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NOTICE of Coming Changes

For the past six months my health has been steadily declining. I’m 78, have lost over 50 pounds, and now I am losing memory, especially my Trivia Pursuit memory, unable to remember Hollywood films, and popular songs. My mother died at 94, but spent her last 5 years in a care facility after she could no longer recognize her children. We were all warned.

It’s time to take stock.

I only say this because I have to be aware of what may lay in store for me out there, and I have an awful lot I need to compile and condense, and I’m suddenly in a hurry. I’ve been a problem-analyst for close to 35 years, having walked away from a Fortune 500 production company, preferring the poorer neighborhoods around the world, hence my adopted slogan, borrowed from the Spanish poem-song, Guantanamera, “With the poor people of this earth I wish to spend my life…”…in Asia, the Balkans and Black Sea regions.

Sort of like taking the vows with the Franciscans.

As you may know, if you scan the outline of my study-subjects at VassarBushmills.com., I am also a student of Natural Law and History, and believe the United States was no accident. My good friend David M Poff, who I’ve known and worked with since joining RedState.com in 2008, has published two books, Essential American Wisdom and Unwashed Philosophy, to which I contributed. I’ve long been a believer that what we call “liberty and freedom” is a product of several strains of natural law, cultural survival enhancement, which actually began with Abraham, thence to Egypt via Joseph, then to the Promised Land via Moses, and then finally, thru Christ, to the New World, where all the pieces just sort of fit, because the process began at the bottom, and the common man and woman, and not the top, via regimes of royals that have designed government since the pharaohs.

And to prove that fact, when I was teaching American Civics in the 1990s to black mothers trying to get an associate degree so they could get off welfare, and to knock that chip off the shoulders of some of those moms who didn’t like having to be their shoulders, I began my classes by asking the single question; “In the history of the whole world, when is the first time any group of people every volunteered to risk their lives to liberate another group of people they had never even seen, or even knew by name?”

Of course it was the American Civil War, when civilization was roughly 5000 years old. And it proves what nations built from the bottom up can do those from the top down cannot bring themselves to allow. If you don’t believe, don’t look to China or Russia, but see England and France for conformation.

Two thirds of the world’s lower 75% knows this, but are denied.

I’ve always argued this action by Americans can’t simply be accident, any more than, as Albert Einstein ultimately concluded, the Creation of the universe cannot have been by accident.

There is a grand design.

Our nation grew from the bottom up, born of common men and women, and having been around the world, I am convinced that raw element of liberty exists in most of the places I have visited. It is a seed, and it can be planted and cultivated, at least so long as a model of just “what might be” remains in the focus of the people injected with that seed.

I’m not in the habit of picking people out of the crowd, and knighting them…I’m not that good…but there are many out there who read who can guide others in various survival-enhancing directions.

All I can ask is that you visit VassarBushmills.com and acquaint yourself with the various categories. Some you will like better than others. (I talk about bloody noses and black eyes, subjects about which you may not agree.)

As long as I’m able, I will continue to add new material, both at VassarBushmills.com and Vassar Bushmills Substack. And if you see something you like feel free to punch the Donate button at VassarB.com, or the Substack “Subscribe”.

This largely will be my sole area, until we know the direction the coming conflict.

And please add this site to your research inventory.

I’ve arranged with David Poff, who is blind and a little hobbled himself, and my son, to use these outlines for future study.

Just $5/month subscriptions should suffice.

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