Will the Democrat’s Unforgivable Sins Become America’s?

Recently, Lady Penguin penned an essay about infanticide,  King Herod, Obama, and the Genocide of the Unborn. She began it by retelling the story of Moses as a baby, where Biblical infanticide began.

Sunday school children learn the story of little baby Moses, found in rushes along the Nile, by Pharaoh’s daughter, hidden there by his mother because he was her firstborn. Then adult Bible students pick up Moses’ life where he meets the burning bush and is called by God to lead his people out of Egypt. Everyone knows those parts

But little is said about why Moses was hidden in the bull rushes in the first place. It was the practice of killing the first born Hebrew male started by the new pharaoh after the king who invited Joseph and his brothers to live in Egypt had died. Joseph came with less than 70 people (according to Jewish legend) then multiplied like rabbits, so the new king put them in forced labor and slavery, then started killing off their firstborn as a form of birth control.  How many years this went on we don’t know.

We just know these were the children of Israel, son of Isaac, son of Abraham, with whom God made a special covenant. And it isn’t good to mess with God.

The unforgivable sin

Every Bible study group discusses this; some say suicide is one, denying the Holy Ghost another, saying out loud she looks a little stout in that new dress still another.

But I heard a lesson recently about the unforgivable sin in a different light, using this same story of pharaoh killing the Hebrew firstborn as a prime example of God’s judgment imposed on an entire nation.

The theory holds that “unforgivable sin” includes God’s power to claim full and exclusive jurisdiction to exact judgment, without recourse or dispensation, against people who ignore His warnings.

In Exodus, God sent ten plagues to Egypt, each to show His power to be greater than the local gods. At each juncture Pharaoh could see the God of Moses’ power revealed but refused to let the people go. But the 10th plague was exactly the same as the one that the pharaoh had set on the Children of Israel in the beginning. But unlike Pharaoh (and later Herod) who missed one,  God carried it out with exact precision.

It’s important to understand the distinction between God’s judgment on us as individuals, and His judgment on nations. Many Americans believe we also have a special covenant with God, that this land is blessed. I’m in that camp, only I believe God’s covenant is with the ideal that America represents. America offers man freedoms across the breadth of human experience. American lays out in front of man all the possible choices, to work, to achieve, to pursue life, liberty and happiness, to give thanks to the Creator of those blessings. Or not. Man even has the choice to reject God.

In no place on earth in all history have men come so freely, of their own will, to God than they have in this place.

It is this covenant that has made America great. God can deal with individuals according to their own merit, but our nation remains under His protection.

And he rarely brings down judgment on nations, even the Israelites, He once cast them into captivity for 40 years for taking on false gods, which they were wont to do. Some believe He brought down judgment on America because of our one great sin, slavery, and for that sin we collectively paid the price of nearly a million men.

So consider the great sins God punished in the Old Testament: Egypt (infanticide) and Sodom and Gomorrah (sodomy and bestiality). And Israel several times for taking false gods.

Now consider the Democrats, who have officially taken on all three.

In 1973 the Supreme Court in Roe v Wade conferred the power upon American women to choose abortion. But abortion was still voluntary, according to the individual dictates of a person’s code. Individuals stood accountable for their choices, and as we know from many, many regretted their choice, and have found forgiveness.

Today, pro-abortionists want the killing of babies to be national policy. They wanted the state to do more than sanction it – they want it encouraged by the state and paid for out of the public treasury.

This week the Democrat Party has obliged them.

Until now, Americans have carried the weight of choosing abortion as individuals. The Democrats now demand that we all should shoulder it as a nation.

The same with gay marriage. Gays have been able to cohabit for decades, even centuries. They’ve been able to bequeath their property to each other for just as long. They simply had to endure certain rules of decorum and discreetness about their affairs, paying some regard to the greater culture (and greater virtue) or in the alternative, endure certain shunnings and ostracisms in this life, plus of course, that final judgment in the next. If they don’t believe in that final judgment? Well, caveat emptor.  Either way, the gay lifestyle has always been an individual choice.

But that wasn’t enough. They have to have their own policy, their own national sanction, and the Democrats have obliged them as well, this week, adding gay marriage to the Party platform.

Not to be outdone, the atheists have always wanted their say. Now, communists and most socialists are atheists by writ, but to some atheism is an end unto itself. Their war has always been with God, much like Pharaoh, insisting their god is mightier, while daring Him to prove otherwise.

Today all mention of God has been removed from the Democrat Party platform. Now Democrats are truly a Godless party.

So for November, the Democrats are endorsing and offering up as national policy what God has already shown to be unforgivable sins, and by banishing His name, they have dared Him to exercise His power.


Either we are nation under God, or we are not.

It is America upon whom judgment will be cast if the Democrats win in November. All of us. No one will be spared, for America will be thrown down, and cast to the wind.

It won’t matter that you are innocent, that we were on the side of right, and fought the good fight, but lost.  America will be punished and we will all suffer right along with the guilty as she is hobbled down.

So to the self-righteous, it will not be enough to say you always kept faith with God. Africa, Asia and South America are filled with people who have kept faith with God. And they will reap their rewards in the next life. But not in this life.

So hear me.

As nakedly as the Democrats have laid out their new vision of a Godless America, we must defeat them. We must stomp them and grind them into pulp, so that the new Democratic Party that will emerge will be at one with the original covenant the Founders made with America.


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