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Give Fear a Chance


Kurt Schlichter, at Town Hall, recently wrote that maybe pain can teach the millenials lessons about voting (for Obama, leftism, etc) themselves into serfdom that they would not otherwise learn, (h/t MrRiggio).

He’s right, only if all a kid needs to learn in life he learns in kindergarten, then either pain isn’t one of those lessons anymore, or Robert Fulghum was wrong.

Col Schlichter reminds us that Nature has its own ways to pass out punishments even when Mom, Dad, and Teacher come up short. This should also remind us that in all things there is ultimately a judgment rendered on our actions (and inactions) even to those who don’t even believe in a Judge.

But if pain is an appropriate after-action for wrong choices, what’s wrong with fear serving as a preventative, especially if administered as evenhandedly as Nature does its punishments?

Pain is when something hurts. Fear is merely the sense that something might hurt if one does something wrong and gets caught. “If I dood it, I get a spanking.”

And since we know that fear can “hurt” more than sensory pain, maybe it can perform more effectively as a tool in discouraging bad behavior in the first place.

For instance, I was 10 years old before I found out I wouldn’t turn into stone if I said “h-e-double-toothpicks”, as my mother had warned me.  I can still remember the exact spot, on a street just a few hundred feet from my house, I let that word fly right out of my mouth…and then froze, waiting for the stoning to begin. But it It didn’t and I walked away, breathing easy. I thought a mighty weight had been lifted from my neck.

I learned several lessons that day, although they required a few years to make their mark.

Fear had worked on me for at least three years before that fateful outburst that proved God wasn’t nearly as interested in my language habits as Mom had said He was. Still justice caught up with me, proving fear works every time, if belatedly, for at 12, I still got my mouth washed out with Ivory for saying that very same word in front of more than just God.

Most of us had learned the four corners of fear by the time we were 16. We knew when a threat was real and when it was a bluff. We knew how to calculate risks. There were some guys who threatened to kick my ass, and I made them prove it. But there were others who caused me to not to show up out behind the bandstand, because I knew knives, broken bones, or biting off ears might be involved.

But Col Schlichter has reminded us that two generations have been able to by-pass this learning curve, unaware that having their tonsils removed at 40 is far more painful than having them removed at 10. Justified pain postponed is justified pain multiplied.

They make up the corpus of the Left.


Today we live surrounded in a political world of evil hellbent on total control. While this evil appears fearless, actually this isn’t so. The evil we see today is without fear, but not fearless, for there’s a difference, in the same sense millennials are without guile, but not guileless,  because they have not been taught manners or respect, or without guilt, but not guiltless, because they have been taught that nothing they do is wrong.

Because this postponement of their justly-earned pain has been going on for such a long time, up to thirty years, many of these people without guilt, guile, or manners, etc are now in their forties and fifties and are due more reckonings than Nature can levy all by itself.

We need to give Nature a hand here, but not so much as instruments of righteous justice, but as a way to save ourselves, for the Left’s sense of immunity from judgment has been so pervasive that they are very nearly able to exempt themselves from the pain of legal judgment altogether, thus putting our entire way of life at risk.

We need to restore Nature’s balance, so think about this seriously, for our world is near a tipping point. Col Schlichter reminds me that all the Left needs is to feel a little fear, personal fear, not group fear, administered in the same, anger-free, no-nonsense parental manner a dad does when he bends his kid over his knee and proclaims, “this is going to hurt me a lot more than it will you”, for the fear of one of my father’s lickings far outweighed any real pain he ever administered.

I already know we can administer this sort of fear to the vast majority of official wrong doers as painlessly as their own fears will allow, without having to break a single leg, kill a single dog, burn down a single building or throw a single brick through a single window.

In fact, it’s been done. Several times. All we have to do is convince the right people that it can be done.

My job here is only to say why.

First we have to accept certain realities.

The first reality is that our side, the Right, is spending millions of dollars on political activism (Freedom Works being the best example I can think of) under the assumption that winning elections, i.e., throwing the bums out, is about the only pain we can levy against the state class to set things aright.

First, this is too narrow a solution for telegraphing fear over to say, the thugs at EPA or IRS who are so remote from elections no one there even considers the thin veneer of Congress, except on appropriations day. Neither Reagan nor G W Bush made a dent on them.

