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Phil Robertson Launches a Second Front Against the Left

In December, 1775, a little-known brigadier named Arnold in the barely born Continental Army assembled a group of volunteers in Maine who then hiked overland, crossed over into Canada, up the St Lawrence, and made an assault on the British Citadel at Quebec,

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capturing it and holding it for a few hours before being beaten back. Historians call it a defeat, but England had been given an early signal of America’s real intentions.

It was our first fusillade againt an enemy on their home ground.

On 18 April, 1942, only five months after Pearl Harbor, 16 Mitchell B-25 bombers took off from the carrier USS Hornet under the command of LTC Jimmy Doolittle and bombed Tokyo and other targets on Honshu, Japan’s main island. Like Quebec, it was just intended to send a signal, and although the damage was minimal, and the Japanese government and media went to great lengths to hide news of the attack altogether, within a week all of Honshu knew of the attack. Psychologically Japan lost the war that week, for their impregnable island had been bombed as easily as swatting a bug. Many more would come.

(Also of interest should be the impotency of state-managed media to control information which is personal in nature to every citizen; i.e., Obamacare.)

In October of this year Sen Ted Cruz of Texas strode to the well of the Senate to read from Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham and generally talk for 27 hours in an attempt to derail Obamacare. At the time we wrote here that his stand, and the subsequent Senate vote, which would draw eighteen other senators to his side, would be “a shot heard round the world.” That was probably the first political assault on the bastion of the Left since Newt Gingrich was Speaker, and while the media says little about it, this assault is still moving forward, and still under its own steam.

We’ve been on defense for so long, I’m not sure we know an attack on the enemy when we see one, much less a successful one.

Then suddenly this week, Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame, the patriarch of a family of bearded Christians and their wives, who have soared to the number-one slot of all time viewership for cable television, launched a second front, let’s call it the Culture Front, in this same war against the Left.

Now I see no need to recount here what Phil Robertson said verbatim, except to mention that he said, as he always does, “this is just me saying this,” then went on to speak to the rather obvious truths about homosexuality as a practice that most Americans, most humans, in fact, find objectionable, and Christians even being told in their Holy Book as a sin. An abomination. (I can’t make these words up.)

Nor do I see any need to recount the inaccurate reading of those same scriptures or the general misunderstandings of Christians about the homosexual condition by the gay activist organization, GLAAD. In this, general Christian understandings, including Louisiana rednecks, comport with the current pope, Francis. We can also recall that Pope John Paul even washed the feet of gay men with AIDS when he visited the United States. While wishing to save the sinner, neither Pope have ever claimed the authority to erase the sin. So GLAAD misspoke. Probably intentionally, as such misstatements could not have been accidental, or out of ignorance.

And to the extent Robertson’s words were both personal opinion and religious belief (i.e., no one else’s business) luminaries such as lesbian and atheist Camille Paglia came to his defense, but not about anything Phil Robertson believes but in the “fascist and stalinist-like manner” his gay detractors have behaved. “Bigotry” another gay defender of Robertson has called it. I get the sense that a lot of gays out there, in fact, the majority, really don’t like having self-appointed mouth-pieces such as GLAAD representing their opinions and most would just like to be able

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to live and get along without having to get in everyone’s face at the first drop of GLAAD or LGBT’s hat, or showing up in a pink pinafore every time someone has a parade.

And Ms Paglia is more right than most of us. While I’d pay good money to see her sitting at the end of the Robertson table, holding Uncle Si’s hand, while Papa Phil prayed, and expect she’d do it out of courtesy if the opportunity arose (she’s always seemed like a good sport), and she might like some of Miss Kay’s recipes, I doubt she’d do a one-on-one with Phil about God. But they do share certain unalienable ideals; integrity, honesty, freedom and a hatred for this bastion of political correctness that Phil Robertson has just assaulted.

And this was an assault, an intentional attack, and not a gaffe, or a trap Phil Robertson naively fell into. “Please don’t throw me into that briar patch, Br’er Bear”, sez Br’er Rabbit. Phil has long stated, for those who cared to bother to find out, that his mission has always been to do exactly what he did here, not to launch a religious war against gays who want to live in peace and be left alone, but against those who take an intrusive, in-your-face political agenda and which, with the help of the media, have had ordinary citizens of ordinary sentiments and gays alike quaking in their boots far too long.

Those boots are about to be on the other feet.

Phil’s attack was deliberate, and to my mind, effective, and one which will probably grow, for just as with Obamacare, a vulnerable media has been reduced to talking and complaining only among itself, which, even if you threw in all the Republicans in Delaware and New York, would be precious few compared to the 95% of the American population who agree with Robertson, but have been afraid to say so. Because of him, many are once again finding their voices.

God either is or isn’t, but it is not for wishful thinking to make Him go away. If He is for real, then there will be a heavy price to pay for being wrong, and Phil doesn’t have to wish it on them for this to be so, But even if He is not for real, a great price will have to be paid by the 5% who want the 95% to cower in fear, for society, culture, has reached a place where they can no longer be bullied without severe and permanent disruptions. Even Darwinism concurs, for Nature, in the name of survival of the species, can be as unfailingly punitive as a wrathful God. The species, the civilization and the individual all are at risk here unless this life-without-abandon spree isn’t checked.

Fully two-thirds of the world by territory hate homosexuality, half of those using ostracism and law to limit it or prohibit it, so that practitioners at least have to sneak, while the other half are much more intrusive, seeking it out , ironically, with the same sort of snitch system employed by the politically-correct regimes of the Left in government and academia these days. Then, those who are caught are stoned to death.

In the other one-third of the world, the European West, mostly, homosexuality is still hated, but tolerated. But of late it has been propagandized as a perfectly safe alternative choice, recruitment beginning as early as the 3rd of 4th grade. European culture has already resigned from the human race, in part because of this bent. A series of Me-societies, built on self-gratification, their biological clocks are barely ticking. But a Christian America, almost from its inception, because of its belief in personal freedom, has provided a live-and-let-live atmosphere to reign, providing homosexuals a protective shield that had been unparallelled in human history.

Then came the political feminist and gay movements, whether from short-sightedness, ingratitude or a self-destructive bent Darwinists actually understand better than political scientists, who have chosen to push the survival envelope. I can only say, GLAAD, NOW and all the other groups, you just don’t know how close you are to screwing the pooch here.

Phil Robertson has launched the first assault on the Political Correctness barricades, and you misjudge the battle landscape entirely if you think politics can provide any sanctuary. Like Tokyo and Obamacare, this will soon become beyond the ability of the media, or the harsh words of bigotry you’ve already employed, to control. Phil Robertson is a man of his word, and has simply suggested you back off and let the world, including over half of your own gay community, to get on about the business of living. But if you force Phil to fail, behind him just may be the mob people all over the rest of the world are running from today. in places like Tehran.

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