Fighting Against the Gay-Atheist Left Soros/Alinsky Style


Christian apologetics is a field of Christian theology which presents reasoned bases for the Christian faith, defending the faith against objections. At the rate things are going, we may soon find ourselcves defending the faith with body armor.

The sadness that is the capitulation in both Indiana and Arkansas of protecting religious freedom from extortionists is that it comes down to little more than who will no longer invite their wives, Karen and Susan, to prominent social functions. Or something along those lines. We can’t know their hearts, or their minds, but we do know where religious freedom and (arguably) all other moral virtues stand compared to political expedience, social status, and sometimes, just keeping peace in the family. Who knows what else? Everyone has a ranking system like this, only most of us are never tested. But many who are seem to come up lacking.  We just know they have violated a sacred bond of their public oath. Leave it at that. “It’s a far, far lesser thing I do….”

I think many of our prominent politicians running for public office, not just for president, need to understand that we have entered a new era of political (and religious) combat, and henceforward can expect to be tested in this manner. The Left, the atheo-Left, The God is pretend Left, never forget, now knows it has the technical skill to create a firestorm of “controversy” (a term I hate) around any candidate they choose, even being able to make charges, allege crimes, sins and hypocrisies, created entirely of whole cloth, then create a maelstrom around these charges that will require a full week or two just to sort out, with the full support of the media, looking for only one udder of plausibility to hold onto…leaving the candidate to  try to dodge or answer trick questions, without making matters worse. George Carlin had this wonderful line from his “I used to be a Catholic but now I’m an American” routine in the 1960s”…

“Suppose that you didn’t make your Easter duty and it’s Pentecost Sunday, the last day, and you’re on a ship at sea. And the chaplain goes into a coma! But you wanted to receive. And then it’s Monday, too late… But then you cross the International Date Line! Would that there then be a sin, Fodder?”

Think of every reporter as a Catholic kid in Brooklyn trying to trip up his priest. That’s what you all now face.

That’s the new reality, thanks to the recent Indiana Offensive, and considering the size of the wing of the GOP who were born with a genetic Stockholm Syndrome anyway, even true conservatives, as both Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson purported to be, have to stand back and take stock of this new political landscape. Conservatives have to know the Left believes it can blackmail any of them back into renouncing almost any deeply held belief.  And in the process, for the benefit of the voters looking (praying, dare I say it) for an unbending oak, a rock, with the stalwart convictions of an ugly, bearded Louisiana duck hunter, to come rescue them, they intend to add to their general sense of despair. The ease with which Pence buckled startled a lot of people.

I know conservatives are out there. But you who think you meet that standard, henceforward, you must read the family and closest circle if friends into the new rules of combat, and the hell that is about to ascend at campaign time. John and Abigail Adams were apart for close to ten years…”Alas!”, she wrote in December 1773, “How many snow banks divide thee and me.”

(I’m not sugar-coating this). Now that the full force of Evil has entered the contest, and targeted God and one of the pillars of our liberty directly, politicians who must fight it may have to take on monastic-like vows in order t do so.

So while Memories Pizza in Indiana now has over half a million in the bank, and can afford to move to the Virgin Islands to get away from the threats in comfort, it will still be a self-imposed exile, as our friend Beagle says. It will a public-enforced ban to take your faith indoors, but only as a first step…until they can gain enough power to completely proscribe God from our lives, which, thanks to public schools, they’re halfway to achieving. This is their intention, and always has been, since Marx.

Unless the people who did this to the O’Connors and Memory Pizza  (all of them, from the South Bend television station, to the guy who took out a MemoriesPizza domain name and published porn on it, to the various blog sites, such as “Eater” (a food blog) who headlined their story about Memories Pizza as if they had actually discriminated…unless all of these actors have to reach deep into their pocket and pay out expensive legal fees just to answer in court the charges of reckless defamation…there will be no lessons learned, no deterrence.


This is the problem we’ve seen rising since the 1980s and America’s last spiritual awakening. In Larry Schweikart’s Patriot’s History of the United States, (a book I recommend as the standard history that should be sitting on your reference shelf, and which should be at least as underlined as your old Bible), he listed several ” Religious Awakenings'” which took place roughly every three generations in America. These were something else that only happened in America and no where else in the world, and explains why, when doughboys went to France in 1918 to fight the Kaiser, New York City wasn’t already selling on street corners the naughty “French postcards” they found in Paris in abundance. For some reason every three generations or so, America has been able to reset its course…and never became like “those guys”.

