Artemus Ward, America’s Original “Cable Guy”, and his Interview With President Lincoln

As you know, there's lots of talk about war right now, and just like 1860, it's occurring at two levels, not one. And in that first war it was the bottom 70% who carried...

The American Theology of Liberty

(First published here in 2015, when Donald Trump first appeared on the scene and animated a body of voters that hadn't been seen, considered, or closely analyzed for a very long time. (It appears that...

Somebody Had to Go First

The idea has been around a long time that maybe we should reorganize our government by electing presidents from the private sector, from outside the political circles we've watched for over 30 years bring...

What is to be Done?- A New Era of Founders

(A Teaching) It wasn't the Founders that created America, but "the Americans" who created the Founders, and anointed their ability to create not only a series of documents, comparable to the cosmological dualism of the...

How RINOS are Easing Themselves into History’s Inferno

This is not a fable, but a recitation of American history with some consideration of natural law, if your mind is still willing to think in those terms. (It used to be a foundational...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans