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A Letter from Cumberland Gap, Our Last Talk

I had expected a Quickening, but not before Christmas.

This is from a Vietnam vet, Infantry platoon leader, college roommate one year, a fine prosecutor, then judge, and a good courthouse philosopher of Thomas Jefferson’s ilk:

We will have to rebuild America wearing sidearms, and yes, it will take two-to-three generations, for it takes that long for the teaching to sink in, then be passed on. This of course depends on how quickly we can take back the classrooms, while looking over our shoulders at the “evils” sneaking up in the dark. And yeah, it won’t be me and you doing that, Paul (that’s me). At our age all we can do is work on the outline, and sit in their councils, Ben Franklin-style, interrupting them with sage advice and a bunch of “what if’s” based on our memory.

That’s all we’re good for, just asking questions because young people today don’t know enough to even ask them, because they’ve never encountered them.

They’d never read a history book, especially one written before 1960.

They stopped teaching our history over 20 years ago…much of it because of that French post-modernist, Foucault, who Nature (and God) mercifully took out of the picture with AIDS, in 1984. He liked to play rub-a-dub-three-men-in-a-tub, but refused to give it up after learning he had AIDS. Those sex parties were a principal cause of death at age 58 all because of his appetites and vanities and he was French of course, but I can’t help but think that God had humanity’s future in mind, not about AIDS, mind you, but that post-modernist clap trap that could destroy free and independent civilization. We at least have a chance to tear it down and rebuild on the original foundation.

You and I talked about this years ago, but there’s for-profit Republicans and for-Liberty Republicans, and the for-Liberty types have just been sitting around thinking their leaders will set this straight.


We’ve given the Republicans every opportunity to do just that. My own view is, looking at their ages, under 60, with no memory of when JFK was shot…they actually can’t tell a horse from a mule.

They can’t even tell that for two years both parties and the press have paraded around a totally deranged man, and, if their script plays out, they will all get away scot free. At no risk.

I think we have to fight them like our ancestors did in 1778, one way in New England, another way in the Souths, places like the Carolinas. Unless these thousands of foreigners they’re bringing in nowadays are trained, battle-hardened soldiers, I don’t think the politicians are going to be able stand the heat we can bring to bear on them, or be able to sleep comfortably. We’ll win those states back with smart, patriotic captains, not generals. I don’t see their politicos hanging around any longer than to gather up their papers and steal away to a safer place in southeast Asia or Argentina.

It’s been 50 years since JFK was shot, and it will take 2 to 5 generations, 50 years minimum, to build back the original structure, from family to God, and to learn how to read a damn book again.

 I probably won’t live to see all this happen. Maybe you too, but you still work out.

So you need to draw up a manual.




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