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Hillary Blows Chance to Be America’s Most Beloved Woman

“De Lawd, he sho’ do have a sense of humor.”

While Hillary’s new yawner, Hard Choices  slides down to the Barnes & Noble $9.88 sales stack after only two weeks, Ed Klein’s  Blood Feud is being ramped up to outpace Hillary’s by a factor of ten before it’s even released later this week. In pre-release snippets, Klein has already revealed that Hillary’s health, in particular her heart, is in much worse condition than believed, making the chances that she will even enter the 2016 race problematic.


When she actually learned this health news should be of interest to us, for in another snippet, Klein revealed, contrary to sworn testimony of a whole host of people, including Ms Clinton, that Barack Obama had called her on the night of the Benghazi attacks, while two of the victims were still fighting, asking her to say, on behalf of the State Department, that it was all the video. (That call is reported here, according to Klein, on the word of one of Ms Clinton’s legal advisers at State.)

Had Hillary simply resigned at this point, as she and Bill discussed, a couple of things would have happened. In all likelihood, Barack Obama would have lost the election in 50 days, Mitt Romney would be president, and…get this…Hillary Clinton would have been America’s most beloved in American history…yes, even more the Eleanor Roosevelt. Why? First, because the Republican Right never believed she was capable of such an honest gesture, and second, in the two years that followed, and as indictment after indictment began to roll in against a whole host of people in the White House, DOJ, IRS, EPA, and even Congress, Hillary’s righteousness would only grow, into near sainthood.


This is what she and Bill discussed. She knew Obama was asking her to lie, and they weighed the consequences of what would happen if she revealed this, and resigned in horror and indignation.

Now follow me here. Instead of channeling Eleanor, though, Hillary channeled Bill, and the conversation they had was entirely about political calculations. I doubt she knew then about her debilitating medical condition then.  Not once did she consider the rightness and wrongness of lying for the President, just to save his rotten hide in November. Right and wrong were never part of either of their calculations. There was no moral sextant anywhere to be found in that conversation. So, the actually result may be the opposite of Hillary sought. In coming weeks she may be found out to have lied under oath to protect Obama’s rotten hide. And she wouldn’t have been president anyway. And Barack Obama may get away scot free (or maybe not), and she won’t so much as get a stamp with her picture on it, or a street sign, library or elementary school named after her…although Garry Larsen may come out of retirement to do a series of gnu cartoons with “Hildebeest” as the red-nosed wildebeest..

The wages of sin.

“De Lawd, He sho’ do have a funny sense of justice.”

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