The Rittenhouse Proclamation

I think the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and acquittal signaled a sea-change on attitudes about self-defense, including the moral and legal right to defend property.

The significance of the trial was that it allowed the general public to see paraded before a fact-finding body, a court of law, alleged facts-to-be-proved and placed in the hands of citizens to adjudge them. To date the media has take it upon itself to edit or translate those “facts” to suit their purposes, and of course, 12 ordinary citizens trashed media reports and excursions into knowing what beats in the hearts of men (clairvoyance) and dashing them on the rocks. In short, it proved the media is absolutely impotent to control the political agenda where real facts are adjudicated-at-law.

This renders the media to be little more than a feckless reporter-of-fact, and their toying with words, such as refusing to describe the Waukesha-parade deaths as murder (which legally won’t occur until the driver is officially charged) or that the driver is black, and with a long criminal history, or, in all likelihood, he is judged guilty, which, for crimes such as these, may take a year or more. (Because of the 2022 midterms, the timing of this will matter.)

Because of the handling of the Rittenhouse case, the media has already had to retrench to its core readers, who actually comprise little more than 30%, including social media, knowing that the 70% don’t believe a word they say…without independent proof.

The Rittenhouse acquittal is significant to the larger fight against the Left for several reasons, not least of which that it occurred in a blue state, Wisconsin, albeit one which has teetered red since Scott Walker became governor in 2011-2019. So we already knew Wisconsin had a strong base of common-sense Americans. And Kenosha just proved it.

Their schools and universities are red, their unions are red, the government bureaucracies are red, and from Google on down, the internet is red, still, statewide Wisconsin is one of the swing states still wrapped up in the still-pulsing election fraud issues of 2020 that may yet explode all because of a non-governmental middle class citizenry rediscovering that it still has a very powerful voice.

Clearly Wisconsin citizens at their base are of a much redder mind, for Kyle Rittenhouse was not acquitted because 7 out of 12 (60%) jurors believed he was innocent, or even 10 out of 12 (83%), but 12 out of 12 (100%). Unanimous.

This is the sort of citizen oneness that scares governments who need a more compliant population, for it appears the non-governmental middle classes of every generation are continuing to hold onto old fashioned values such as common sense, the ability to tell a horse from a mule, and a fact from a hoax

And the left-wing bleating has already begun nationally. Only it’s more hollow now, because even in the reddest of reds; California, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, the ruling political classes now realize that a broad swath of their electorate are not on board with their ideas of state control, defense of property and self, and of course, the private ownership of weapons.

(And yes, this popular-will will also be reflected in the way the public reacts to continued and expanded intrusion into the people’s “right to choose” about Covid-vacc mandates. So, everything state-related is taking on a different tone, the people a little more proprietary about their personal rights, and the minding-other-peoples-business crowd having to step back a bit…or risk getting their mouths mashed.)

And that took place because this sort of natural-law self-defense “equalizing” shooting to allow the people to have their say. It’s almost as if Providence had put a thumb on the scales of justice to give the people hope.

So, let’s be clear, Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t change people’s minds, he only reminded them their minds were theirs to make up on their own…and that they have great power when they do.

This decision may also begin to change how citie governments (all blue) will handle street protests, or riots, which for several years now have been injected with roving bands of Antifa and Black Lives Matter mongrels who have wreaked mayhem, property destruction, injury, and become a front for local gangs, who now have established thriving retail channels in the back-alleys of almost all of America’s cities.

Blue cities either don’t know how, or choose not to try to control this criminal conduct, which has begged for private intervention for several years.

In the piece that follows after Thanksgiving, I throw a little light on how the left operates from the dark to control these events, so that conservative (real conservative money) might be able to learn

But apparently it isn’t seemly for conservative monied interests to be involved with those sorts of people at street level. Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t a hireling, but the men who chased him were, and would have killed him had they been able, and would likely never have ever been indicted, probably on the grounds of “self defense”. (Think about that.) Look at the film. They didn’t appear to be wanting to take him prisoner, of just be able to yell “Tag, you’re it.”

Bottom line:

Just like those thousands of illegal immigrants who cross from Mexico into America, we know there are millions of dollars being funneled into the recruitment, training, travel and care and keeping of thousands of front-line “troops” who have been joining others’ protests, or starting their own, since the beginning of the Occupy Movement in 2012.  ‘Soros-like’ money is credited with much it, from Guatemala-support groups for illegals to Africa and the Middle Eastern fronts, not to mention Attorney-generals’ programs (for several years now). Millions of dollars.

And it’s clear, these monies are being invested with no expectation of any financial return, only a grip on power.

We (you) know who their paid actors are. Kyle Rittenhouse killed two of them. But do we know who those dead guys’ paid street managers (squad leaders, platoon leaders) were, or who hired the buses that ferried them there? There are multiple chains of command.

Turn the page, for there is a logical answer as to what we must do to quell this street violence, as well as stifle the behind-the-scenes money trail that pays for it.

Stay tuned.

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