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Last Round; Reigning in the Comprachicos and those Naughty Kids


We’ve traced their history back to the early 20th Century in America, but have some reason to believe “the spoiled kid syndrome” may have had something to do with the Children’s Crusade during the Middle Ages, 1212. History tells us most were poor, since 90% of Europe were serfs, but it’s believed many were also of rank (there was no real middle class in those days) and the children were sent or volunteered for a religious purpose, on the assumption that when they came to the Holy Land they would be well-cared for and would benefit the noble Cause, which was to rescue the City of Jerusalem from the Mohammedans. This was wedged between the Fourth and Fifth Crusades, all of which had failed to rescue Jerusalem, wars that had been going on for over 100 years.

The Children’s Crusade never made it to the Holy Land, and of the original 30,000, no one is sure how many were still with the group when they were ferried to Tunis (in North Africa, for you youngsters) and sold into slavery.

The name has stuck, as a Children’s Crusade of a few dozen mothers and their children perched themselves in front of the White House in 1922, to make a national case for the release of their fathers and husbands from jail, having been imprisoned during World War I for various crimes; of failing to show up after having been drafted that one year, 1918, when America became a part of World War I. Over 1000 were convicted under the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918.

It’s noteworthy that Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, had those laws enacted, then repealed the Sedition Act after the war. But the Children’s Crusade did not become a cause celebre until a Republican, Warren G Harding, was in charge. (Better optics.)


My examination here of the “war that may now be brewing” has been based on the simple notion that the Left’s field “military” leadership, who I call “Comprachicos”, (defined here), their ground strategy being keyed around the presence and interference provided by these tens of thousands of non-weapon-wielding screaming banshees, mostly females, and often in tandem with hooded squads who wreak damage, mostly males. Antifa is often a name they carry into battle. They carry out several tactical missions that have proved very successful, growing in size and destructiveness since 2012…mostly in jurisdictions they have been assured they will be tolerated. Very little risk of injury.

The rest of their strategy is found enveloped in the use of lawyers.

These days, their effectiveness is that they are “allowed” to stay on the field of battle for, while they are violating several laws, those laws are no longer enforced by mousy police commanders, city councils and mayors, especially in permissive blue city and suburban jurisdictions where they have had the run of place for several years. This, with positive media coverage, is aimed at conditioning the public to the ordinariness, a “new normal” even, of these kinds of street crimes.

These are not just areas that have become safe harbors for certain types of crime, but also for command and control over the voting process that keeps those “gentle hands of understanding” firmly gripped with the more cynically power-and-control sort who rarely show up on Twitter, much less a court docket.

It will do me absolutely no good here to warn the Comprachico field leadership that once their mission has been accomplished, and the “New Amerika” politically secured by this new political regime, their street antics will no longer be needed, and their field soldiers will be asked to disperse and go home…”Party’s over”. Only many won’t. The psychology of why they won’t is what we’ve inquired into before, in my 2020 4-part series about Amerika’s Mental Breakdown,  for once power is secured what happens next will likely be a quiet, secret visit to the Comprachico leadership by the new regime, and they will all disappear in some manner or another.

There is some history on this sort of deck-clearing once political power has been won. This was the fate of many socialists who helped enable the Bolsheviks to secure power after the Russian civil war ended in 1921-22, and who Lenin had simply called “useful idiots”, their names forever lost, being mostly shipped to Siberia and lost to family and history. Then, a decade or so later, there were those better-known, snappier-looking uniformed members of the Sturmabteilung (SA), “Storm Troopers”, whose street thuggery had carried Adolf Hitler to power in 1933. But once done, by the next year, the new regime killed most of their leaders, hoping to erase that one dark memory Nazism imposed on the people of Germany. Over 1000 died. “The Night of the Long Knives” it was called. There was no longer any need for them. Those who could adapt were given nicer uniforms and directed traffic and escorted old ladies across the street, but those who would not adapt, like Russia, just sort of disappeared. Hitler even got to take a bow to the German people for having restored order to their streets from the thugs he’d actually placed there in the first place.

