5e96c3d6b1713dd34b2b603665f4398fIf you don’t know, Iraq is about to fall, sooner than later. The Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, the same people McCain shook hands with last year, and believed we could do business with in bringing down Assad, have stormed out of their Aleppo stronghold in Syria and moved 300 miles east into Iraq, and two days ago took Mosul, then yesterday Tikrit, and now are heading toward Baghdad.

If you’ll recall, Joe Biden called for a divided Iraq all along, so look for it, a Sunni entity in the north headed by a military Al Qaeda, and a Shiite entity in the south, a satellite of a militant Iran. The Iraqi government has asked the Obama administration for air strikes, but the answer has been “no”. So far. Go pound sand.

All I want to know here is where is George W Bush ?

Sometime before the 2008 election I half-jokingly commented that Bush should have resigned right after being sworn for his second term in 2005, turning the government over to Dick Cheney. Why? you might ask. Well it seems that Bush had two conflicting oaths, one to his God, to turn the other cheek, and the other to the Constitution, to defend and protect.

It should have been clear to Mr Bush these two oaths could not be reconciled.

Under attack by the Left from within and Islamic terrorism from without, I accused Bush of not turning his cheek, but rather America’s, by allowing the Democrats to undermine America at the same time he fought to save it from foreign terrorists. Unless he’s been fishing and watching Rangers games on TV since 2009, events should have made it clear that America has been thoroughly undermined, and it was never just ordinary Democrat party politics that has been systematically doing away with the Constitution, making it unnecessary for anyone to seriously take an oath to defend and protect it ever again.

Still, we’ve never heard a peep from George W Bush.

I’ve been pushing a book idea for some weeks now, “The Devil’s History of the United States” structured on Larry Schweikart’s Patriots’ History of the United States. I’ve written on this theme in the past, restating American history in terms of the cosmic battle between God and Satan. I always assumed George W Bush believed this as well. I know of no person of faith who hasn’t seen the hand of Evil in the actions of this Administration and its outright indifference to human misery and death.

So, where is America’s Christian soldier?

He no longer has a legacy to protect. He defeated Al Qaeda militarily, but thanks to Obama, they will have their own country soon. He defeated Saddam then handed over the keys to the people to create a new government democratically. But by the end of this year, the Republic of Iraq will be no more and the Iraqi people, all of them, will be under the thumb of one or two sets of rulers…and thousands will have been executed. 4432 American lives to produce this?

Barack Obama set out to make George W Bush one of history’s greatest failures, and since his side has the ability to write it, that’s how it will be, I suppose, all because of that “cheek” thing and the unwillingness to appear unseemly.

For 8 years, Bush allowed himself and his office to be savaged, because it would have demeaned the office had he fought back. And since he left office, Obama has lied about him time and again, up through last week, but Bush has said nothing because it wouldn’t be seemly.

My only question is to ask Mr Bush, “Just what does Barack Obama have to do, suspend the Constitution, declare a dictatorship, before you will stand up and speak to the American people about the wrongness of these people? What must happened for you to speak up?

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