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The Fascists Among Us Pt. II

I intentionally left something out of Part I in this series so I could bring forward the definition of Fascism here precisely because it is a learning opportunity for folks to see for themselves the extent to which Big Tech is complicit in the infiltration and dismantling efforts that are underway to destroy our Founding Fathers’ version of America.

Controlling The Flow of Information

Google has almost total control of the internet search market. It’s worth noting here, however, that much of this is because they understood how lazy people had become with their educations and how much easier it was just to sit on their asses playing with a mouse and keyboard rather than going down to the local library – pen and paper in hand – and perusing the Encyclopedia collection there. And, not for nothing, Google has effectively destroyed the entire print reference business altogether.

Giving credit where it is due, they developed a product that worked better than any other web search product available at its inception. And in the true capitalistic form they set about rigging the marketplace in such a way, like asshole bullies on the playground stealing and hiding the community toys from the weaker kids in the sandbox, that any kid getting close enough would have his feet kicked out from under him and the toy smashed beyond all recognizable usability. It’s a business model that has worked since the Industrial Revolution and it has enriched many a man and woman at the expense of just about everyone else around them.

This is capitalism at its finest except that, as is historically true of everyone that eventually gets too big for their britches, Google became self-absorbed and addicted to the wealth, power, and self-righteousness that ultimately befalls every Progressive Liberal Socialist that has come before them. Ordinarily, this would be anathema to everything – by its very nature – that rank-and-file Progressive Liberal Socialists stand for and are fighting against but these otherwise very fine people are too busy being angry at their opposition to address what’s happening right in front of their faces.

The problem with Progressive Liberal Socialists, of course, is that they “know so much that isn’t so”.

If you execute a Google search for Fascism you get:

Progressive Liberal Socialist translation? Republicans and Conservatives and any one on the right or alt-right simply must be fascists and, ipso facto, Nazis.

Except that this just isn’t so, anywhere else, save for the mushminds of Progressive Liberal Socialists at Google and the other members of the Big Tech oligarchy that has spent 20 years painting Republicans and Conservatives with this broad red brush to provide cover for them behaving precisely this way.

Read it again (emphasis mine):
dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.

Ringing any bells for you?

Let’s conduct a little experiment. Let’s leave Google altogether, including my Chrome browser, and go to a competitor called Tor, which has no loyalty to Google or Silicon Valley, and see what happens while searching with my favorite utility called DuckDuckGo.

Well, looky here! Magically, far-right is gone. Authoritarian is gone. Ultranationalism is gone as well, and these things have been miraculously replaced with “centralization of authority under a dictator”, “capitalistic economy subject to stringent government control”, “violent suppression of the opposition”, and “belligerent nationalism and racism”.


I don’t know about you, but this sounds an awful lot more like today’s Progressive Liberal Socialist than any Republican or Conservative that I know. You?

To my mind, there is no greater racist on the planet than a Progressive Liberal Socialist calling their opposition racists in order to cover up for their own racism. And it is their own fault for choosing an ideology that can only succeed if it effectively identifies and isolates social classes into victim groups in order to aggressively foment for radical transformational change that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

Controlling The Knowledge Assets

One of my favorite outlets to poke at with a pointy stick in order to exemplify just how deep the subterfuge goes in Big Tech’s Progressive Liberal Socialist propaganda machine is Wikipedia. We Boomer bloggers have known for years that using Wikipedia as a source when researching an article all but guarantees your published work will never be any better than at least suspect in its veracity to get to the truth. This is because anyone with a registered account can, at any time, edit the entries of other Publishers. This means, simply, that the truth of a subject covered is only so true as the last person making changes to it.

While it is true enough that original authors of published Wikipedia entries can go back and change the changes, in real-time what this means is that – at any given moment – a search on Google will put Wikipedia at the top of the search result list (they have an operating agreement with each other) and a click into the Wikipedia entry will provide information that is subsequently used by whoever performed the search. They will go on with their work, relying on the contents of Wikipedia at that moment in time. If you multiply that by every alleged journalist or lazy Progressive Liberal Socialist college student everywhere in America and around the world… Well, you can quickly see that all knowledge from all sources on all news outlets is being thrown around as irrefutable truth.

Except that this just isn’t so.

This level of power held by Google and passed along through the information chain is unparalleled and unprecedented and plays no small role in the ongoing battle over fake news and the propagation of the misinformation that is Central in every disingenuous Exchange between Progressive Liberal Socialists and anyone who dares disagree with them.

Thanks to Google search, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter et. al. and the vast majority of so-called news outlets in this country, Wikipedia is just accepted as fact. No one questions it and no one fact checks it. (Twitter might want to do a better job of covering their tracks before manipulating half-truths about Trump and his use of their platform. Just sayin’)

Apologies in advance for having to do a Part III but this has run on long enough and I want you to think about this while I put together the rest of what you need to know to stand up against the Big Tech Fascist and the Goebbels-esque tactics they are employing in there all out War against freedom and individual liberty.

More soon

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