That’s how it works, Comprachicos. So the new Dzerzhinsky will have no need for your skills either, including Antifa, et al.


While it may appear as if we want to punish these unruly children, all I am suggesting is that we finally get around to sending them to their rooms without supper, or grounding them for a month, already 15 years past due, much like turning an ordinary pain-free tonsillectomy at 12 into a much more painful procedure at 22.

But maybe, just maybe, we could also be saving their lives, knowing what may lie ahead once they become expendable, and their antics no longer tolerable in the brave new world they had helped create.

*   *   *   *   *

Professionally, I’m unqualified to provide a psychological diagnosis of these children. But we know there are several types, male and female, and if we could observe them under controlled circumstances would quickly identify various behavior conditions that tie in with class status, (what I call “spoiled children”), then chute off into various corrals based on their access to wealthy child rearing, usually a single parent, more often a mom, also drugs, bullying…both as givers and receivers…Any kid growing up in a community with these types found, even small towns like my own, has some idea how this sort of analytical outline works.

Since the 1980s we’ve been treated to “experts” from the psychology community giving armchair analyses of the diseased minds of, in succession, Ronald Reagan, George W Bush, and Donald Trump, simply by observing them speak on television, without ever having had a single consultation, while never once commenting on the extraordinary public (mis)conduct of both Clintons, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and now Joe Biden, without so much as a  “there’s something strange there going on there”. Especially in the area of lying. In fact, from their quiet, I’d say they are inferentially saying that everything has been “normal” with these people, proving only that their professions have telegraphed a complete sellout to the political establishment, including ripping out over 100 years of medical scholarship about sexual predation, homosexuality, transgenderism, even insanity, all to suit a political direction the world has been down before. If Communist China and the old USSR are any clue, these professions may even suffer the same fate as the Comprachicos once a new regime is fully in power. Useful idiots.

But while unqualified in their science, I can still tell a horse from a mule, so common- sensically I know the value of a spanking, with a 52 year old and 48 year old leukemia survivor to stand as proof. And as a survivor of two broken noses (both for lying) and the digestive issues associated with swallowing a couple of bites of Ivory Soap (for cussing), and even an injury from a minor felony while I was in college which I had to nurse on my own, lest I be expelled from school (which was the standard procedure at universities in the 1960s), I think I qualify as a man who’s seen a thing or two. I can speak to these things as an ordinary, un-rich, common citizen would view them.

More generally I’m speaking of providing a second chance, of their own making, for spoiled grown children by proposing a rigid, “No, don’t go there” deterrent to their ever wanting to open certain doors again, a thing they probably had never been taught before. Our wonderful wealth-producing society has provided its bratlings all sorts of avenues to play out their petty games of brattiness for generations always with the expectation they could get away with it.

But open and notorious lawlessness is a bridge too far and our larger society, and our 80% to the gilded class’s 20%, has to draw a line in the sand.

Your don’t have to be Freud to know something is wrong when you see a picture of a crowd like this one below, and it’s not caused by a visit to Yankee Stadium by the Beatles, which itself was a partly group-induced hysteria. I can recall a lot of Groupie behavior although the girls on the rope lines of the 60s were less likely to be drugged out. By the 1970s some kinds of music and drugs had become synonymous and the innocence had vanished, but still social norms held on. What we are seeing now is post-modern, ’80s behavior, although many of those children we see today were sired by parents from those 60s and 70s. (There were a lot of mother-daughter duos at the big anti-Trump parade during his Inauguration festivities in February, 2017. Proud mamas and gelded dads…if they were even still part of the family.)

What we have been seeing in accelerating size and scope going back before Donald Trump, has been an intentional attempt at the university level to indoctrinate/condition students toward certain political behavior. This has been the case at least since Barack Obama first came to America from Hawaii in the early 80s, the same age as David Hogg today. (We’ll see how young David turns out in a few years.)