The last time was in the 1980s, when Reagan was president, but a strange thing happened. The good Christian folk of America turned inward. They no longer cared about outreach, or saving their communities, or schools, instead putting as much distances as they could between themselves and the carnal world. Their small community of churchgoers would become their safe haven. But in the process, they neglected to take stock, or educate their children to take stock, of the growing fragile relationship between religious freedom and the other pillars of freedom also listed in the Bill of Rights. They lost sight of the interconnectedness of the Constitution and their freedom to worship God for more generations to come..

I noticed this trend as I taught some courses in a local Baptist college in that period. So, ss the world became more corrupt (under Clinton, oral sex in the White House fedgodaakes) instead of joining together to fight what clearly was a cultural cancer seeping into the broader culture, instead of storming the school boards and “turning over tables”, (Matt 21:12),they refused to even sit in the same company of like-minded Americans who were not of their faith (Jews, Catholics) or who, like me, would let slip the occasional “hell” or “damn”…as I have been known to do…fifty-sixty times a day.

But most of all they showed, and have continued to show, absolutely no concern about rushing in to rescue, as they once did out of civic duty, those growing armies of “don’t give a damns” that have infested our country for over forty years, and who have consumed our colleges and culture…all incubated and spawned in the same public schools Christians try to steer clear of as much as possible. Once upon a time, in my lifetime, Christians joined other like-minded citizens and stormed PTA meetings… all because of this shared mutual purpose. Today they have lost that critical element of the Constitutional blueprint of the American House, the Golden Rule, “Reciprocate with thy neighbors as you have them reciprocate unto you”.

Today they have become as selfish as Wall Street bankers…apparently hoping to be the ones the alligators eat last. A common sense people at one time, they don’t seem to know how the national car is put together, or how faith in the drive shaft is only a part of a well-designed machine.

There’s a long genesis of how children of Don’t Give a Damn’s (my term for areligious Americans) who never had a single thought about religion or the common morality of America that has guided and protected them all these years (the shoulders they stand on) now, suddenly have all sorts of thoughts about religion, and they are almost all virulently negative, and scandalously untrue.

I won’t tell that story again here, but but in my day, in the 1950s, Don’t Give a Damns were largely a source of amusement, the coal miner who woke up every Sunday morning, cursing those g-damn church bells banging against his hangover…only no one to complain to about it, since 90% of the town was inside those churches. But his children were a principal objective of the Methodist Ladies Garden Club, and while I doubt many, if any, of those children bit off a big bite of that garnish of Jesus they tried to apply, those kids did leave home “civilized”, articulate in the proper uses of “Yes ma’am”, “No sir”, “Thank you” and “Please”. More importantly I think,  they all had some appreciation of George Washington as a hero, not a slave holder.

In every neighborhood in America, ethnic, racial, you name it, some group of people were working in some civic manner to apply a little mortar into the brick facades of the Houses being built by Don’t Give a Damn’s, for the going assumption was that there would be no reciprocity offered from them to their neighbors. And where all those civic groups met, most often as a quiet benevolent bunch of fine old Christian ladies, but sometimes as a stampeding mob with umbrellas raised, a mean look in their eyes, with every intention of turning over tables in the meeting room….was a place called the PTA.

Fast forward fifty years, Don’t Give a Damn’s have risen to become America’s only protected religious class. But as this atheo-leftist campaign has proved in recent days, Don’t Give a Damn’s have also become one of modern governments largest home-grown manufactured products.

They are no longer an accident, a mule-skinner whose mules died in Missouri then finds himself stuck with a kid named Huckleberry. Don’t Give a Damns were always net takers of the Constitutional grant…me, me, me, never reciprocating with their neighbors. There was never that “reach around” when they reached the top of the hill to someone at the bottom. But the community filled the gap, with civic organizations as diverse as Rotary, Scouting, Knights of Columbus and Masons, and those girls at the Methodist Garden Club. But I don’t believe they get the big picture anymore, for everywhere they run into a political correctness barricade, or an out-and-out court order, and always the threat of a Twitter campaign naming them. Atheists have been able to redefine any “good act” or kind act as a political act, and therefore subject to outrage and the rules  of “controversy”. And fine people have simply wthdrawn, never noticing that they surrendered the high road to Satan.

In such an environment then, it’s not been difficult for the atheo-Left to create DGD’s in a test tube, and indoctrinate them as early as Pre-K,  so by age 10 (app 4th Grade), when their eyes and hearts are wide open to heroes, beliefs, and suggestion, they instead are filled with hate, disbelief and cynicism. No matters who’s fishing, that when a child is hooked.I know nothing has ever been able to shake my love of country I learned in 4th grade, so why should I think some kid who was first taught to hate it at the same age would be either?

