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Dealing with the Separate Reality of the Left

Over Easter weekend my wife and I watched a half-dozen Easter and Passover-themed films. Among them was the 1968 film “Shoes of the Fisherman” which actually laid out the then-current state of liberalism in Hollywood. The Catholic Church, played by Anthony Quinn, as it’s new pope, agreed to give away the Church’s entire wealth; land, reliquaries, art, cash, in order to feed the starving millions of a failed Marxist experiment in China, in order to avoid a war with what Liberals viewed at the time as a stable Marxist experiment in the USSR, played by Sir Laurence Olivier as its General Secretary. America was only a bit player in this drama, but still portrayed as interventionist because of our role in Vietnam, which was depriving China of its rice bowl. In shorthand, if a China-USSR war turned into a world war, it would be America’s fault, which has been a continuing Liberal chant since Ike.

If you weren’t alive in ’68, there are some things you wouldn’t have known, namely that Maoist China and the USSR actually were bitter rivals, with regular firefights along their shared border. I was a newly commissioned infantry lieutenant and we knew.

The theme of this film wasn’t war, however, but on the fantastical notion that the Liberalism of the 1960s should still willingly give its own money away to cure cataclysms such as famine. That noble sentiment would soon die, however, as LBJ cured Democrats of this delusion with his Great Society plan, in favor of the socialist notion that using other peoples’ money was less painful to give away, in fact, even profitable for the middleman.

In 1968 Hillary had not yet drawn the attention of Saul Alinsky, Cronkite had not yet declared the war in Vietnam lost, but American liberalism in Hollywood was already in its thirtieth year of its love affair with Soviet Marxism…only, as the next 30 years would prove, it never fully fathomed the darker side of its lover,, and the role extraordinary cruelty would have to play in holding onto power once all its other schemes have failed. As they invariably do.

Democrats are rehearsing for that eventuality now.

Hillary’s class blamed the failings of Soviet communism on the coarse Russians which held it. Hillary’s class could have done much better. In her class’s scheme, all Marxism needed was the steadying hands of a super-educated, insulated, spoiled rotten class, like Hillary and Barack, who could manage the administration of a multi-trillion dollar economy almost as well as it could their own personal checking accounts.

This was the original “separate reality” of the Left that has spawned all other separate realities ever since. It was predicated on the notion that their class was not a small but exclusive moon orbiting our “free and independent” planet, but rather America’s sole source of light and heat. Our sun.

(Trust me, that was an easy sell to Hillary’s class.)

Over the next 30 years since the Clintons the ruling class lost sight of the most significant difference in the two realities, size, or that even people of ordinary sense would ever notice it.

By 2016 we did.

Today, back on horseback, constitutionally in charge again, while they are now afoot, this has been our first clear look at the America landscape since the Liberals-cum-Left began trying to lay it bare in the 90’s.

We have a lot of catching up to do for the Left is actually spreading their hate, and their methods of weaponizing it, at a far brisker clip than we have been in repelling it and taking back lost ground.

But we are largely fighting while still sitting down.

(Should we step outside the rules too? You know my positions on this, a qualified yes.)

Up to our waists in real alligators now, we still have to step back and revisit what we thought we saw, for everything we’ve seen since 1992, except maybe our religions, was seen through the eyes of their reality and the sound of their megaphones, the amplified Media….which turned out to be mighty tiny, and tinny, as well.

Since 2015 we’ve been trying to recalibrate as quickly as we can, on a hundred fronts at the same time.

It’s taken a couple of years to come to grips with this new circumstance, our “new reality” of all the things we’d believed about our government and the true intentions of Democrats since 1992.

What we now know is there existed a small army of people in government who haven’t had any allegiance to America for at least 30 years, living in this compartmentalized separate reality. Even Republican elected guardians, including George W Bush, couldn’t allow themselves to believe such people could exist…in America.

This sort of naivete is no longer allowable. Nor forgivable.

But it does explain a lot of Republicans from those Obama years, from John McCain to Mitt Romney to Karl Rove, maybe even Bush, who thought they were only playing political poker when in fact they were playing contract bridge where they were the perpetual dummy hand, played by the Democrats,

This may be a blessing for us, since the tiny Left has been oblivious to the size, and apparently, the whereabouts of American humanity outside their small moon. They only saw us as irritants if we invaded their space with smells, words, or sights, like MAGA hats. Otherwise we were invisible, until we rose up en masse as if from the grave. Their Media megaphone had ignored us since 2015 and suddenly, we can’t be found.

Still, they know we’re here.

Consider the Left’s math problem for a moment.

At Unified Patriots.com I posted a 39-second read a friend sent me about the math of the 2016 election. Take it to heart and apply it to your own state. It detailed the vote tallies of New York City in 2016, where, in the 5 New York City counties, (319 sq miles) Hillary won by the same margin she won the entire national popular vote by. Over 2 million votes. Outside of NYC Trump actually won the rest of the state.

Think about that.

This fact highlights the intentions of the coordinated actions of other blue states to invalidate our Constitution’s electoral college, for just three or four dense blue urban areas like New York City, covering no more than probably 2000 square miles, with the help of the illegals they are helping to sneak in, can secure their control of the government, literally, forever.

They want to have their constitutional cake, and eat it too.

There are all sorts of things you can do with this information in your own state and district, simply by tapping into your voting records from 2016 and 2018.

For general guidance, I recommend a friend of mine of over 10 years, an expert, so visit AZ lawyer, Dan Schultz’s website  and read his How-to book, from Amazon. Even if you’re in the bluest district, instead of trying to turn a precinct from Dem to GOP, just try to work out a way to turn a 65% Dem precinct to 55%. Dan’s book shows you several ways how.

Shoe leather and word of mouth clearly outperform the Media megaphone  and that is the one tactic the Left and their pollsters can’t measure, or even find.

Think small ball.

I recommend forming a team, at least 3-4 of you. I’ll be happy to brain-storm with you. I give general advice for $70/hr and an hour should do it. Just make a Donation to VeteransTales.org, and send an email to VassarB@gmail.com with your phone number, I’ll call you back. I’m making a list of needed information.

Even GOTV organization could undertake a deeper investigation of new paths. There’s a lot to be gained for most of our voters the Left can’t find anymore.

In the “39-Second Read”, above, you can see how naked they really are. You can see how few watch or read their main Media. The entire outreach of the national media; New York Times, LA Times, WAPO, as well as NBC, ABC, CBS. (CNN doesn’t matter except among non-citizens at airports. Only 20% of Americans use Twitter, useless once the counting begins.)

So how are Tea Party rednecks better informed than these elites? Where do they get their information?…not marching orders, mind you, but actual facts?

How can our larger realities actually out-take theirs?

The NYC report, above proves that the only place these high-profile MSM are listened to, or read, and taken to heart, are in those tiny little affluent, elitist cells, in gated, Can’t Go zones, who also lord over the most over-crowded crime-infested and failed social-experimented populations of America’s No-Go zones. There is a connection.

Find it.

Don’t ask Karl Rove’s advice, but there has to be some clever political planners out there with assets who want to find ways to counter this. I’m just a single guy working alone.



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