Leading into this there’s been “The Rittenhouse Proclamation” and “Tricking the State”

Now let me make a

 Dark Alley Connection

…for conservatives with vision, for what has been missing in this decade-plus long war with the Left’s hidden financial scheme to keep urban unrest alive in American cities, using thousands of children of the sun who do no work today, or any day, and occupied only in the interests of their appetites…has been the absebce of a corresponding response by financial interests from the Right.

The great sadness has been that an effective response could always have been accomplished for pennies on the dollar against what the Left is spending simply because our purposes are more common-sensical, requiring less managerial and bureaucratic methods, and more voluntary. Most of all, we have a far simpler mission, achievable without spilling blood or destroying property beyond a few rose bushes, Gucci purses and Armani suits.

But most of all, you can destroy that sense of well-being just in going back and forth to the office, or that sense of immunity and invincibility that generally is bred into that class at an early age.

I’ve been suggesting misdemeanor “Dark Alley” projects since 2010. I’ve even done small seminars, targeting corrupt government, universities, public school boards and administration, and of course, violent street demonstration cum riots and looting.

The key is good intelligence, not about their grand plan, but their comings and goings, habits and routines. Then it’s easy to strike back. For the most part, they have stark weaknesses, all built around their own personal vanities and sense of entitlement. We are in generation-three now, which is when even royal dynasties begin to disintegrate.


As a preamble, I noted the impact of the Rittenhouse jury decision (above) on the Left’s ground strategy, and how small teams of citizens, at ground level, can find and stalk planners in their local communities who are behind those crimes, and then “get their attention” by letting them know that there are people out here who know who they are and where they live and work. (If you’ve ever thought about walking from the Taj Mahal just three unlit blocks to your motel on Oriental Avenue, with $3500 in cash in your pocket, you know what I mean.)

A simple note won’t do…at least until they feel a pin-prick of pain or loss, and some sense of fear, by learning that the dead rosebushes (a euphemism, if you hadn’t already guessed it) wasn’t a random act of vandalism.  I call this “whistling past graveyards”, based on a few simple criteria; 1) guilt, knowing they are involved in something illegal, and 2) that someone out there knows who they are, where they work and live, and 3) they have absolutely no idea who that some one(s) might be. 

There are dozens of ways to plan and accomplish this. And I touch on many of them in my series of “Dark Alley” articles going back since the Obama days.

Every city and county in America has a few of these crooks, some for money, others for rank or even hate, with hundreds of citizens who know who they are and just chomping at the bit to level the field. What they need is intelligence, incentive and support, which usually can be easily conveyed in discreet ways.

You will find this hunger to be involved is a growing trend around America, including red cities and suburbs. And America’s history is filled with similar reactions to the criminal takeover of the political process and public institutions. This is not new. That we are now in a Tech Age means only that we need to learn to be aware of the technology so as to be able to both use it or stay hidden from it, to our advantage….for the Left, like China, has become addicted to it, relying more on informants than vigilance.

The Germans could never unravel the networks of the French, Norwegian networks, not the French the Algerian resistance networks. Nor could the Soviets unravel the samizdat “tricking the state” networks of the USSR in the 90s. Even with vast armies of snitches and wall-to-wall CCTV, the CCP has been unable to crack their resistance.

What we do know is that local police are not going to spend a lot of resources tracking down what appears to be acts of minor vandalism.


Modern Americans of culture and refinement disagree with this sort of thinking, on the theory (I suppose) that America has moved beyond needing this sort of private intervention anymore since law enforcement is perfectly equipped to handle any and all breaches of peace and destruction of property and looting. Besides, it’s not seemly.

I know. I’ve tried.

Apparently this is not the case. From street violence since the rise of the Occupy Movement in 2012, thence to Antifa and and BLM we know there have sophisticated methods of planning, logistics, training, equipping, transporting and paying those bands of l’enfants de guerre who show up. You don’t think those kids got those cute shields and uniforms from private donations?

At Kenosha it was Kyle Rittenhouse who was the unplanned outlier. Only now two of them are dead and a third has serious second thoughts as to whether he’d do another gig with the people who hired him.

Millions of dollars have been poured into street mercenaries, only now their backers will have much of the holiday season to reflect on how to proceed in 2022, and may have to redraw plans…in part because the Rittenhouse-jury effect may force city fathers to change their acceptance of this kind of violence in their cities. Time will tell.

Over that same period I’m encouraging conservatives to consider getting into the act, with the claim that they can do it for pennies on the dollar that the Left does.

They have a million-person army just waiting for the resources, intelligence, such as who are the principal organizations and players in their city/state government, public schools, etc. (It’s a target-rich environment.)

All you have to do is identify who those people are then pass them on, through nameless liaisons, just as the Left does, to cells or teams in the field.


Changing what modern, monied-conservatives think about private intervention is my purpose here.

What I’ve learned over the years is that wealthy conservatives don’t seem to like to dirty their hands on this subject, but still wish someone else would, and would gladly vote for them, but only if they would only offer a good “political process solution”. No one seems to want to find an alternate process to make bad people stop unless law enforcement is involved, only, as we’ve seen in several states, law enforcement has repeatedly stood down, its absence a big part of the problem, often at the behest of city hall and other state management.

That connection needs to be disrupted by instilling fear into their middle management.

Here I only want to convince conservative-money to get into the game.

The Dark Alley I’ve suggested is best approached with total anonymity…in small groups of 5 or so. I provided outlines covering intelligence, planning & operations, communications, and finally notifications…that all important notice to the “victim” that her Gucci purse wasn’t destroyed by a random vandal. And why.

That’s where the fear sets in.

Just as left-wing money is untraceable, so must yours, and your planning conversations be done the old-fashioned way, away from computers and cellphones. Security is everything.


This isn’t rocket science, all you have to do is war-game in your minds how you would attack a situation “militarily”, and the resources needed to get the job done, often requiring little more than putting a fear of the Lord in their steps as they stop doing what they are doing.

It’s Natural Law that 90% of them are bullies, whether Twitter warriors or 4th Grade textbook writers or teachers…and the first “skunked” purse or bloody lip will cause most to stop dead in their tracks and reflect.

You can cause them to be looking over their shoulders for a very long time.

Just make sure they never know who killed their rose bushes, skunked their clothes, or washed their mouths out with soap. That’s the security part, for believing your troops have something more painful in store for them, will cause them to strike back with 10x the force if they should ever learn who your agents are.

Blight their paths and most will fold like a cheap lawn chair.

It’s a target rich environment. And if properly done, stealing away “Soros'” cannon fodder at the bottom can totally destroy their action plans at the top.

You can devise a national plan or work only regionally, even locally. It all depends on how well you can build, or cause to be built, that team, and how much it will cost. The training is simple.

I’m able to consult, but I’m also Old School, and not as tech-savvy as you likely are. But everything you need is found in those Dark Alley articles, I’ve just never put it into manual form. (I’d love to be able to.)

To date I’ve never been given a penny to write these things, but my Paypal address is vbushmills@thesandsinstitute.org, so feel free to drop me a few bucks. Those who find my work valuable can support me here.


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