So I can’t agree with this electoral approach as the only approach to inject fear into the political process, including one that has been verified only this week, for now we know we confront two criminal mobs; the one now in power, and the mob-lite that would like to replace it. The Virginia election proved that if we are indeed in a war against anti-constitutional, even criminal government, we have to widen the cast of our nets, and, that the system itself should be our target, for neither mob has any intention of letting it go without a fight. Where power has been concentrated unto themselves, it can never be allowed to be redistributed back among the people.


So, to this issue of implanting fear among the length and breadth of statism, while pursuing this narrow objective of winning elections, the Right is really spending nothing to instill this fear by any other means. Far more effective means, I argue.

I think they do this because they are law-abiding citizens, 501(c)(4)-abiding citizens even, and as such, cannot allow themselves to think the unthinkable, that the “fair election solution,” the civil process solution, may no longer be available to the people…when anyone who has studied applied tyranny knows this is the first option to be taken away from the people. But historically, most tyrannies like to keep an opposition party around to show off, for it gives a sense of normalcy to both society and the world, and also keeps alive the false hope among the people that the disliked ruling party can someday be replaced through process. (Watch how quickly the Obama administration dispenses with the illusion of “need to being liked” as the realities of Obamacare break out. There is much precedence for this shift from sweet to tough talk.) If people are forever looking forward to the next election in the hope that it will bring better results than the last one, they are not otherwise engaged in darker anti-government projects in their basements.

So while I’m not a conspiracy-theorist, we have to accept the reality that the last free election in America may have already passed us by, and this hope of change by winning the next election a bone the Left throws us each election day just so the GOP can appear to still be viable. Many in the GOP even seem content with this arrangement.

Just know, the Left has its own game plan and schedule and is moving inexorably in one direction, and while we may quibble as to how exactly that New World they have in mind will look, it is a dark picture to all but the protected class, as we are all seeing with Obamacare as it lurches out of the gate. It is just a foretaste of things to come.

My only question here is,

…shouldn’t we be spending at least a little more money on dispensing some real fear among the Left in ways other than the biennial election cycle? It doesn’t take much.

We don’t have to get all-felonious to do this, you know? There are several ways that are guaranteed to make various individuals (we call them “targets”) of the Left fearful of taking steps they once took with impunity, fearful of noises that go bump in the night, fearful that someone might be watching and waiting…then letting their own imaginations build a frame around those fears.

We already know how to do this; quietly, relatively painlessly, surgically targeted, and guaranteed to peel 80% or more of the Left’s armies away from the true believers. If worse comes to worse, splitting the herd between true believers and light-standers should be a part of any counter strategy against the Left in any case.

How do I know this? It’s already being done…and yes, people have had their mouths washed out with soap, and been face-planted into a tub of cow dung. Among other things.

And for an evening spree of adventure and rewards, it beats hell out of bowling.

So let’s give fear a chance.

But to give fear a chance in this way, one must be aware of certain rules of engagement. Some training is involved, especially in areas of security and what I call “dark alley tactics,” but also in a willingness to remain absolutely anonymous in these activities, even among one’s closest friends and family.

(I recommend Brian Kilmeade’s new book George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution in this regard for the “six” referred to in his book were unknown to history entirely until the 1930s, and one or two of their names still aren’t known, even today. The risks they took were totally selfless, neither for fame not fortune.)

That is the sort of anonymity I’m speaking about.

So, anonymity is our greatest asset, our greatest source of internal security but also our greatest weapon of fear.

Some organization is required, but training is easy, the network easy to establish and maintain, with only a few rules. But when properly applied and executed, they are almost impossible to interdict,  or capture.

In other words, we can do it over and over again, creating a reign of fear that will stop a lot of the Left in their tracks, for they are learning today sensations they should have learned 15-20-30 years ago, but which are now so much more painful.

You are aware that we now have a few “knights” in both houses who have exposed themselves by staking out a hill inside government, from which they will not be moved.

As I write this, both the Left and GOP Establishment are probing daily to find things these men and women fear, so as to expose them and cause them to relinquish that hill.

So why aren’t we doing the same, at every level of government, especially since their army is so much more vulnerable to fear and much more overdue a healthy dose of fear?

For a deeper investigation into the power of positive fear-mining, and what your organization can do, contact me at vBushmills@yahoo.com

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