It generally goes by the title of “wokeness” and it’s in the front offices of those colleges and universities, their administrations, who allow the professors of wokeness to be hired to then indoctrinate the students…the better ones going on to graduate studies…many staying to simply reinforce the system. The academic feminist sisterhood is now in its third generation, harkening back to the 1960s. In the 1920s, when two brilliant college students in Chicago, Leopold and Loeb, murdered a 15-year old boy just to prove they couldn’t get caught by stupid police, then were within hours, there were fewer than a thousand or so of this type.

Today, there are millions.

They are a real and present danger.

But still, we can’t shoot them.

My purpose here is to suggest forcibly deterring these screaming banshees from the field of battle under the assumption that the Comprachicos’ tactical plan will seriously change or fall apart if they are no longer to recruit and train them.


My proposal is for a trial run from the more conspicuous venues where through their misbehavior they can be arrested and spirited away.

At the time of arrest, after patting down for weapons, pocketknives, etc, all that is taken from them should be their cellphones, which would then be turned off. They would not be spoken to for the duration of a drive to an undisclosed location, but they would be recorded en route to the booking/detainment facility.

Then spirit them off, without benefit of phone call, to a lawyer, or mom or dad, then give them a few days to sit and stew, screech and rant, pull out their hair, (as the drugs wear off) without benefit of a friendly shoulder to whine on or even a piece of furniture to throw.

Standard protocols: inventory their property and bag it. From their ID’s and inventory, begin a dossier, which will be noted daily from observing daily during their incarceration. My general belief is that you will note changes in behavior quickly and often the first few days if they are locked in solitary confinement, unable to speak to anyone; their buddies, even custodial staff, who will merely watch and take notes. Dealing with the quiet will be their greatest test.

Ruling Authority

Legal authority for GITMO was apart from the Patriot Act and was established by executive action in 2001 and tribunal commissions were created. Considering the duration and type of observation suggested here, from 10 to 30 days, and being a lawyer, I don’t think lawyers should be involved, nor pettifogging bureaucrats. A panel of three Marine Corps sergeants or retired police officers from cities not over 30,000 should be able to handle the rubber stamping process, just to insure that one of the arrestees wasn’t just out walking the dog and snatched up by mistake.

Inasmuch as this panel should be the last human voices these kids will hear for the next few days, they should be told by the senior Panel officer as to why they are there.

Temporary Insanity and its Treatment

(This is taken from Part III of the cited series above, “Shutting the Doors”

My thesis comes from a man named Prof John Batt, who was both a law professor and licensed psychiatrist. I had known him both as an undergrad playing pickup basketball games at the old Kentucky Alumni gymnasium as well as small-business consultant in Asia. In three years of law school I never once saw Dr Batt, although I did hear about what he was doing, much of it abroad. Many of the liberals (in those days not a dirty word), thought he was a kook, since he had a theory about how to “cure” psychopaths. In the late 80s we met up again with John while working with a scientist-colleague developing some fuels for the Third World. He remembered me on sight, which was nice, and we spoke of many things including his theory for curing psychopaths. I have never read a single treatise he had ever written.

So what follows is from memory.

John called his process a “psychological lobotomy” and had traveled to Sweden to do his experiments as they were not legal in the US. Of course, he was working with serious criminals where the death penalty was not allowed, so his circumstances and purposes were different than mine here. What he wanted to do was make them so docile, “putty in your hands” (a term he used), that they could join the general prison population without incident.

My purpose here is far less dark. All we want to do is cause these brats to behave less bratty in public…and allow the fear of a spanking to guide their conduct.

John employed one treatment America came to know after 911, and that was a type of water-boarding. I have no idea if he had anything to with America’s later use of water-boarding, but in Europe they would take a psychopath and bind him, then drop him into a swimming pool long enough that the involuntary body response would set in, then suddenly bring him up, thus saving his life. John said it doesn’t take many times before the patient’s fear of going back to that watery place becomes paramount in his mind. Nature over nurture.

Some argue this is torture. I won’t debate that. But what it does create is a mental picture of a place the patient never wants to go back to. I think a similar thing can be achieved with spoiled bratty kids in a small 6 x 8 padded cell, a toilet and a futon, and a slot through the door to pass meals through.

