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With “Skunk” We Could Have Ended This Rioting in Two Days

I’ve been writing about Antifa and Black Lives Matter since Obama, especially in ways private citizens can sneak around in the dark and dampen their spirits about wanting to go out on the public streets and turn over old men in wheelchairs or break store windows. I’ve written several articles, but as of this last weekend in May, 2020, no younger men have taken these opportunities to heart, preferring to sit on Twitter and screech “I wish that sumbitch had done that to my face” then lean back and take another pull at ol’ Budweiser.

Had any done so we’d have seen evidence of it this weekend of national rioting and mayhem following the criminal (in my view) death of George Floyd of Minneapolis, by a police officer there.

It was not spontaneous except in the hearts of a few people in Minnesota who knew Mr Floyd. It was well organized, the national coordination of which we haven’t seen in over 50 years

The purpose of my original Dark Alley strategy was to dampen this from occurring from the grass roots by injecting a little fear and doubt in the people who would be encouraged to join.

Oh, well. There was practical logic in that a few years ago, but, as predicted, they have gotten bigger, better funded, and even a little more sophisticated in their organization. All pretty predictable when you can move about and grow more or less undisturbed for close to a decade…and still never having to taste the first trickle of their own blood coming from their nose, except at a couple of Trump campaign rallies.

I can’t help but wonder, if we’d had a few hundred hardy souls lurking in the dark alleys since all this began how differently Antifa would have been behaving in public, passing out cash on the streets of Minneapolis, as if they were totally immune just this past weekend.

But since Donald Trump has been president I’d laid off any serious “dark alley” appeals since these Antifa-BLM events happened on Obama’s watch and had faded away since. But this killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was bound to set off some sort of chain reaction, and it did. And we seem to have been totally unprepared.

And Skunk would make a natural complement to our anti-riot and property destruction arsenal, local, state and federal, that our small time projects could ever do. I don’t recall mentioning “Skunk” except in passing in the above-cited article in 2017.

I have my own favorite, as we’ve found Skunk (an Israeli chemical) or homemade fecal-smelling sprays can cause a person to need to disrobe even in freezing weather just to get away from it. (Outdoor tested at OccupyWallStreet and Oakland.)

An abhorrent and persistent odor, resistant to cleaning, you can destroy a $500 suit, a $700 Louis Vuitton handbag, leather upholstery in a Porsche, or just the door handle. And on the skin, it requires a minimum of 3 days self-isolation at home to go away.

The variety of uses  are limitless.

Just see the product ad from Isreal.

Friends of mine actually tested “home-made skunk” and tried it out in Oakland and New York Occupy sites, just to 1) test the time lapse between squirting it on a person’s clothes and them discovering it, if a quick getaway was needed, and 2) how violent their reaction would be.

In Oakland, October, 2011, this lab guy concocted this in a blender, used a nasal spray type plastic bottle and discreetly sprayed it on the back of a girl’s jacket then quickly walked away. It was a few seconds before she noticed odor, and another ten seconds before she realized it was on her person, whereupon, she went into a kind of panicked dance to get that jacket off.

In Manhattan that November, the liquid was poured into an empty soda bottle, which was sprinkled inside a tent where a couple of Occupy campers were sleeping. She screamed, stood up, the tent came down, and both emerged seaching for anyway to get out of their clothes but stay warm.

(If you don’t know many of the Antifa leadership cadre today were recruited at those Occupy experiments. And the Occupy Movement itself came out of a series of seminars held on the campus of Washington University in St Louis in the summer of 2010. We had a friend gate crash the events, (which wasn’t hard to do.)

At the time I learned of Skunk it was used bythe Israeli government. The film describes how their IDF used it against demonstrators along their borders. I don’t know if the Israelis had ever miniaturized Skunk, as we had done with our homemade skunk, but I noticed it was never used along our southern borders in 2017-18 when several assaults were made on them. So I assume no one in our government either knew about it or considered the broad range of applications, because they would have been perfect the past weekend.

I can’t stress how effective it is, from cannons to disperse a crowd, to small teams spread out among a mob-on-the-march, each with various kinds of delivery systems. As noted, they can’t stand the smell or the feel, and it comes with a 3-day involuntary sequestration period, at no extra charge. Those bricks would still be stacked if someone had dumped a paint can of Skunk over the piles. Even with rubber gloves, they can’t stand that smell.

It’s the sort deterrent that can stink all the enthusiasm out of their participation in the Cause, maybe even wanting to rethink any future association with it, which in turn would should dampen Antifa’s recruiting and change their planning.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, Mr President, unless you ask the CDC to do a study on skunk you can have this on the ground and ready to deploy by Friday, June 5th.

Next weekend.



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    1. We tried in in a blender in 2011, but there are several (I’m told) mfgs of a domestic spray. The Israeli one is best, if you can find it.

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