Hillary Lied, Obama Lied, Democrats Lied, People Died, etc, etc

Remember “Bush lied, people died”? Of course you do, Code Pink at the 2004 Republican convention. And why you remember it is because that lie is still out there, used whenever it is useful to some quasi-journalist from the Left to remind us how bad murderously indifferent the Republicans are, and by contrast, and silent affirmation, how humanitarian, how Citizens of the World, the Democrats are.

Then remember the First Law of liberal politics: They will always accuse us of their own conspiracy.

It seems the left always uses the deaths (“people died”) as a mere statistical backdrop only, never putting a face on the people. So, who were those people who actually died? They were killed by Al Qaeda affiliates, just as they are being killed today. Only today there is no George Bush lie to blame for it…although they will try, since today, just like they did in 2004, they need to squirm out of a corner they’ve painted themselves into. In 2004 they planted the “Bush lied” lie in a half-asleep public’s consciousness to justify the Democrat Party’s reversing course on their original vote sanctioning the Iraq invasion. An election year, Saddam defeated, but a protracted war against Al-Qaeda and other terror groups assured, they needed do an about face and oppose it. They had to become victims of a giant George Bush lie.

This was a cynical lie you see, since when Clinton was president (1998) Dems reported, as facts, the same things about WMD Bush reported in 2003, only they didn’t invade Iraq, they only condemned it. I think the term “inappropriate” was even used. In light of this week’s actions, looking back on the  deaths of those thousands of Iraqi citizens (tens of thousands) killed by Al Qaeda in that first war with America 2003-2009, we should pause to note that the Democrats in Congress in 2004 have never been made to stand in the well of history for having done this, and, they seem to have a pattern of history for this sort of conduct.

Which takes us back to the Killing Fields of Cambodia in 1975 (h/t Lady Penguin for the comparison), when the Democrat majority of that era, drunk with power after having forced the resignation of Richard Nixon, would not allow President Ford to send any relief to those million or so who died under Pol Pot, fully in the gaze of the world community and the American people. That Democrat Congress also never stood in the well of history because of their accessory to this genocide.

Which brings us back to “Bush lied, people died” original question, just who were those “people”?

Well, it seems those people are the same people who are dying in bunches on the Mosul-Baghdad highway today, not soldiers, but ordinary citizens, all because Barack Obama lied. And they are the same kinds of innocent people who also will soon die by the thousands because Barack Obama freed five Taliban killer-chiefs to return to action, about whom former Secretary of State, and putative next in line for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, said whose probable deaths are Afghanistan’s problem, not ours. “Let them eat cake” would have been more succinct, Hillary. Imagine setting loose a swarm of cockroaches in a neighbor’s basement, then say it’s his problem to fix. If Karzai sued, he’d win.

And of course Hillary lied about Benghazi too, and people died there, too. Americans, in fact, which in media terms, if it’s a flood, earthquake, volcano or war, four lost American lives get more news cover than the loss of 200,000 Arabs, 100,000 Chinese, an  entire island in the Solomon Island chain, 49 Ukrainians, or 40 Europeans in an Alpine avalanche or pedophile ring.

Looking for common threads here? Easy. 1) Politics: Everything Democrats do has a political equation, and that equation is outcome determinative. If it helps us, nothing else matters. If it can hurt us, it was Bush’s fault. Build all the lies in the world to squirm out of it. Easy. 2) Indifference: The Democrats are indifferent to any deaths in which there is a political outcome to their advantage. Period. It was Stalin who said, during the Ukraine famine he caused, “A single death is a tragedy, but a million deaths are a statistic.” Hillary said as much only a few days ago in her tough-toenails comments to the Karzai government about the thousands of additional deaths Obama had foisted on Afghanistan with the release of the Taliban 5. And two days ago Obama said as much about the fall of Iraq, saying it’s Malaki’s fault (and by extension, Bush’s) for acting like a partisan politician (Republican) after he pulled our troops out of Iraq in 2010, bringing on this very predictable outcome two and a half years later. Every military adviser told Obama the job of building up Iraq’s military was not yet finished, asking for a force of 15,000 at least (which would have snuffed this ISIS advance in a few hours) to remain, bringing about, instead, the same fate as befell Vietnam when we pulled our troops out in 1973 leaving the ARVN to fend for themselves, ending with a collapse of the Vietnamese government in 1975. In both cases, only partially trained national military were left behind, with no backup, whose command quickly turned over to political cronyism.(Want to meet some of those ex-Vietnam generals and leaders? One I know had a restaurant just outside Washington in 1982. They were the first out.)

In both cases it was the Democrats who left those countries high and dry. Then consider the Cambodian Killing Fields–Democrats again. Vietnamese Boat People-Democrats. So yes, the collapse of the Republic of Iraq today, and the coming Afghanistan collapse, both Democrat managed (and likely designed). Obama is now officially a client of the Taliban. Yeah, but nobody likes Karzai…so what if Afghani women are out of schools, out of sight, and out of luck, and thousands die. “Let them eat cake.”

So is it any wonder at the causes of four murders by indifference in Benghazi? Democrats. VA deaths due to bureaucratic indifference? Democrats. Heathcare death panels? Democrats, numbers to be counted later.

But as Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Susan Rice would all say, these are “mere statistics.” Or to go Stalin one better, “What difference does it make?”

We can’t reverse this, I might add. So save the lamentations. Iraq, Afghanistan, VA, Benghazi. We’ve given 4432 lives, and God-knows how many amputees to Iraq, and 2200 more deaths in Afghanistan, while the Democrats, who enabled all these deaths are still taking bows for their great humanitarianism by posing for holy pictures while trying to house, feed and contact parents for the thousands of children from Central America who Obama invited here when he declared them legal in advance of their wanting to come. Think about this: Imagine your neighbor walking her 12-year old to the front gate with a sammich and some chips wrapped in a bright red bandana, and a $10 bill pined to his underwear, patting him on the ass, then telling to walk to grandma’s…300 miles away, and “Give me a call when you get there.”


The government would descend on Mom in a heartbeat, she would be in jail, and maybe grandma too, and the kid in the custody of child services. But if those hobo-kids are from Nicaragua, Obama wants to give both mom and the kid a green card, a free welfare subsidy for housing, calling them “America’s greatest treasure,” and strutting himself as the world’s greatest humanitarian. “Citizen of the World”. Holy pictures, the full Monty.

This slander we can reverse. We can take this one thing from them. Their murder by indifference of thousands of non-voting “foreigners” speaks volumes to indifference they feel toward the few dozens the Democrats have killed at the VA, and the four at Benghazi. Humanitarians? The party of caring? Never. Take that lie away from them forever. J’accuse.

Around the world there are just too many white grave markers that spot the last resting place of nearly half a million Americans who gave “that last full measure” and are the true “citizens of the world”.  To allow their names and their memories to be slandered by any association with any name belonging to the Democrat Party apparatus, at least since John Kennedy was buried, would be a crime.

If you light candles, light one for those who about to die in Iraq and Afghanistan to shelter Democrat Party humanitarianism.

“Goddam their eyes.”

(And you can quote me.)

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