

Also, logically, if you believe in this Invisible Hand, you must also believe that wherever Good goes, Evil follows. It always has and always will. Consequently, if you believe in God, you cannot ignore the Devil, only here the disconnect really widens, for many don’t like to personalize Evil, in part, out of fear that we’ll be ridiculed and not appear “modern”. Still, call it what you will, the presence of Evil makes sense.

As for me, I’ve always taken an interest in Old Clewfoot, ever since I first read CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, describing the Devil as a corporate executive instead of a horned devil. I’m even writing a book about him (The Devil’s History of the United States), which is an interpretation narrated almost entirely from Satan’s perspective…

…for you see, the Devil’s only purpose is to gum up the designs of God, something he’s practiced for over 5000 years and gotten quite good at. So when he tries to steal your soul it’s not to store up treasures in Hell, but rather to deny them to God. (This is an important difference.) And if you will note the pace at which the hate, not disbelief, but hate for God has grown in the past generation, you can understand Evil’s real purpose here. Again, an important distinction.

And America is no mere sideshow, for you see, until Christ, Satan was the virtual spiritual head of the whole world, and remained the political head of it until America was created. Satan even bragged about this himself, when he tried to tempt Christ in the Wilderness, offering Him all the kingdoms of the world “for they have been committed to me and I can give to anyone I choose.” (Luke 4:6-7)

So, why was America’s created in the first place?

You don’t have to be a religionist to step back and look at how the world was molded politically as far back as the pharaohs, and had remained until 1787. Until America came along dictatorial overlordship of one sort of the other, the 1% ruling the 99%, defined the world, creating one class of people that are with us still, people who believe they have a divine right to rule, only the God of Abraham is not the divinity that inspires this self-worship, and another class of people that live under the boot, at the sufferance of harsh masters, too busy trying to stay alive to be able to seek a better world for their families or to hunger and thirst after goodness.

It follows, then, even if you have no belief in a god of any kind, once America falls, the world will revert, and rather quickly I might add, to some sort of universal tyranny just as if we had never been here. Almost all memory of what America stood for could be lost in 30-60 years (the Law of Generations) once the blueprint of its creation is lost. This is a cold clinical fact. Call it what you like, “Evil” could care less if this new world order is under a committee in Brussels or Tehran, or under hundreds of petty tyrants, as long as  it returns the world to the kind of ordered chaos it perfected, in which it can keep the 99% spiritually empty and politically powerless.

Proof, America is not “natural born”

Moreover, since such a thing as America had never existed in the past, one cannot come up with an alternate theory that can explain how a society of people, all commoners, could build a nation from scratch, from the bottom-up, where every citizen was a c0-owner and co-manager, over a 180-year period, as if in an incubator, then enter the world of nations as a full-fledged middle class society, in a world where a middle class never exceeded 10% of any society.. This could not be coincidence. Nor a freak of nature (which most atheists believe, by the way.) Under the old world order, by no magic could any people, from the bottom, break away and form their own successful civil society.

So it was, from 1607-1787, after a great war against their British ruler, America obtained its freedom to build just that nation, then for another 38 years, the new nation was nurtured to manhood under the First Generation of Founders who had designed and formed it, uncommon men, of keen insights, seeing special possibilities in common men, with singular moral philosophies who invoked God regularly. Their purpose: to bequeath to their countrymen an ideal of freedom, which, properly watered and fed, could endure until the end of days.

As you know, the rest is history.

How America Went Forward

Let’s put that first generation in a context. You see, the Reagan Revolution lasted eight years, and then disappeared. Reagan dispatched the USSR, but as we now know, there were others waiting in the wings to snatch defeat from the jaws of his victory as quickly as he departed. By contrast, the American Revolution began an era that lasted, well, it’s still going, though sputtering, for several generations all because of those first 36 years of maturation provided by the founding generation. It was so firm that any plan to undo America would to have to wait until that first generation had left office, in 1824. George Washington forged a new mold on the character on this new nation, then would not live to see his successor complete his term of office. The other four would all die within a ten year span, 1826-1836, turning the country over to a new generation who would plot a new course for politics, one that that would place national politics, not the interests of the people, as a first priority. With the rise of Andrew Jackson, the American government descended into crude politics. It was a kind of moral corruption, a cynical view of the very purpose of the national government that had been jealously guarded by the Founders’ generation. It was driven by the politics of  increasing the power and influence of the central government, buried inside  a cynical political view of the slavery issue that would guarantee a civil war, which was supposed to have brought the union down.