That cell, the lack of communication and the hard, hard fact of aloneness, is all that is needed. And consultations starting at Day 3 or 4.

At some point, measured in days, our little “Lone Haranguers” (taken from Johnny Hart’s comic strip, “The Wizard of Id”) will go through some observable changes, beginning as rage and teat-fittery then slowly devolving into insecurity and fear.

The 24/7 video will tell us if they talk to themselves, pace, or just sit staring at the wall. What they may be saying to themselves is important only to them. But most of them, and there is clinical evidence to show this, will never want to have to go through this again…which was John Batt’s thesis. They will not necessarily give up any of their core vanities or beliefs, although I would wager most will not be attending the Antifa/BLM 20th anniversary reunion in Minneapolis.

Another of Batt’s “cures” was to take all the tokens of the psychopath’s physical culture that his narcissistic persona identified with; clothes, hats, shoes, jewelry, even a car or artwork, then force that patient to watch each of those items be destroyed, piece by piece,again letting him know there was never any going back. (He spoke specifically of taking sledge hammers to a Ferrari.)

The only thing I believe would be common to all of them, and also not subject to a home search warrant, would be the cellphone, which seems to have become a universal pacifier to two generations now. You might find all sorts of other special objects worthy for study once you go through the packs so many carry over their shoulders, but the cellphone would be primary.

My view is that with even a hundred as lab rats, within a few weeks our government could publish an inventory of behavior, not unlike an alcoholic or drug addict, learned from what these kids carry, and why they are important to them and of course, their behavior swings as they rage, then cry, then curl into a ball and suck their thumbs.

Having to watch your lifeline, the cellphone  smashed into a hundred pieces with a hammer and then deposited into a dumpster could be the major shock to reality, provided there is ample quiet time to reflect on their loss…again, a loss they never want to visit again.

*   *   *   *   *

I think I can make a good “group temporary insanity” case for these spoiled children, whether drug-induced (more than you likely know) or just plain rich kid unpunished teat-fittery, but set off, like Pavlov, with certain bells and whistle.

If this alarms you because it sounds a lot like the re-education gulags the Left had planned for we Christians if ever that day should come, it’s not. I envision no more than a 30-day lock-up. No counseling, no therapy sessions like AA. My simple recommendation is solitary confinement, padded cells, and a toilet. Not unlike being grounded and sent to their room without supper, it may take 2-3 days before any of them realizes no one outside that door gives a shit what they think about anything. Of course they will be studied. Then they will be given all their clothes and valuables back, and returned to where they were picked up with a phonecard to call mom or dad.

My guess is that most will go home and not really change (reform) except perhaps in the deeper recesses of their minds. The only lesson we’re trying to impart here, to borrow from a 1940s cartoon character, “if you dood it, you get a spanking.” Most of them will decide not to dood it anymore…only to save face they may never tell even their closest confidants. The Japanese have a saying that person consists of five person; the one who is known to his/her community, the one who is known to his social community, the one who is known his closer professional community, the one is known only to his closest friendfs and associates, and finally, and most importantly, the person is known only to himself. (I’m anxious to see what Brittney Griner, after 294 days in a type of solitary confinement, learned about herself that no other event could possibly reveal to her.)

I really see no legal barrier short of legislation that would prohibit the use of such a “Sanity Observation Program.” Obama wanted to close Gitmo but opted not to in part because the American people of the actually liked the idea. He bowed to the 80%.

The 20-80 Rule

Again, as mentioned here, there is a distinct class difference between where most of these spoiled brats come from and the rest of America. I have what I call an 20:80 rule, which varies from state to state, and the very core of the coup or revolt we are witnessing in America today is built on that same 20:80 demographic, elites versus common folk. In all the rest of the world the 20% have been in charge, under a variety of political non de plumes, for over 5000 years. America, just 233 years old, is the only blemish on their scorecard. They want us out of the way, perhaps now more than any at other previous time, because the world does appear to be hastening, only against them, not for them. Should America fall they will finally have to stop being nice and patronizing to the 80% in their own countries.

The fall of America represents all their dreams come true. And these children of the damned are their vehicles.

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