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What the Left does Much Better than We do…They Target their Enemies the Old Fashioned Way

It has always been this way.

You attend a public meeting, say a school board, and you know the names of the board members and maybe a few people in the audience? But you never bother to find out where they live, or where their daytime jobs are located. Or even if they have kids in the school system.

You may not even know the rules of running those meetings, which actually comprises several pages of those binders they keep thumbing through. That’s their advantage, they have the rules, including the Rules of Procedure. You can stand up and say something against them, or worse, forget to use under arm deodorant, and suddenly a big burly uniformed fellow in the back can step forward and escort you to your seat or the exit while the board member is citing chapter of your transgression and verse from that binder.

If they are “for” something, and it appears from your demeanor or opening words, that you are against it, they will immediately begin thumbing through those pages, to see how they can keep your comments brief; “Wham, Bam, thank you M’am”.

Forget Left and Right, think only Control and Punishment. I recommend a book you need to keep on your shelf and underline heavily; The Nazi Seizure of Power, the Experience of a Single German Town 1922-1945…by William Sheridan Allen. “The Fuehrer reached the pinnacle of power because his followers were successful at the lowest level.”…at the base.

But that didn’t mean that everyone climbed on board, but only that by the time the Nazis actually took political power in 1933, everyone had been silenced, in part due to their own shame for having been so easily seduced.

By 1930, the German town, Northeim, had reached 10,000 inhabitants, about the same size of the county seat town in Kentucky where I lived in the 1980s, and where my kids went to school.

Virtually everything in this German town revolved around clubs and churches, the main places where people congregated. Allen detailed the activities of each; the Nazis had their own clubs, the communists had theirs, the other political and social groups had theirs. And the Nazis weren’t the only ones who had uniformed bands roaming the streets. The Communists pretty much had the working classes sewed up, just as the Democrats in America did once they declared themselves to be the “party of the worker” in 1896, to offset the growing power of the management sector in the industrial world in what American  historians called the Gilded Age.

It didn’t take long, for Germany had its last elections in 1933, just 15 years after the Wiemar Republic was forged out of the Versailles Treaty ending World War I, when Germany had been totally whipped. Although they had adopted the structure of a “democracy” to mirror what the rest of Europe and the US had, in those 15 years (1918-1933) the German people had not acquired the taste for freedom the same way Americans had over the 150 years before the Revolution. There were two Germany’s at the end of World War I, but even on its democratic side, from much of what we’ve seen of modern Germany since 1945, it is still missing key elements, elements we now see disappearing here in America.

But the Germans, even more than the Russian Bolsheviks, who began with a political and economic system straight from the feudal system, their Romanovs royals straight out of the Middle Ages, were masters of identifying their enemies at the base of society, and keeping copious notes about where they lived, their comings and goings, and habits.

This book details how they did that, and how the Nazis did it better.

Pre-Information Age, they kept notes in little notebooks, like those spiral, lined books you can buy a Walmart for $2.29 and which cost 15-cents in the ’30s.

Bottom line, they broke targets down to “cells” as small as a few thousand. Today we call those “Leftist” tactics today, but they were as much born Nazi as they are Communist.


This book by Allen should be your textbook, but since I know you won’t read it, much less study it, I’ll lay out some basic principles here, for you see, it was Barack Obama (with Soros money and a business plan right out of that era, when he was a kid in Hungary) who created the grass roots information system that has always kept the modern Left with a picture in their mind about the structure they wanted to create….and a step ahead.

That picture is closer in reality to the growth of the Nazi Party from 1933-1938.

It took less than a decade, by 1933, for the Nazis to go from scratch to assume total control, when Germany had its last free election. By then the Nazis could have appointed first grade teachers to run most of their towns and cities, for the heavy lifting had already been done.

They ran German towns and cities entirely by fear…the German adult population knowing their children and grandchildren were totally under the control of the Nazis and its schools and their own butts just one bad-mouth away from a camp. Their first concentration camps were set aside for older adults who resisted this “new path”.

Since a third of them had been killed in the Great War, the old World War I generation was impotent and whipped, and the Nazis totally controlled the education and economy of Germany. They owned everyone born after 1918, having erected a system of concentration camps originally designed to make naysayers actually concentrate about living in the “new world order”.

Imagine what it might have been like had it been under the command of a committee of scientists and specialists instead of mad-men ideologues, the likes of Adolf Hitler, seeking world control systematically rather than by war.

We’re seeing Act One of that beginning to play out now in America.

Every town, city and region is different, so I’m not going to tell you how to deny the Nazis your subdivision, or school system or even city hall. I’m simply going to say, whatever you do, you have to “Go Dark”, and using those little $2 lined notebooks. You have to sit down with others and list just who they are, where they live, their habits.

But you have to do certain things: First, you need to drop entirely off the internet in the carrying on of this business. You can still do Twitter, or see your favorite podcast…only know, if they want to know who and where you are, they can find out….so don’t give them a reason to want to search for you. In 2011, over ten years ago, I started a series of “Dark Alley” articles, 17 pages of titles, about how to go about setting up clandestine teams covering every type of bad guy and their teams, from Antifa, BLM and all those screaming Mimi’s, many of whom are now running around in drag, shooting up schools, to Soros-paid attorneys, to school boards, to those little community-action teams, also Soros-bought, that covered key-Obama voting precincts in 2008 and 2012. There’s dirty money behind them all. So, ferret them out in your jurisdiction. Follow the money, then go after it. These are the people who never get their hands dirty.

Today, it’s a target-rich environment.

The only way to beat them is to stay in the dark, but also make them afraid of the dark. Just remember, the Kyle Rittenhouse jury proved “the People” will likely have your back if you act responsibly, while recent trials, i.e., Austin, Texas. proves left-wing DA’s will move mountains to frame an innocent man, by keeping key facts out of the grasp of the jury.

Everything they do is for publicity. So respond to everything they do in the dark. Take no bows, no photographs, no messages, no notes. Those on the receiving end are your sole audience.

This is not a publicity war, but the creation of raw fear. At some point, law and order will step in and start doing its job again.

I, for one, favor pain, giving a bad guy a reason to pause and reflect, especially if left with a limp, or, in my case, a disfiguring broken nose. You’ll find all sorts of subjects covered in those 50+ articles.

Just keep in mind what they are driving at, as it is the sort of total mind and body control the Germans achieved in 1933.



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