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The Fascists Among Us, Part I (A series by Haystack)

(From the Founder and Editor of UnwashedPhilosophy.com Haystack presents insights and incitements I very much agree with…a call to arms in fact.)

The English language is a fickle bitch; she possesses countless , words allowed but singular meaning, with strict rules against nuance and interpretation, while providing myriad more that can be routinely and whimsically co-opted by malcontents to deceive or intentionally serve the disingenuous purposes of disseminating half-truths and inspiring malfeasance and mutiny amongst our ranks.

But Lady English doth not protest; hers is an expectation that those who hear her words might diligently study them such that they are at least as intelligent as the speakers of them. To coin a phrase from Andrew Breitbart, may he rest in peace, “Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth”, adding that:

“…We start by uncovering the truth and telling everyone about it. I’m not religious, and I’m certainly no theologian, but if there is one thing in religion that speaks to me, it is the idea of absolute truth. In fact, the word truth has meaning only if it is absolute. And absolute truth will set us all free…”

Breitbart was not wrong. Yet for all that he accomplished in his too-short life, in the years since his passing some of the richest people in the world have become so precisely by profiting from the manipulation and control over who is allowed to tell the truth and to whom their truth can be told.

If such things as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, Microsoft Et. Al. didn’t exist such a thing as manipulating truth would be inconceivable. Yet the reality on the ground here in America, and around the world, tells a vastly different and much darker truth.

Many of us old school bloggers, “Boomer bloggers” if you will, once believed that these silly little social media startups were a passing phase that would, soon enough, run their course quickly enough once the grown-ups checked them out and realized what hot steaming piles of shit they all were. Except they didn’t fail and we actually helped make the whole thing even worse by allowing ourselves to be sucked into it ride along with everybody else. And along came the mush minded millennials, and every generation after, gobbling that stuff up like fat kids on Halloween night, and a worldwide pandemic of addiction to “gleeful ignorance” was born.

A friend of mine told me years ago that Google was the worst thing ever invented. He believed that it made people more stupid because it gave people a good excuse to be lazy, avoid personal research or note-taking or study and reflection that would enhance the possibility of retaining the information for use throughout your lifetime. Now, if you couple that with a famous quote from Ronald Reagan you should be starting to put together a picture in your mind of how far we have fallen over the last decade or two:

The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

These guys weren’t wrong either… The Liberals of Reagan’s time have become the big Tech fascists, wolves in sheep’s clothing if you will, of the modern era

Rape, Pillage, & Plunder

Bill Gates all but stole his way into squeezing out his founding partner and built the software products in such a way as to kill any legitimate competition. He is now a billionaire throwing money around wherever he can the money keeps coming in because of his Monopoly over his sector of the market.

The collective Google Monopoly likewise built a product and then made sure they had no competition worth mentioning before buying up traditional segments of their Market, such as YouTube, and tightening their grasp around the throat of the entire internet by building code to manipulate search results in order to squeeze out anyone they didn’t like or approve of.

Facebook and Twitter, separately owned, also have their respective monopolies and also have their hands wrapped tightly around the throats of social networking to make sure only users with whom they agree or can be beaten into compliance with their randomly changing rules.

Amazon, the only game in town – more-or-less – for purchasing goods and services without getting off your ass and going to the store, also has a monopoly and also decides what you can and can’t spend your money on, and is now being proven to treat its employees terribly and decide for themselves whether your purchase requests a high enough priority or if you have to wait till they get around to sending it to you.

Did I mention that Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post? Everyone paying attention knows why, but I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Each of these branches of big Tech in some way steals your data, shares it wherever there is a dollar to be made, makes money off your very presence in their domain, makes more money when you buy something from them, and continues laughing at you – 2 your face – because they have more power over your rights then the federal government.

Think about that.

Perhaps the greatest irony in all that “Big Tech” has done to tatter the edges and fray the fabric of the American and Global Society is that they have done so in broad daylight, with our eyes wide open, and under the soothing toned auspices of making the world a better place and bringing all of us closer together. All the while, with every sharp-edged tool in the master capitalist playbook, they are personally (and obscenely) enriching themselves well beyond imaginable or necessary levels. It boggles the mind to try and wrap one’s head around the notion that a small handful of people – rabid Progressive liberals and Socialists- came to be so deeply loved and highly regarded while so many people that stand so strongly against the very things big Tech has employed to get where it is today.

This is entirely our fault. We allowed it to happen to ourselves. But it can be undone.

More to come…

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