Distinguishing Between Hypocrisy and Stupidity Among Democrats

The Democratic convention in Charlotte has been a teachable moment for conservatives. Their Party is separated by three distinct types of people, and for the most part, those are divided by rank: Cynic, Hypocrite, and Stupid.

Now, there is a strategic and tactical reason for wanting to understand these distinctions, but there is also an intellectual, even moral reason, for you see, we don’t want to become like them. Nor, when we win, do we want to treat them the same.

The Cynics, of course reflect the party leadership, such as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and both Clintons.  These are people who can lie without remorse or conscience, and in the truest Leninist sense, understand that the end justifies any means. (You can have great fun trying to decide if Jimmy Carter is a Cynic or Hypocrite, for he seems to really believe what he is saying. Or Claire McCaskill, a Hypocrite or a Stupid? Stupids have difficulty in carrying off a lie with a straight face, hence the question.)

All that separates the Cynic from the Hypocrite is rank, up and down the totem pole. It’s what separates Obama from say, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, who will lie just as knowingly as Obama, only the pot at the end of her rainbow is much less for having done so. For Debbie, it is her job to lie, and usually about a thing that is fleeting, such as a news story. Tomorrow it will be a different lie and different story. She doesn’t have to lie about who she is, her core, her soul. No one cares. Only a better paycheck and some higher ranking inside the management apparatus is at the end her hypocrisy.

But for Obama, et al, it is their craft. They cannot ever allow people to know their true purposes, for their entire raison d’etre is to fool people – or they’d be strung up. Once having embarked on the course to being president, or number one among senators, there is no turning back.

But as we saw with the thrice-denial-of-God-vote last night, they are even lying to each another, which is an occupational hazard for the paid hypocrite, to protect their bosses, but a sign that things are coming undone. For when liars gather, they cannot appoint anyone to make their case to the others. They are all liars.

A strange state of affairs, I’m sure you’ll agree, but really rather ordinary if you study the 17th Century French Court, the Borgias, or the Europe of von Metternich.

As for fighting either of these classes I would have no problem in stomping them in the dirt if given the opportunity. They are anathema to what this country stands for. Enough said.

But the Stupids, well, we have to approach them from a different perspective, for you see, for the most part, they can’t help it. And I mean this for most of the true believers, the true-believing Marxist, the true-believing environmentalist, the true-believing feminist, etc.

They are educated, yet under-educated about any ordinary thing, simple math, simple logic, simple common sense. Most are young, most are up and comers, hoping to impress their betters (Cynics), hoping someone will notice them and boost them up the ladder of whatever their idea of success is, as apparently someone has done for Sandra Fluke. (Wouldn’t you love to be in the quid pro quo in that deal? If Hillary can have her Huma, someone has certainly got their Sandra. She didn’t get there for free. She didn’t build that career, we already know.)

Stupid Democrats want to be noticed. Almost every time they open their mouths or pound on their keyboard, they are adding to their resume for someone to hear or read. When caught in front of a mic in a man-on-street interview, every answer is an audition. And if they flub a line, they may pout for a week, drink themselves into a stupor, or maybe even set something on fire.

Now, I don’t know how the inside-game is played in Democrat circles, but it isn’t quite the same as Hollywood, and certainly not the corporate world. You can sleep yourself up a few rungs more in politics than you can in business, but not as much as Hollywood, I suspect, for several actors and actresses of great renown are absolute dunderheads. Other skills are also noticed and admired in business; the knife in the back, twisted lightly, and even the occasionally well-turned phrase.

But I tend to look upon the Stupids, even the shrill and petty, with some degree of pity and sympathy.

You see, they cannot connect even the simplest of dots that the most ordinary working household in America must connect daily, both in near term and long term family planning.

And this defines the entire Democrat Party.

If I put a new 4G Android cell phone into a young man’s hand, I know exactly what he visualizes.  If I instead put two Ben Franklins ($200) in his hand, I can see him connect that dot with the new phone. You can see it on his face.  But if, instead of Franklins, I place a job application in his hand, his mind goes blank. He can’t connect all three dots.

Simple math ends at two dots.

In this manner you can understand the fundamental stupidity that first set Sandra Fluke out on her crusade to bypass the job angle and go straight for that pill in her hand, which then hooks up very easily with free and easy sex.

Why it is important to take note of all these Stupids, from Occupy to Georgetown,  is that when we win and begin to move forward with our agenda to reclaim a  lot of lost ground, it will be those Stupids who will be sent out to stop us, both in the voting booth and the street.

This poses a dilemma for the true moral conservative, for you see, there is nothing we can do to undo the recipe that went into these children being baked the way were. No matter, if they want to take it to the streets I won’t have any difficulty in riding them like dogs. But I don’t really believe in gulags and re-education camps, which is where Pol Pot and Stalin killed most of their “citizens.” It is also where they have promised to send us if and when they win.

We just have to cut them loose and let nature take its course with them. Although very late to the game, most will come around and begin taking on the trappings of responsible citizenship, such as being able to connect a three-fer, from job-to cash-to-cell phone.

But the grand chefs who concocted those over-ready recipes in the first place? We have to tear this down, only no federal government can. Tearing down these culinary kitchens will take years.

That is our real job after Romney wins.




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