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Will Virginia Republicans Get Behind E W Jackson on Tuesday?

If you don’t know, Rev E W Jackson is the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia.

If you don’t know, he is also black, about which almost nothing is said, just as it was not said when Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court. To the Democrats and the Left, Thurgood Marshall was the only black person ever to sit on the Supreme Court, while Clarence Thomas was the only black person in his high school in Savannah.

E W Jackson also is as conservative, if not more, than Ken Cuccinelli.

Now this fact poses a problem for Virginia’s, shall we call them, “racial” Republicans.

Now, I know Leftists and Democrats want you to believe that anyone who isn’t a leftist or a Democrat is a racist. But while that’s not true even among the LIVs, there are vestiges of racism that have not yet died out yet, which is only natural, by the way, especially since Obama and the Democrats are trying to slow that process down as much as possible. But if my secret numerary-decoder ring is correct, it will take another generation to complete this process. America will be rid of racism more quickly than Europe will get rid of anti-Semitism by 100 years. If they ever do, if only we can stop the likes of Obama and the race-baiters, who are just in it for the money, and can free the indentured servants on the Democrat plantation.

In the meantime, racial Republicans are still out there, giving the rest of us a bad name, if no more than making the Left right once out of every 200,000 accusations. So we need to know who and where they are, and how to reach out to them. And, once this election is over, to see if they in fact did vote a straight-line Republican ticket. (I’ll show you how to do that at the end of this article.)

I’ve lived in Virginia for 13 years and have carried on my own missionary efforts among the tobacco-spitting wing of the Sons of the Confederacy, on behalf of constitutional conservatism. There’s a built-in contradiction between their view of the Constitution and people “not like them” and I try to steer any conversation to where I can lay that contradiction bare, just so I can walk away in the knowledge that they may have to reconsider it later, in the privacy of their own throne room.

Mostly self-taught, these guys could tell me how Lincoln “stole” the 1860 election as if it were only yesterday, and was just as illegitimate as Bush in 2000, but which was a lifetime ago. Like a lot of conservatives today, they wallow in their own victimhood. In fact, they are nourished by it and live to feed it. They know nullification and secession inside and out. And they can speak it with the same self-assuredness of Alan Dershowitz explaining Whizzer White’s dissent in Roe to a classroom of second-year law students. So you don’t dare argue with them. You may as well try to explain the connections between work, money, and buying stuff to a Millenial.

They know right from wrong, right from left, and they know their “rats”. But if you stay long enough, a few may let their guard down and reveal an underlying resentment against black folks as having caused all this unfairness in their lives…not that they would ever want a return to slavery, mind you.  They just need strawmen, and like the Jews in Germany, black folks always seem to always be there, and the easiest to blame.

So when I pick up the scent, again from only a few, I remind you, both my antennae and my hackles go up, for these men also claim to be some of the most commonsensical people alive…and it’s this contradiction I want to tweak.

So I never argue. I just listen, nod, agree or disagree with gestures, never wanting to offend, or get my block knocked off. But my parting shot, always offered up as an old man does to young whipper-snappers, in my best “verily-I-say-unto-you” tone is always a singular piece of food for thought:

“Well, we all have to come to a crossroads someday and have to decide whether we love the Constitution or dislike blacks more, for the Constitution will never be restored until the blacks in America are rescued in its name.”

I’ve won over a few, been damned to hell by a lot more, but was never shot, so all in all, I’d call it a win.

So, with this in mind, last week I traveled to southwest Virginia to speak with some old Vietnam veterans about this very subject, because one of them had asked me about Rev Jackson. Of course they all were going to vote to Cotchitelli, or Cuckinelli, or whatever his name is, but wasn’t sure about this black man.

“You do know he’s a preacher?” I asked.

“No. Really?”

“Did you know Rev Jackson formed a group of preachers who joined with North Carolina black ministers to defeat the Gay Marriage Proposal in 2012?”

“Well, no we didn’t?”

“Did you know he worked tirelessly to defeat Barack Obama in 2012?”

“Well, no.”

“What I’m asking here is did you know he worked harder than all the men in this room to defeat Barack Obama in 2012?”

“Well wait a minute,” says they. “Some of us…, well, we….yeah, and we all got out and voted against that sonofabitch.”

“Jackson did a lot more” says I.

They left me with the promise that they’d all vote for Jackson, and would also tell a friend. But in the company they likely keep, I’d be happy if at least half kept their word. What they don’t know is I have a way of checking after the election and that will be the next subject of discussion come spring if there is a wide margin between the Cuccinelli and Jackson vote.

But did you know there is a second group of “racial” Republicans in Virginia?

Terry McAuliffe reminded me of it this week when he drug out some blue-haired former Republican officer, (I can’t find this ad or her name anywhere), the sort of woman who wears white gloves and pearls to lunch with the girls, with that fine patrician Vuhginya drawl just dripping off her tongue like syrup, telling all the people “out theyah” about how she’s going to vote for Terry McAuliffe instead of Ken Cuccinelli because Terry will work with people (of her station) on the othah side of the aisle, and besides, Cuccinelli wants to ban abortion and the right to contraception for women.

I thought this old crow, er, crone…came right out of central casting in Mobile, but she did give her name and former GOP rank, so if any of you know her, just go kill one of her rose bushes and leave a note in the mailbox that says “Vahssah sent me”.

But she should remind you of another Virginia, which really does inhabit a significant financial wing of the GOP here. And yes, it used to be very, very Democrat until all the Byrds died. You’re too young to remember Marian Anderson, the black opera singer, who, in 1939, was denied the ability to sing at Constitution Hall in Washington by the DAR, who owned the building. Not to worry, because of this, she got a sweeter gig at the Lincoln Memorial which the DAR not only didn’t own, but despised…if you get my drift…before 75,000 live people, and on national radio. So their haughty elitism backfired, for they launched her career. Still alive, and probably doing marvelous social work, the DAR has been a parody of racial condescension ever since.

But in Virginia we also have the Colonial Dames, who can trace their ancestry in Virginia back to the days of Jamestown (my family goes back to the 1680’s just up the creek from Jamestown, but we never owned a house with two stories, so could never get in…if you get my drift), then you have the DAR, who are all Daughters of the American Revolution, but whose membership rolls are remarkable similar to the daughters of the Confederacy, in which I don’t think there is a one-room, log-cabin wing, either.

Not to poke too much fun, for I know 1) there are, and always have been some very fine ladies in these organizations, and 2) ancestry is important, as it reminds us of the shoulders we stand on, but this old goat doing the McAuliffe ad was telegraphing a message of elitism and racism to others of her same type, who, I had hoped were dead and buried in Virginia.

I’d like to see Ken Cuccinelli and EW Jackson step forward as a winning team Wednesday morning, and that be last to be said of it. But if you want to know the Republican split between the Top spot and the No 2 spot, win or lose, just wait a couple of months (but before the inauguration if the Democrats win, for they cook the numbers) then go to the Virginia Election website, and choose three or four rural 80-20 Republican counties; e.g., Rockingham, Amherst, Cumberland, and pick out a few counties with a lot of blue-haired DAR types; Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Arlington. Forget the Democrat vote, just compare the distance between Cuccinelli and Jackson with the distance between McDonald and Bolling in 2009.

If the distance is greater, then you’ll know these types still exist. You’ll also know the Virginia GOP is not ready for prime time and why. White gloves and Pearls. Them and Us.

You’ll also know whose rose bushes to kill. For if McAuliffe wins, we want these people, such as the blue-haired old goat, to switch parties to the party-of-racism, where they belong.

And we want to call them out on it.



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