What Lie Do You Have to tell Yourselves? A Letter to #NeverTrumpers

I've always believed that a sizeable element of younger American conservatism in 2015 saw Donald Trump as that garish builder, Al Czervik, (Rodney Dangerfield) who bought a membership at a swank Los Angeles country...

Berkeley, 1964, Why it Matters Today

The first campus takeover that began that trend began on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, more often referred to as simply "Berkeley". If you have any personal memory of that campus...

Promiscuity and Profanity, a Commentary of Modern LGBTQIA

Mark Twain was apparently a notorious swearer. Since he didn’t use such language in his writings (wasn’t permitted in his day) we have no real idea what his profanity might have sounded like. But...

A Memo to President Trump: Beware of the Green Card Bias

This is a hard subject to talk about. President Trump and I belong to a generation when the natural law of "becoming American" was still operational, even for Indians who immigrated here in the 1960s....

Was Jonah Goldberg a Better Thinker 10 Years Ago Than he is Today?

There was a great line spoken by Lee Marvin in "The Professionals" (1966): "Some women have the ability to turn boys into men, while other women have the ability to turn some other men into boys". Note...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

https://youtu.be/-uX1sgH3iEo   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans