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Obama’s 20% Solution

My friend in Portland, Bernie Chumm, wrote at RedState way back in January 2008, before Obama was a factor, about what he perceived to be a fascist-like attempt to remake America. Of course no one knew at the time how Obama would insinuate his own measuring stick into the formula, such as growing Wall Street 60% in value by printing money, while decreasing the American economy by 20%, but Bernie was right that it has all been fascist “in aspect,” as was his title, “20% Solution.”

But back home, on television, it will appear as nothing has changed. There will still be car insurance ads, only 80% of the people who could once afford a car will still have one. There will still be resorts, in Arizona, the Caribbean, two people in tubs toasting Viagra or Corona…only no one will notice that approximately 20% of the resorts have closed, or that the demographics of just who’s traveling these days have changed from small businessmen in Corvallis to state managers in Salem.

There will still be ads for McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Coca Cola, Coors, Bud Light, but no one will notice the number of locations that have been closed across the country, or the fewer number of new franchises. No one will notice the drop off in sales and attendance to sports bars. Franchising as a whole, and in a variety of select categories will see (or have already seen) a drop in sales. Coke, like the cockroaches, will survive, but Hardees?…check your mail.

Bernie was onto something.

It was just announced by the government, actually crowed about, with a bullhorn, that hiring was back to 2008 numbers. But it required a minority of news outlets, (I’ve included a Catholic site here) to point out that while 8 plus million jobs have been created (so they say), getting us back to 2008 numbers (so they say), the average earnings for the American work force today is $47,00o, versus just over $61,000 in 2008. Down 23%.

And there has been some government gerrymandering as to just how those numbers are actually derived, for real unemployment is closer to 17%, not 7%, because of all the people who have left the workforce altogether, not just because they lost their jobs, but because those jobs themselves are gone. And are never coming back. They have disappeared. Why? Because the private sector small business sector has shrunk almost 20%. Many of their owners, in fact, are out there trying to find work themselves, having had to bury their own lifetime dreams in bankruptcy or default.

But it is not those 17% who have left the workforce that are coming back to work, but new workers entering the workplace fresh from college, mostly. Where are those who have left the workforce altogether? Well they are on some form of public assistance and Medicaid, and selling used yard tools at flea markets. An ingrown toenail can get you disability these days, I’m told, which is why states are clamoring to get additional taxpayer funds to cover these increases. That’s right, in some manner or form, taxes for the remaining wage earners will grow, yep, again, about 17%, although they have not yet all materialized.

And pity the poor new-hires at $47,000, for their out of pocket expenses also went up about 20% because of their mandated contribution to Obamacare. In fact, across the board in the middle class, disposable income has or will drop about 20% , thanks to Obamacare, so there goes piano lessons, soccer league, summer vacation, trading in the old Buick, as well as a measurable drop in consumer spending, (day old bread, frozen dinners, Ramen noodles, even Old Milwaukee beer), and Walmart instead of Kohls, spread out over thousands of consumer sectors. Be warned, however, the government will report this as a non-fact since consumer spending will also increase elsewhere thanks to the benefits received to those members of the economy lucky enough to have been named winners by the State. Think of it this way…for every additional top-of-line, bullet-proof Mercedes sold in your city, there are 10,000 fewer dozens of roses and carnations sold in neighborhood flower shops, and fewer neighborhood flower shops to buy them in. According to the government, this is a wash.

So, let’s see. 17% real unemployment, a 20% reduction in the work force, a 20% reduction in small businesses, a 20% growth in federal employment, a 20% rise in  SSI and Medicaid, a 16% loss of the entire private economy to Obamacare and a 23% drop in real income.

That rounds out to about 20%. I think Bernie called it just about right.

Fascism. All we need is a yarmulke and happy days will be here again. Just bring in the razor wire. Oh wait, I’m now told silver crosses make an acceptable replacement.

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