But the Civil War failed to destroy America, in part because so many millions of young white men would be willing to die (400,000) for a people they had never seen. And the Old World axiom, as the national government goes, so goes the people, also wasn’t operative.  In all the things that mattered to America’s free people, building their Houses, engaging in commerce, etc, the national government was as inconsequential as a gnat on a summer’s day. Again back to my original premise,, what nation has ever existed in which the government was loved more because of its absence than its presence in their lives? So it would be very slow for the national government to inject itself into the lives of ordinary people, requiring over 100 years, three generations, and millions of new (first generation) immigrants. It would be 1913 before the government would be able to tax citizens directly. The freedom garden those original Founders had protected would resist the federal hoe for a very long time, but slowly, drip, drip, drip  beginning when the first rich captain of industry in America sent his son to England in the late 1800’s to study, the slow rise of progressivism began to overtake the national academies, one college at a time.

Still, it would be the 1960s, and the Baby Boom generation, my generation, before the national government would finally be able to walk up to any American front door, march in and take a more or less permanent seat around the dinner table. And in their schools, the key in both instances, money.

It’s been all down hill since. We know this because we have witnessed it. This part isn’t ancient history to us. What we probably haven’t seen clearly is the Bad Guy’s invisible hand orchestrating this march to the abyss, in part because he’s done a very good job in turning our attention elsewhere, to more petty things, and in part by convincing us that he doesn’t even exist, while leaving us less certain about God.

All in all, a real good job…if you’re on Lucifer’s side. And by now, almost half of America is.

A Restoration Will Take Just as Long

Now you don’t have to accept my cosmic view about any of this history, but I will stand by it until someone can explain how America could have been born according to any of the accepted laws of nature.

The end result would still be same. We know that America endured because of the vision and steadfastness of a single generation of men, so we know it can be restored, but only in the same manner.

But fine-tuning won’t work. Ronald Reagan’s failure to cement his legacy tells us we can’t reform anything in eight years. It will be one step forward and three  steps back. Again. It will require a Reformation of many years, an entire generation to tear it down then rebuild it. To accomplish this, to win and secure it, we need a league of gentlemen and women, all without personal ambition or greed, who will dedicate the remainder of their days, some 10, like Washington, some 20-25 years, and have at the ready for another 20-25 years of leaders to step in to safeguard this Restoration.

I can pick a group of 8 at least from the current crop of Republican candidates who, back-to-back-to-back, and side-by-side, would make wonderful members of such a league; not necessarily as President, but always with the same overriding vision. And yes, I see Donald Trump as part of this mix, in part because he is setting the right, aggressive tone (subject to some tempering as time goes on), in part because he is a better executive judge of horseflesh, and has the ability to reduce decision-making to a few markers for success, without the help of pollsters, campaign consultants or tons of bureaucrats. (He could use the counsel of a Ben Franklin.) There is much in his approach to government that can be distilled  and bottled over coming years.

I see Cruz, Jindal, Santorum, Carson, Paul, Walker, even Rick Perry, (in special order) along with other younger standouts in the Congress, such as Trey Gowdy, who could form the nucleus a League that should last at least 35 years, if they will only holster their ambitions and keep their arms linked, keep their eyes on he prize. and stay true to the faith embedded in the Constitution and Founder’s original blueprint….which is to light the path for free people, instead  of building mansions for their public servants. It may be another 2o0 years before such a group could be assembled again, but this league would have 25o years of mistakes and wobbly legs to study and prevent.They will need Ben Franklins in their board room, keepers of the flame, who can put everythig in a larger context. I have some suggestions, Thomas Sowell high among them.

But first, they need a mold-breaker, and the American people seem to be leaning toward Donald Trump, at least for now, because he’s done just that, broken old molds, meaning some things will never be the same already. More than any other candidate, Trump represents the ability to tear the old order down with the approval of the people

They say he’s not a conservative in the movement sense of the term. I’m also guessing Donald Trump is not a religious man. But I also know he is far more polite and less contentious in private than he is on stage. I doubt he goes to church or reads the Bible. But he says he believes in these things, and who am I to say otherwise?. But Donald Trump recognizes Evil when he sees it and he calls it by its name. And he knows that Evil is descending on this land, which puts him head and shoulders above the entire Republican Party and the majority of the GOP candidates. He understands the name of the Game and the why of the Game. So he also understands the stakes of the Game..

Moreover, we all know the Left (and Obama) will not go quietly if any non-Establishment Republican is elected next president. I would expect at least four years of helter-skelter, especially since it’s unknown whose side the GOP leadership will come down on. The American people are not well-liked by anyone in Washington. In those first few years of chaos where solid conservative principles will likely have to take a back seat to fighting alligators, I think a man with some experience in that sort of thing might have survival benefit, manning the helm. That was likely why George Washington was first of the five in 1788, to get us into puberty safely.

If you thought the past eight years were interesting the next eight will be a doozie. But Satan’s grand plan to destroy American will have been denied, which explains my long preface about Evil versus Good.  Good is still the home team here, we should win, but the stakes are really high.



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