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Obama Pardons the Rest of Benghazi Attackers

How do I know this?

Simple, Obama’s words. Even a grade-schooler could fill in the blanks.

Right after the attack, Obama announced to the world, “No matter long it takes, we will hunt these people down”. He said this several times in fact.

Yesterday, 645 days later, with the snatch and grab (arrest) of one of the Benghazi people, Abu Ahmed Khattala, Obama announced to the world, in essence, “Mission accomplished.” For yesterday he sent out a dire warning, He told them we’d never stop coming after them, and he announced he got his man. We’ve heard this parting gesture before.

But Beitbart reported:

Oh, and it took fewer than 38 days for the New York Times to find Khattala sipping strawberry frappés and taking in the evening air:

But just days after President Obama reasserted his vow to bring those responsible to justice, Mr. Abu Khattala spent two leisurely hours on Thursday evening at a crowded luxury hotel, sipping a strawberry frappe on a patio and scoffing at the threats coming from the American and Libyan governments.

In fact every news agency, except maybe People Magazine, interviewed Khattala in the weeks and months. that followed.

So, was Khattala the hi-val target the WH claims?  Yes, but likely not the planner of the attack. He was the operations guy, the company commander who led the attack on the ground, not the general(s) who planned it. At least we think he is. He just showed up a lot in the films and seemed to be giving others orders. And was especially ugly, so easy to identify in a crowd. Ad he crowed a lot. (Some American combat veterans think he carried around just a little too much “American Legion’ swagger and braggadocio to have been a real leader, but maybe that’s just a terrorist thing.)

But why we know this operation is over, and the timing of this capture staged entirely for political purposes, and the remainders of the Benghazi terrorists essentially given their pardons, with lifetime Stay Out of Jail free cards, is that when asked why they waited so long to catch this guy, who was hiding in plain sight, the administration answer was that they “didn’t want to upset the delicate political balance in Libya.”

Only a couple of weeks ago, Barack Obama released into house arrest in Qattar five Taliban leaders, some even wanted by the Hague for war crimes, (mass murders)., proof that Obama has no problem upsetting the political balance in any country, if it suits him politically.

Again, ask any 5th grader.



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