How Hillary Can Win…in Fact, the ONLY WAY Hillary Can Win

I’ve been laying odds for months now that Hillary won’t get into the 2016 race.

My math was simple: Her low positives among the general public, plus her still-unfolding legal problems about 1) private server missteps, 2) Benghazi missteps, and 3) foreign government donations for her foundation missteps, are all potentially (likely) criminal. These all mitigate against her rising above the 45% mark in all the character, honesty, and believability polls. And in any subsequent  campaign these revelations would be followed by low grades in the equally important “capability & accomplishment” category. Hillary’s professional resume is as barren as Harry Reid’s soul.

If all were right in God’s universe Hillary would be indicted somewhere, for something, by someone, before the Iowa caucuses next year. But she’s always been lucky that way, George W Bush being her first kiss of the Blarney Stone.

I’ve also wagered that “being the first woman” no longer raises her stock, since all sorts of other women who are more capable, with real resumes of true accomplishment, now clutter the lists of potential candidates. Even if she had been the smartest woman in the world in 1991, she’s not done a single thing to affirm that in the 25 years since, and women who were teenagers when Hillary first broke onto the national scene are doing all sorts of cartwheels around her in business, medicine, the arts and the academy. And politics. And a couple of them are even Democrats.

Finally even in her best days a large share of American women never liked Hillary Clinton anyway, especially married ones with good (reliable)  husbands…close to 40% I think. Many of those women actually went to church with their husbands, and never had to “stand by” them….usually while keeping the car’s motor running as he came scampering out of some other dame’s bedroom window. Next to Richard Nixon and  W D Jones, Hillary may be America’s most infamous getaway driver. But even among the women of the Left, Hillary is being displaced by a far more perky and dynamic woman-of-politics, Elizabeth (aka/Many Moon Come Choctaw) Warren, who while not yet proving herself as capable a liar or grasping a goldigger as Hillary, in the all important “leans way left” category for many Democrat voters, out-lefts Hillary by a mile. The Hillary of Watergate would have given Warren a run for her money, but the Hillary of Whitewater-gate, not so much. This is in part because Hillary had to fake both sincerity and centrism in order to get into the White House the first time, and developed a healthy lust for money along the way.. There’s only so much of her soul left to sell, and much like her lost emails, voters aren’t sure which part has been destroyed, and which part survived. As with Bill, the true Clinton legacy is that no one can tell who the real Hillary is anymore

“Just being a woman” as the premier qualification for the presidency, and nothing else,  is so yesterday, (somebody please relate this fact to Fox News). In fact, that ship may have already have sailed. for now even the under-35 unmarried professional women, located strategically around the country wherever there are  government complexes, financial districts or accumulations of elementary school children to be guided through their most formative “moral years”…plus a gin joint district where they can  gather on weekends to swap notes and male companions), have accredited Obama, not Hillary, with having acquired their “right to gynecology” for them. It seems the education dollar, while much larger today than Hillary’s day, doesn’t go anyways near as far, for Hillary has to try and connect with a new generation of young women who could make the sexual escapades at Hillary and Bill’s Renaissance Weekends look like a cricket match, yet know nothing of Griswold and Roe, or “the feminist struggle”. This lack of perspective for the Sisterhood’s role in that great struggle, and Matriarch Hillary’s standing inside the Sisterhood is also Obama’s doing. Today Hillary must try to appeal to an untutored and under-educated generation of women who, in 1972, she never could have believed could exist in America… unless their name was Flo and were taking lunch orders in Mel’s Diner. From their knowledge of where their feminine rights come from they may as well have been Pygmy tribesmen when God threw that Coke bottle out of that airplane window. That god was Obama.

This is not a crowd Hillary can move easily among…because, quite frankly, if she can’t move as a founding goddess, she won’t move.

So, the voter demographics are not good. By every marker, from a large Democrat base that wants to split away from the a Democrat Party they no longer know (as much as 25%), if only the GOP will send someone to extend a welcoming hand (without wearing a sanitized glove), to a way-left wing that finds Hillary too centrist and too-Queen Motherish (unhip but hippy) for their tastes, Hillary is barely on their radar screens.

But she is stills aces with the media, still the presumptive queen bee, and they are still capable of making a sow’s ear appear to be a silk purse. (What they can’t do is manufacture votes.)

On numbers alone, I just don’t see her having a chance here, and would have thought she had the sense to know it..

Then only this weekend  I took a second look, and thought to myself:

1) What does Hillary want most in  the world? A: To be president of the United States.

And,  2) What does Barack Obama want most in the world? A: To be able to have a third, even fourth term, to secure the policies and foundation he’s laid out for his “New America” model… by “executizing” American government…probably along the lines the of what the Brotherhood tried to establish in Egypt. He could just seize power now…the thought has crossed his mind…but finding a willing surrogate, a Judas Goat, to carry out that assignment for him is much better.

I can’t say who reached out to who. Hillary urgently needs eighteen months of legal immunity just to be able to run, while Obama needs an absolute sell-out, a Mephistophelian arrangement, in exchange for a triumphant return to the White House, and getting to replace that Garfield statue in the Rotunda, with the first woman president. (Obama has already claimed dibs on George Washington’s statue.)

I think Hillary’s up to this sort of soul-selling, for the simple reason she’s never been too fond of the day-to-day rigors of, you know, work.

