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This “Effing Impeachment” by the “Effing Democrats”; a Dream Quest

Almost a year ago I posted a link to several music videos, with the idea of giving you something to sit back and dream of how citizens might exercise frontier justice on the enemies of the People.

“Music to March on Congress With” I called it.

For this short piece I chose Ennio Morricone’s “Como Madalenna”, which builds to the sort of storming-the-castle crescendo I’d like to imagine as citizens are kicking in the doors of the Longworth and Rayburn office buildings, as Lady Nancy, Schiff and Nadler hightail it down to their escape subway.


Just 4 minutes.



The “F” word has the title role here because of all the words and their meaning the Left has stolen from our vocabulary began when they began turning “making love” into…well, “effing” in the 1960s. You can hear variants of that, “freaking”, in modern advertising today.

Nancy Pelosi was a pioneer of this process, so first picture a young Nan, a spoiled Baltimore debutante, who probably never had to get a driver’s license until she was married. Both Gerald Nadler (1947) and Adam Schiff (1960) were born Jewish, Nadler even trained in his religion at a yeshiva, while non-practicing Schiff’s a descendant of a prominent Jewish banker who came here in the late 1800’s and was part of Woodrow Wilson’s banking “reforms” cabal (Federal Reserve) a little over a century ago.

At least two of these claim a religious background, and even invoke it, yet subscribe to moral and cultural beliefs, (abortion, LGBT) and political beliefs, (a one-party State) that no religion or Constitution countenances. Nadler even once claimed affiliation with communism in the Clinton days.

Lady Nan, the spoiled little rich debutante, was elected as a Democrat National Committee member from California in 1976, and was part of the takeover by the then-called  “Modern Liberal” wing (think Bolsheviks) of the Democrat Party on the floor of their national convention. I remember this well for I had just come from Japan and was spending my last military year in Arizona. I still identified as a “liberal”. It was then that Mary McGrory, a Washington columnist, wrote in an op-ed carried by Arizona papers that

“Modern Liberalism” stands for the proposition that all human conduct should be subject to the political process.”

The day I read that was the day I quit being a “liberal”.

(Cue the music.)

How they were all raised: spoiled, over-indulged, bratty, scatologically-inclined Hillary Rodham belongs here, but so does husband, Bill, who was as much in favor in redefining the meaning of “love ” as his bride-was in redefining the mannerly use the effing vocabulary with strangers and people beneath her. She could make a mule-skinner blush.

Just look at what has been stolen from us, beginning with that one word, “love”.

In the 60s pop songs still used it prolifically, even invoking God and angels and prayer. And young girls wept. And films still used “making love” with a double meaning, one for grown ups and the other for youngsters who thought Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher made a cute couple. “Love” was a word that was passed onto my generation tenderly, with a great deal of reverence.

Then came Nan and Hillary and the New Left and ugly girls suddenly thought they looked “mahvelous” without a bra, including hairy armpits, a condescending sneer, and a four-letter word on the tips of their tongues.

With the voluntary assistance of sweet-talking Bill, and his astro-turf El Camino, in the shortest period of time, being “in love” morphed in to “making love”, and quickly thence to “screwing”, “boinking”, “vo-di-oh-do” (Laverne and Shirley) and finally just to raw “effing”.

All without any real effort from the Madison Avenue brand-awareness mavins.

All this in just three-four short years, mostly while I was still an undergrad.

The morphing of the “effing Democrat Party” didn’t take much longer. All it required was a redefinition of “liberalism”, just over 40 years ago, as just cited, and the purging of all the other moralisms that were found in the common culture of America, and, (thank God for our side), also embodied in the Constitution, where it still remains.

Make your own list of words that had deep meaning to you that have been redefined or dropped altogether. After all, it’s still okay to “love” pizza.

Try “honor” and imagine the contortions any of them, take Joe Biden, has to go through to put four corners of his definition of “honor” so that he can fit into it.

They all have to do this dance almost daily in front of the mirror, with a long list of cultural totems they’ve expropriated. But unlike the process of giving themselves courage to do what Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer & Co have in standing before a camera, trying to bluff their way through a high stakes poker game holding a pair of deuces…that mirror is the only place they can lie to themselves without benefit of artificial stimulants.

That lie is at the core of their disease.

“Impeachment”, then, is just the latest in a long list of meaningful words that have had new meanings foisted upon us. But it may be one of their last.

In trying to find a common denominator, by looking at Schiff and Nadler, almost a generation apart, that parade of bureaucrats, from Comey to Strozk, from Brennan to Weismann, from the semi-pretty Marie Yovanovich to the texting seductress Incontinentia buttocks Lisa Page, they all share one thing…

…the one ring that seems to bind them all.



At least we can know what type of spoiled rotten kids from the 60s it was that invented the “dog ate my homework” dodge and have turned it into a working political tactic. And where it’s now institutionalized in government and universities, where entire departments are dedicated to its perpetuation. Just to avoid personal accountability.

Of course, having painted themselves into a corner, and not wanting to make fools of themselves by throwing tantrums in the toy aisle at FAO Schwarz, aka Congress, they want a rule change in this current impeachment poker game, demanding it go from 7-card stud to 12-card stud.

(Cue the song again.)

This is why I want to just sit back for a few minutes and dream a pleasant dream of storming their “effing” castle.

It may even come down to that, but we’re in uncharted waters here with this new species. You won’t find this in history books, not even 1776. So I pray we don’t call out the mob, for a mob with 450 million guns can be an ugly, ugly thing.

Legally we’re up on the horses and they’re afoot, so in order to unhorse us, they have to storm our houses, not the other way ’round.

Then we can shoot them. The next best thing in having them believe we might. Give their fear a chance.

This is why, for some years now, I have encouraged people around the country to form very discreet cells to blight their paths, only in San Francisco, and not Washington. Let the fear trickle up, that after 60 years they may finally be getting that first whooping with a paddle, and maybe even a bloody nose. (Stay tuned for updates here, as there are things you need to know. Rules of engagement.)

If you understand the nature of their effing self-love, you’ll see how easy it should be to pull their stingers with only a minimum amount of pain. Or risk to you.

Still, I want to storm the castle, too. Just once before I die…to slap the effing taste right out of their effing mouths for trying to steal the meaning of everything we hold holy.

Even the meaning of impeachment.




3 thoughts on “This “Effing Impeachment” by the “Effing Democrats”; a Dream Quest

  1. Salutations!!
    Dear Sir!
    I wish to inform you that I find your works extremely well written.
    Exposing the fact that you possess a gift rare to us all- that being_
    the ability to convey what lies at the heart of your perception and understanding of the occurrences that are emerging in this world we are privileged to take part in.
    Almost any attempt – by any author- to describe what we are experiencing can seem
    off, weak or contrived- unless one has a personal connection-
    Your work makes me feel at home as if I were reading Twain.
    Thank You!!
    Sincere regards,

  2. Thank you, Mr Schmiderer. As you can see, this site is sort of like a “By Invitation Only” place. Not a lot of visitors. Nor comments. Like Mr Clemens I’ve seen and done a lot of things in my 70+ years, and like to use those as teaching ballast. I was lucky in that regards from my granddad especially.

    I look forward to hearing from you again.

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