It is no mere coincidence that these are the same ages when children were first taught about the miracles of Jesus and the Bible in Sunday School, and the American heroes. The Satanists learned when children are most receptive to  these things  by watching how Christians taught theirs for generations. By the mid-1960s it became easier and easier to retard the growth of Sunday Schools (almost by half) by simply giving folks something “better” to do, then control the curriculum of public schools. Fait accompli.

Identifying and targeting the Left’s tactics.

I’ve been interested in this subject for years, so while most people are reading with outrage the wild comments made by gays about Indiana and its difficulties protecting religious freedom, I’m watching them as one might research lab rats.

You can almost tell the age and education of the commenters simply by the way they write. Some are barely out of high school, and they seem to run in groups (posses) of four or five because they want to enrage, then give thumbs-up to each other for their wicked comments. They leave a trail of filth and ugliness which make it almost impossible for even a polite liberal to wade through the muck. Perhaps that’s the plan. Their potty mouths are legion, and there’s no real way to wash their mouths out with soap, although they do take great umbrage at so easily being ID’d as mere children. They are more interested in pop culture issues than national politics, but they swarm, like storm troopers, on as issues such homosexuality (for it) and issues such as religion (against it). There is some coordination, as I’ll discuss at the end.

This by itself is instructive, also proving my thesis, for if a child has never darkened the doorway of a church, how does he know enough about God to hate him? Unlike the anti-religionists of the 70s, who would still acknowledge that Jesus was a great Teacher, a Man of Peace, just not the Son of God, this newer generation of kids mock Jesus in ways, when I was a kid, you’d look for thunderbolts to come out of the sky. Oh, they are afraid all right, terribly afraid. I recently accused a Christ mocker of being like the Algonquin, who would attempt to steal the medicine of their strongest enemies by publicly blaspheming them. It had an effect.

But the only way to defeat them is to prevent them, i.e., by storming the schools and turning over tables.

For what’s interesting about those  kids is how they know to hate God, or Jesus, or Jews, or George Washington. They get talking points, for how else do they know which Bible versus to quote…never more than four, as even with research via Wikipedia , would be too daunting a task for people too lazy to go out and get a job.

And this indicates coordination and a hierarchy of leadership. It’s the hierarchy I intend to latch onto.

This Indiana episode proves a coordinated attack, at ever level of leadership, and while it backfired with some small pizzeria near South Bend, it succeeded in both the Indiana and Arkansas legislatures. Whether those successes will succeed in the longer term remains to be seen, as does which side the Supreme Court will eventually come down on the homosexual intrusion on private citizen’s and their business, or as one person called it, the “right to move their bedrooms into non-gay persons’ businesses.

Most of what needs to be done here can’t be done at home, unless you want to become an ambassador to begin a new religious awakening (we’re due one) that will rejoin the withdrawn Christian community with the secular American community, to reestablish the original Constitutional  status quo between, church, state  and education.

Without the this we lose.

As to the war itself, Rush Limbaugh recently exposed the existence of ten people for whom an algorithmic programs had been developed who could then launch Tweet campaigns that would appear to be sent by thousands…thereby attracting the attention of the national media “because of the magnitude” of the controversy.

The Indiana Offensive had all the markings of just such a campaign, and while political, and which most of you believe we will be able to deal with politically in due course…if we can only win that “one big election”…,I think that is less likely. I think the manner of the Indiana Offensive’s success suggests that this  may never happen …as long as the Left  can continue to pump little Christ-hating, Jew-baiting Don’t Give a Damns out of the public schools as they now can.

But about nipping this stuff in the bud, I have some experience.

In fact I may have all the experience. But I certainly have The Plan, and know how it can be executed in such a way to shut such program down entirely…as promised…without a single bloody nose, broken leg, or fractured skull. (I’ve provided a general justification and outline of the plan, directed at other leftwing activities here) This program would require special technological and intelligence gathering capabilities, at some cost, but if Limbaugh can find out they are and where they exist, so can  we. I could prove its worth for less than a quarter million dollars. If anyone knows an anonymous donor, or a friend-of-a-friend-of- a-friend of Mr Limbaugh, please ask them to contact me.

Enough talk. The Atheo-Leftists have proven their intentions, and those intention are at hand.

The Don’t Give a Damns will either inherit the earth,  or the wind. We decide.



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