Can Governor Rick Scott Issue an Arrest Warrant for Eric Holder?

Short answer, it all depends.

And it all depends on whether George Zimmerman is convicted of a “lesser included offense” of manslaughter, which, in my view is likely.

I first want to separate the actual trial and outcome from the title question; above.

I think the jury will take advantage of the opportunity to find Zimmerman “guilty of something” since all the jurors live in Sanford, have  not been sequestered, so are very much aware of the overwhelming threat to the community should Zimmerman be allowed to walk away scot free. They want their hands clean, and their houses un-burned down.


Zimmerman helped ease that decision himself by not taking the stand, for it allowed the jury to believe that even if he were the one being beaten up, was the one on the bottom, once he grabbed his pistol there are other things he could have done with it besides kill young Trayvon. The absence of any eyewitnesses to the contrary make this decision easier for the jury.

That said, once sentenced, and after serving maybe six months or so, I expect his conviction will be reversed based on the misconduct and reversible error by the judge in this case.

Maybe by then the mob will have been mollified. Perhaps the black community of Sanford, who, if you will recall, weren’t all that torn up about this shooting at the time it occurred (a lot of changed memories down there), will have gotten their pound of flesh and let things go once Zimmerman is absolved after a few months in stir.

But   just in case, it will be helpful if Scott has a fistful of warrants in his desk drawer, for events will dictate Governor Rick Scott’s options.

As you may know, and recently published here by PumaBydesign from GrumpElders, it was revealed yesterday from FOIA requests evidence that the Department of Justice, in Washington, paid for the protests (including busing in students) that led to the resignation of the Sanford Police Chief, who had refused to arrest and indict Zimmerman based on the evidence they had at the time, (Zimmerman’s busted up face and head versus Trayvon’s unmussed-up head and body) that Zimmerman acted in self defense.  You know all this evidence. It was always out there.

In other words, racial outrage, which might just explode this week, was planted there by operatives of the Obama Administration.

Now Eric Holder is no stranger to “proximate cause”, or his apparent sense of impregnability in ignoring it, for he sold a 1000 guns to drug cartels in Mexico which ended up killing 100’s of citizens down there and in America. He was either unaware that such a thing might happen (i.e., is stupid beyond belief) or callous and indifferent to it happening (i.e., feels invulnerable).

In truth, when going up against the Republicans in Congress, Holder probably felt it was a safe bet to roll the dice, and so far, that crap shoot has worked out fine for him.

But I’d like to think the governor of Florida is made of better stuff, for while it would be hard to get an indictment against DOJ for threatening the entire jury pool and court system in the Sanford area (just as Muslims do in Europe), extorting Zimmerman’s conviction. But if he is acquitted and  riots, injuries, death, fire and damage to property result, then there is a clear and evident proximate cause between what the Department of Justice started last year and what a jury ended this week.

I think Scott could even get a grand jury to back him up, so clear is the evidence.

Yeah, I know, you’re thinking, “Well, Rick can’t exactly send state police up to DC to serve the warrant and arrest Holder.”  True. But it’s nice to have the warrant in the drawer.

And don’t forget the co-conspirators, the DOJ deputy in Washington who executed this plan, who also can’t take his family to the Florida beaches next year, or attend that conference at Disney World, and the DOJ people (more than one, I’m sure) who Scott can get his  hands on in Orlando, unless Holder quickly pulls them out of Florida jurisdiction, as they did the Arizona ATF agents who were the trigger men for Fast & Furious.

And don’t forget the other c0-conspirtaiors:

The New York Times editorial staffer who decided to create the “white Hispanic” meme, also a racial incitement, and still in popular circulation, or the CNN behind-the-scenes editors who decided to hide and photoshop Zimmerman’s injuries, as well as his Hispanic countenance. Criminal conspiracy anyone?

This list could get quite long.

So, as the title question asks, can Gov Scott actually do this? I’ll take a flyer and say, “Hell, yes”, just as Jan Brewer can and should have arrested half the federal building in Phoenix over Fast and Furious. The notion that seems to be running throughout federal agencies that they can break state law, especially state criminal law, with impunity, is a state of affairs that has to be reversed. With prejudice.

Unlike Arizona, Florida has a chance to be out of front of this crime-in-the-making.


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