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Earth Day, April 22, 1970, the Biggest Hoax Russia Ever Perpetrated on America

(This is an annual celebration of Leftist cupidity)

For what it’s worth, Earth Day, is “celebrated” (or “honored”, you can’t always tell) every April 22nd. But it’s not an official American holiday, the president at the time having nothing to do with it. But Nixon probably was also its principal mark, for had he known its true meaning he might not have created the Environmental Protection Agency by executive order just a few months later. The same for Congress, at least the more gullible Republicans, for they quickly followed Nixon’s genuflection to political correctness with their own enactment of the National Environmental Policy Act soon thereafter.

I think both Nixon and the GOP saw the makings of a giant new bureaucracy (correct) which they could control (wrrrong).

If you don’t already know, April 22 is also the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. But the scam goes much deeper than that, for it does represent the celebration of many pagan rites, paganism in general, sort of  a “hands-across the waters” (Paul McCartney) to both self-worship and the subliminal worship of tyranny, which most self-worshipers don’t realize.

The Left snuck this “holiday” right past Nixon. Banks and government offices didn’t close, but most schools still put on programs and events, with essay contests, a moment of silence for the “Unknown Kindling” about to light some freezing souls’ stove in northwest Idaho, and maybe a Maypole dance on some college campuses. Of course there were, and still are, wood nymphs, sprites, hedonism and paganism, parades which looked then more like the cast of “Hair” or the album cover for Sergeant Pepper’s. I expect not a little bit of acid was dropped, doobies bogarted, and maypoles danced around, where cities not only had to send in teams to clean up the debris, but a second crew to disinfect the grounds and kill all the maggots.

On the first April 22 in 1970, the organizers never let the participants know they were dancing to welcome a new god in town, or that over time, the old God would be driven out


The “originator” of Earth Day in America was Sen Gaylord Nelson, the sainted senator from Wisconsin, a card-carrying liberal, but in a day when adult leftists looked like Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern people you’d still invite in for a cup of coffee. Nelson looked pretty ordinary and probably never had a limo take him to work. Ever. Nelson simply proclaimed the day and environmentalists agreed, and the party was on. Some said it was mere coincidence that the America Earth Day coincided with the same day that “bar scene from Star Wars”…I think first attributed to Rush Limbaugh, otherwise known as the United Nations declared it, or that it coincided with Lenin’s birthday.

Certainly no one mentioned that it also coincided with the kickoff day of the greatest “religious” event in the communist world, when Lenin was deified as a god for the godless masses.

When asked about the coincidence Nelson stated that every day is some important person’s birthday, so it was random, sort of like pulling a date out of a hat.

Well then, why not April 20, instead of the 22nd, Senator, one might ask. so that America could get a two-day jump on the rest of the world? “Oh no, that’s Hitler’s birthday. We can’t have that.”

Now Nelson never said that…that I know of…but I knew it to be true then, for young Marxists in those days (and my age, 25) knew all those dates, especially the cosmic nearness of April 20 and April 22. “Weird, man.” I know all this because I was up to my hips in environmental radicalism at the time, while also trying to hold onto my religion and my self-respect, as environmentalists who would not also accept other dogma were slowly pruned from the Leftists’ Tree of Life, as I was soon to be. (This was before Roe v Wade, so political feminism was still in its infancy, Hillary a first year law student at Yale, still practicing on her cackle, LGBT and homosexual civil rights still a certain kind (sic) of dream,  and the whole atheo-leftism, persecute-the-Christians-just-for-being-so-goddam-good-natured-all-the-time movement still thirty years away from being thought up. Alienism and nihilism wasn’t in then.

I was working as a law clerk for a state environmental agency, principally engaged in strip mine regulation. A back packer, back-country fisherman, and whitewater canoeist, I was hired to draft the state’s wild rivers legislation, but the bulk of my work was spent on-site in various strip mining counties. I worked for the department’s attorney, who had been a classmate of Mitch McConnell’s, a great guy, affable, capable…and an avowed Marxist. (He always felt sorry for me because I would not renounce God.)

About Earth Day, then, it was a big laugh, a big inside joke on the American rubes. These were the early days of the environmental movement, when there was still romance in seeing primitive wilderness, strapping 45 lbs across your shoulders and spending a few days on the trail, or on the various wild rivers. Some of the finest men you’d ever want to know, many Marxists, but still genteel believers in big government protecting precious resources, still headed the Sierra Club, Wilderness Society and Audubon Society. But by 1980 that had all gone corporate, the old timers having been fired or moth-balled, and replaced by men and women in business suits, carrying briefcases and JD’s. The environmental movement was a charter member of the early left’s coalition, but between 1970 and 1976 they kicked out a lot of fine tree huggers simply because they wouldn’t condemn soldiers returning from Vietnam, or for actually loving nature more than politics. Strange bedfellows getting stranger by the year.

By the time I graduated from law school in 1971 almost half of the entering class of freshman had undergraduate degrees in engineering and earth sciences. The Environment was the next legal frontier and I saw my love affair with environmentalism headed into a house of ill repute I had hated all my life. (So I joined the Army, which for the Left, was the greatest sacrilege of all.)

About V I Lenin

The April 22 joke was on the American people and the American Left was in on the gag from the beginning. Gaylord Nelson had lied. April 22 wasn’t just Lenin’s birthday, it was his 100th birthday. And the why of that celebration in the Soviet bloc should be instructive as to how it has played out in America since.

Brezhnev was in charge then, and the Soviet economy was in a gloom and doom mode, what Gorbachev later called the “era of stagnation”. With typical Soviet insight, and with no economic carrot to throw to the people, the Soviets decided to ease the people’s aching bellies with religion.

IMG_0001Yep, religion, and they did this by turning Lenin into a demi-god.  When Party members visited Moscow from 1970 right up the fall in 1992, they had an obligatory tour, sort of like the Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem or Rome, they had to take, then pick up little pins called znatchki, to prove to the folks back home they’d actually been there, just so the pig collective in Poti wouldn’t think they’d spent all their rubles on vodka, borscht and fine-looking women under 200 pounds. Lenin was already laid out on display in Red Square, already the number one attraction. And there was his home where he lived as a youth, all of which were must-see stops for visiting party members. They even had pins to Lenin as a little baby.

Even when I was there in ’91 a mystique hung over Lenin, even as they were pulling down his statues. People got uncomfortable when  you told a Lenin joke (so I quit doing it quickly). They would look over their shoulders and look around, as if the bogeyman was sneaking up behind them. It was like telling an off-color nun joke at a priests’ conclave. Bad joss, and to this day I don’t know whether it was fear or respect, but it was clearly a type of blasphemy. So whatever “religion” they were marketing in 1970 apparently took.

I didn’t know until I visited there how well-planned in advance the Lenin 100th celebration was, but it would cover the entire Soviet empire, and as we know now, in the West in the guise of a pagan love dance.

Earth Day was here to stay.

And I am sure “the old bastard Himself” is laughing at us still.

By now, we should all have a sense of how the word went out from Moscow in 1970 to coordinate with the various western nations, since, with various technological enhancements we see almost daily, and much more efficiency, (e.g., Twitter) including the near-destruction of a pizza parlor in Indiana, just for meanness, it should be easy to grasp the magnitude of this original fraud.

In the words of Samuel FB Morse, “What hath (this new) God wrought?”

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