Hillary wants a job where she doesn’t really have to do anything, a majesterial sinecure with all the trappings of power…much as she had in the White House, 1992-2000, in the US Senate, 2001-2009, US Secretary of State, 2009-2013….where all her only acts of distinction were on the screw-up side of the ledger anyway. Can anyone show me, with proof, that Hillary was actually in charge of her domain in the Senate or at State…you know, that she came to work every day, attended the briefings, knew what was going on, and actually asked questions and made decisions that signified she were really in charge? I see a lot of Janet Reno in Hillary’s performance at State. Husband Bill perfected this scam in the 90’s after the Hillarycare debacle, making her appear important and powerful…with staff, her own intelligence operatives, personal toilet attendant who can draw her bath, comb her hair, dress her, and score her bunions with a pumice stone…all her vanity needs met. Obama can ill-afford a self-charger like Warren, with a vision of her own, to come in and screw his Plan up. He needs someone who will do what she’s told. For Hillary he can provide Web Hubbells in every agency to make the tough calls, her job just to be properly briefed and to know  what to say and when to say it, as she proved with the Benghazi video scam. With Cheryl Mills briefing her on the talking points, and Huma drawing her bath and otherwise humaring her, while maintaining that back channel to the Brotherhood,  Hillary can spend four, even eight years, in relative repose and idle splendor, stepping into the limelight only a few hours a week, in between baths, while adding new colors to her Mao pantsuit collection, and  posing for that bronze statue in the Capitol Rotunda.

But Hillary has another problem to overcome. Besides staying out of jail (again, where has Fox News been all this time?) she must cover that demographic problem, getting past the problematic threshold of 40% with real votes…at least as real as any Democrat  election ever is. As American politics and the existing Political Establishment is currently constructed, and Obama continues to move toward rendering the legislative branch virtually powerless, Hillary believes Obama can swing those additional votes, or she wouldn’t sign on….especially as long as she and her sisterhood have a stranglehold (actually by the short-and-curlies) on the American corporate media. Issuing drivers’ licenses to illegals  alone, should account for at least five million…properly placed around the country. On election day she will need millions of real ticks on millions of real ballots and only Obama can deliver.

Hillary also has something Obama needs if he is to make a clean, tidy transition from our chaotic style of free range democracy, to a top-down managerial form of state his kind has admired since Karl Marx first misspelled “competence”. In one respect Hillary holds a key ingredient, for her Sisterhood, of which she is senior northeast charter member, has insinuated itself into the deepest bowels of national media corporate management, and by stratagems she helped devise, in the arts of whispers, chicanery, ruses, nudging, to downright extortion, can command a great deal of control in the American media, as well as corporate and academic America. Their soldiers are everywhere. Fear, not reason, is their  principal tool. Like the  Pope, they have no army. Yet, like the popes it does have whisperers everywhere, backed by the ability to bring the entire world down on decision-makers’ shoulders where it matters the most…their public personae, their closest circle of friends, their “clubs”, and their social rank. Among these Hillary is a Gaia.

Obama needs this to keep his Plan’s template alive, for his plan for going forward “executizing” American government is like the equation for nuclear fission; as long as the particles remain stable in relative relationship to one another, he can get the 4-8 years he needs to seal his Plan. As long as Republicans believe they are actually in a political game of constitutional design instead of constitutional survival, the Plan remains on course. And as long as the media, numbering fewer than 50,000. can control the decision-making of corporate and political America, with Hillary’s butch brigade’s finger on one of the triggers, the Plan stays on course.

I have given you certain intelligence that the Democrats believe they can win any national elections they want so long as the political template remains unchanged… and that the national election is the only election that matters to them, for the power of the executive is slowly swallowing the legislative branch. Once this shift becomes a reality, as every leftist has dreamed for over 100 years, they will no longer have to play the Constitutional charade.

Maybe you can’t see this my way, but I can see this working, and if you’ll notice, I’m regarding the GOP candidates (almost all of them) as potted plants, who can do nothing about this unless they can reach out and grab and excite, as in can’t-wait-to-vote excite, that 25% of the disaffected Democrat base, and generally goes out and captures another 10% of that 41.8% who didn’t vote…who can offset that 5m new voters the Democrats can manufacture with the new immigration policy after it has run its course through the courts.

Two things will have to occur in order to reverse this Plan. First, of the current crop of GOP candidates, a handful will have to step out of the crowd, and while trying to defeat one another for the nomination, to also work in unison, to go out and court directly those disaffected Democrats, including inner-city blacks, for they are a large voting bloc the Obama Plan considers to be locked in. Rand Paul is reaching out to youth for instance, and has a message which should be included in any candidate’s platform going forward. Likewise, they must bring back into the fold the millions of Americans (only 58% voted in 2012) who have written politics off and retreated to a  cave, usually somewhere close to their church. Ted Cruz has already targeted this group in his announcement speech, that half of born-again Christians aren’t  voting anymore. (What are they thinking, that the alligator will be full and won’t eat them last?)  To achieve these sectors will require personal, face-to-face outreach, not so much on behalf of the candidate  as on America’s behalf, and not so much the Party’s.

The second thing is that Fox News will have to drop the “fair and balanced” schtick and declare openly for truth. Insist on it, or you will be the network the alligator eats first. For six years Fox has daily voted “present” amidst what are now almost daily lies, as if maybe tomorrow the next Administration allegation could be true. Surely, you see the longer game, and can see where you will stand once this ends badly.

Hillary’s formal entrance into the campaign signifies to me that she’s struck a deal….where her path is laid open to election day and beyond…no hard news past the innuendo running around now. No indictments, no smoking gun testimony or revelations.  No epic fails. (again, where’s Fox News?). Her wining the nomination will indeed be a coronation, magnifying not only the vast chasm now exists between the political class and the people, but, more seriously, the very electoral process itself and the American electorate.

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